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  1. I agree with you. Nor would you care to pay to have something more elaborate.
  2. so far, are these only cards to be taken out of the game? Nice. my fear was to get everything in the app, but it looks like it will be like its precessors. descending and Mansions of Madnes, that the cards stayed with the players.
  3. For me the secret will be a good organization of what you have. I myself want to play with everything, and I can have all the possibilities. now I was left in no doubt as to the weapons cards, rewards and boxes. Will we only use the ones in the app or the ones in the game too?
  4. Is the group that estimated the game's launch for December 4? today is day 1. I'm with you. Come on day 4.
  5. I just want this app to quit soon and give me lots of hours of fun. To this day I only played empire (which is a lot of fun), but it should be nice to play with the rebels as well.
  6. Another thing, the X-wing was released in Brazil at a certain time, since the IA did not. For me to buy the AI I have to import the game, which does not come cheap to Brazil.
  7. Nice. I love X-Wing. I think he sells more for the game style that is 1x1 only. But I do not think the comparison with IA is fair, the right thing would be to buy with the Armada. AI is a boardgame that has an option for a 1x1 game. To play the IA skirmish you have to have the big expansions because of the tiles, while the x-wing just buy 3 blisters of ships and you are ready to play. x-wing is cheaper because it does not have to buy big expansions and is an exclusively skirmish game, it was made for that. x-wing 2 people play IA needs more players. But, I love them both and the Armada too.
  8. Okay, it's that I usually follow the site always and I was scared to see that I was without the score.
  9. Hi people. Does anyone know why the site has removed the punctuation of the pieces? I entered the site today and was amazed to see that the score had disappeared. Some have only stars in place of the score. Are they going to reshape the notes through the rules of the Heart of the empire expansion?
  10. I think a lot comes from the anxiety we are having in the app. I'm really looking forward to the app myself, I'm really looking forward to it. As long as we do not have more information about it, we have only to speculate and hope that it will exceed our expectations.
  11. So I think the idea of an alternative button would be cool anyway. But today what is difficult is that after a certain time nothing more came out with a period of time. But that would be cool to have that option, that would be.
  12. I believe we will not have the time period. I do not want to sound boring, but it has already been abandoned in the campaign. I believe we will have open campaigns where we can find everything in their missions.
  13. hahahahah, the secret is to be strong in force. lol
  14. Hi guys how are you? Any news about the AI app? Does anyone know anything? Here in Brazil it is difficult to find news about the game. thanks
  15. Wow, I loved the minis painting. Congratulations are beautiful
  16. I do not know if the IA will fall or not with the arrival of the legion. I particularly love AI and find it very cool its skirmish mode and campaign. I confess that I still have little information about the legion and I do not know what to say about it yet. There is a chance I would play the legion, but in the same way as x-wing and armada. I think there is room for both. But it's too early to tell. But I really wish AI would not end now.
  17. I saw comments about an IA 2.0 will be that the app would come with a game update. Would this 2.0 story be real?
  18. Is the imperial assault app under test? it is? only?
  19. I think we will have to make many decisions for the empire side. But I do not see it as negative.
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