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  1. Thanks. I loved knowing that the idea is not stopping. I` m very happy. And until the next game
  2. Hi. This is not the first time I say this, I love your videos. And it's not just for being the best shot the spirit you spend in the video is wonderful, the joy of playing is contagious. I live in Brazil and the game here is practically dead. And when I see the videos of you I feel that if I was playing with you, I have fun and laugh during the game, not to mention that I'm always learning something in the videos. I do not know if this text you have published is a farewell text, I sincerely hope not. I'm always looking forward to seeing something new on your channel. Although we do not know them, we feel like we're friends. That may be strange, but that's how I feel. Like I said, I hope it's not a farewell text. I love it, its games, jokes and videos. Long live masters of fleet.
  3. I play with both, but I prefer playing rebel.
  4. I play AI a lot, even more after the app and I'm also afraid of AI's future because of the legion, but I voted in the Armada. I love the 2 games and I very much desire the continuity of both.
  5. Really? Is the vassal group in the Armada a good group? I'll look for the game to see.
  6. Can someone please introduce the game to the boys? would be the max
  7. Yeah, that's why I asked if there was anything like the navy. I found the tabletop confusing to set up the fleet and play.
  8. ---------------Detectar idiomaAfricânerAlbanêsAlemãoAmáricoÁrabeArmênioAzerbaijanoBascoBengaliBielorrussoBirmanêsBósnioBúlgaroCanarimCatalãoCazaqueCebuanoChinês (simplificado)Chinês (tradicional)CingalêsCoreanoCorsoCroataCurdoDinamarquêsEslovacoEslovenoEspanholEsperantoEstonianoFilipinoFinlandêsFrancêsFrísio ocidentalGaélico escocêsGalegoGalêsGeorgianoGregoGuzerateHaitianoHauçáHavaianoHebraicoHíndiHmongHolandêsHúngaroIgboIídicheIndonésioInglêsIorubáIrlandêsIslandêsItalianoJaponêsJavanêsKhmerLaosianoLatimLetãoLituanoLuxemburguêsMacedônioMalaialaMalaioMalgaxeMaltêsMaoriMaratiMongolNepalêsNianjaNorueguêsPanjabiPashtoPersaPolonêsPortuguêsQuirguizRomenoRussoSamoanoSérvioSindiSomaliSoto do sulSuaíliSuecoSundanêsTadjiqueTailandêsTâmilTchecoTélugoTurcoUcranianoUrduUzbequeVietnamitaXhosaXonaZuluPortuguês I understand. It's a pity, I think it should be difficult to do even for having a lot more possibilities. But it would be really cool.
  9. Vassal did not try to play, I have the tabletop, but I still need to study the program more I found it a little complicated to assemble the fleet
  10. Today I played an online game of the x-wing game, through the Flycasual computer program. The program is the best. I loved, there I came the question will be that we have something similar to play the star wars Armada? Does anyone know?
  11. Cool. Here in Brazil we do not have a competitive scenario. The idea is to always buy an expansion for each side. For in my city only I have the game and so I can always keep the sides more or less equivalent in power.
  12. Cool, so at first the squads would be more interesting to the game. Even because the flotillas work best with the squadrons.
  13. hi , I'm thinking of taking 2 small expansions of the game, a rebel and an imperial. I'm in doubt what to get. I am between rebel and imperial fighter or rebel transport and imperial assault carrier. I have the core set, mc30, gladiator and rogues and villains. What would you add to the game? Thanks
  14. Is it my impression or the NPC's that are entering the campaign are from the basic box and the expanding packs just? Characters from big expansions are still not appearing in the campaign, right? Thanks
  15. Thank you guys. Good to know, Jabba had really caught my eye.
  16. Hi guys all right? I'm looking to buy one of the big expansions, I already have twin shadows and the bespin gambit. I would like to know which of the greats add more to the game and has a challenging and fun campaign to play. Thank you.
  17. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fantasyflightgames.iaca
  18. gooogle play. Look for star wars imperial assault only. not by app name
  19. yesssssss. I already downloaded mine here.
  20. Uhuuul. Let's go guys, time to celebrate the app came out.
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