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  1. I will print the rules and letters this weekend to see how it works. Has anyone made any videos of how it works?
  2. Ms marvel is cool. could also come to Misty Knight. She's very cool too.
  3. does he have for Tabletop Simulator. ? and the rules of the game? already available somewhere?
  4. I think everything is valid. some have an experience. others do not. What I find cool in the hobby is that it tries to do something. it may be that the first ones are not cool, but you did it and this is very cool.
  5. Yes. Luke os the best. Thanks.
  6. Hi, people. Good morning. I'm a Brazilian Legion player. I'm posting here my first scenario creation I did manually. It was kind of tight, but I think it looked cool for an abandoned observation tower.
  7. Can stormtroopers units use Darth Vader's courage value for suppression tests? I believe not since Vader does not have the courage value, but some people here are saying otherwise. Thanks
  8. Hello. The second sheet is missing items from 8 to 11. Would you have it complete? Thanks
  9. I'm glad everyone was in the game. I'm waiting for the game to arrive here in Brazil. Pretty anxious.
  10. I'm glad to see you're playing the Legion too. Another very cool and fun video.
  11. And for Brazil? Please do not abandon us.
  12. My biggest frustration with IA is that we did not have the ewoks, we had javas, but no ewoks? I hope the Legion corrects this injustice.
  13. That Cool. just trying to create something is already challenging, right?
  14. Wow, what a cool idea. I still do not have the vision to ride combos. I loved this one.
  15. I get it. I confess that I was excited when I read, but I was in doubt if it was fan thing. It's good to know that. Thank you all.
  16. For me here in Brazil are very expensive. But I love both games. IA and Armada. I buy slowly, one season I upgrade in the other Armada in IA and so I'm going. The X-wing is a fantastic game, but I do not have the same excitement as the others 2. I love dungeon crawler and Ia gives me this and the theme of star wars and the Armada for me is complete.
  17. I imagine, it's too hard to keep more than one game. I buy the AI, the Armada, and some x-wing stuff. It's hard to keep up with all this.
  18. Got it. What, when I read the message I imagined that something could be linked in some way to the Corellian conflict. But so far it has nothing more than fan speculation. Thank you very much for your message
  19. People read in a post that the ffg could interlink the Armada campaign with the legion, does it confers? Could this occur or is it something fan made?
  20. game of ships I think the armada more cool, I think the x-wing very good. I love the gameplay, but for me the armada is more complete for me.
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