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  1. The game isn't even fully released to the masses so the meta has not taken shape yet. Like you've noticed though there are lots of strategies out of the gate. Which one(s) become prevalent will be determined.
  2. What about Davith and his Vanish card? Special Action: You can not suffer damage or receive conditions until your next activation. At the start of your next activation, gain 4 movement points. Vanish is a special action but it delays his movement points so he can't use them during the action. Does the points need to be spent right away or could he use a move action and have 9MP before moving.
  3. USA - NE - Lincoln - Hobbytown - November 19 - www.hobbytownlincolngaming.com or https://www.facebook.com/HobbyTownUSALincoln.Gaming/
  4. I will be running a demo for the campaign on Tuesday Oct. 11th at Hobbytown Pioneers in Lincoln, NE. If you need to learn the rules or looking for other players who are interested in the campaign then come on down from 6-8pm. Length of the demo will be determined by the number of players who show up. Even if you aren't interested in Imperial Assault campaign you can come check out other Star Wars games as Tuesday nights are Star Wars night at Hobbytown.
  5. a1bert: (including the other errata'ed ones: Imperial Officer, Hired Gun, and Leia Organa). I can't find anything in the FAQ about these being changed. I saw in the files you posted what was added to the Hired guns but I saw no difference in Leia. So what was changed and where's the official errata?
  6. The problems with this list: 4 activations so your opponent will always go last plus it makes it hard to go after objectives. Not a great squad to utilize "Take Initiative" which is one of the stronger if not Strongest command card in the game You dont have anyone to sit at a Terminal so you will see much less Command Cards than your opponent. Command Cards wins games Bossk and Fett are awesome with some good support. Dengar and IG88 are not the support they need. Bossk and Fett are great in skrimish while the other two are not ones I typically want in a skirmish list. Dengar is debatable though. Troopers (Rebel and Imperial) will tear through this list no problem because they have more attacks and can utilize the command deck better since most use some kind of Leader. I would think this list would even have a difficult time against the all Hero Rebel lists just because again they are getting more activations and thats what boils down to the biggest problem with this list.
  7. Got some details for this event up on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1038964256176116/ 10 am Registration 11 am Start $10 entry Fee Bring your figures, dice, cards, and map tiles for the 3 maps in rotation (Nelvaanian War Zone, Training Ground, and Mos Eisley Cantina) If there's any questions you can ask here or on the facebook page.
  8. Doesn't the replacement effect get around all this? When a unit comes off the build queue its ready to be deployed and regular deployment allows you place the unit in any system that is loyal/subjugated with out a sabotage marker. This new Death Star has only one place to go because of this replacement effect and you are no longer following the basic rules for deployment.
  9. Can the damage be split or does it all have to be assigned to one unit?
  10. I dont have much info other than we will be hosting a Regional on May 7th. I just want to get an idea of how many might possibly show up. We are looking to print out the maps so getting an idea for numbers will help us out tremendously. So if you think you might travel to Nebraska for some IA skirmish let me know here. Once I get more details Ill post them.
  11. Downloaded this to my Kindle and its awesome. Great work!
  12. I would personally switch out Kayn for either E-Snow or E-Trooper+Rule by Fear. I played Kayn a lot when he first came out and I (along with others) have come to the conclusion that a set of Troopers is better to have than Kayn himself. You also really need to fit Grenadier into your command. I have not found Set for Stun to be that good of a card. If you want to fit stun into your list Id find a way to fit in Covering Fire instead.
  13. Everything is great but those Echo Base Troopers and Leia seem to really pop. You did a great job putting some color variations into a pretty monochromatic color scheme.
  14. When evaluating these cards you also need to take into account what extra types they've been given. Being a Hunter/Brawler gives a lot of options for the command deck.
  15. My point was that I feel you have to have a purely command card oriented deck to really benefit from R2 fully. If your game lasts only 3 rounds (which most people claim as average) then he gets you 2-3 extra command cards. I feel like you can't count on that being a real game changer. With Leia and RHC, then R2 fills out the list to make command cards shine fully. In a merc list I feel Gideon and a stronger attacker would be more beneficial. It seems to me that the best lists have a single unified focus rather than a mishmash of different strengths. R2's focus is command cards, and as such he fits better with other command card oriented deployments. Just want to address the bold part. Its been said numerous times around the forums and on podcasts but command cards wins games. If you were able to draw Son of Skywalker among those 2-3 extra it makes a huge difference in the game and can most definitely be a game changer. Same can be said for many of the command cards. Another scenario: Start the game with initiative. Get R2 to a terminal and draw a card. Then at end of turn draw 2 cards. If that second card is Take Initiative it will change the game big time for you. With out R2 you wouldn't have seen that card. I feel you are underestimating command cards in general if you think 2-3 extra isnt a game changer. I also disagree about the best list being focused on one thing. The best list is the list that can adapt whatever strategy they need to during the game to win. Im willing to bet most games are won by the person who drew more command cards. At least thats how its worked out for us so far.
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