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    Tenka reacted to thestggrwng in It finally happened!   
    At the KC Regional running two TLT Y's and a Chewie, I came up on a Whisper/Inquisitor/Palp aces list.  After wiping out the shuttle and Inquisitor, Whisper moved towards the edge of the map to take out my Y-wing.  It had 4 hit points left and he rolls 4 hits and the Y evades 1 leaving him with 1 hit point.  At this point he has to fly up and finish him off.  Instead of 2 turning and staying on the board.  I FLEW MY Y OFF THE BOARD DENYING WHISPER THE SHOT AND DESTROYING ANY CHANCE OF HIS FOCUS RE-CLOAK COMBO...  It was a good feeling.
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    Tenka reacted to MegaSilver in Pack your bags, you`re going to Miramar(your best30pt. non unique small base)   
    Red Vet w/ Pred, R2, and IA?
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    Tenka reacted to loup167 in Loose Cannon with Legendary (second activation token issues) (possible spoilers)   
    First, you must understand that the game is not ideal with, we could even argue it was not made for, only 2 or 3 heroes, so that kind of problem is bound to happen.
    I would think you were right in both instance, as the mission states that it's only the "hero figure" that is not deployed, so I guess the hero card keep all its upgrades. So the question is : does the 2 activations tokens affect the At-ST? The mission briefing does not seem to go suggess otherwise to me. Besides, you always get 4 activations with heroes, so only getting 3 in one particular mission doesn.t sound like it was intended. 
    I doubt there is an official answer to that particular situation, but I'll try to see waht I can find.
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    Tenka reacted to R5D8 in Loose Cannon with Legendary (second activation token issues) (possible spoilers)   
    Now that I am home and can look at it...
    The key point here is that Mak's hero card, with its activation tokens, is still set up at the beginning of the mission. It's only his FIGURE that is not. And as the mission rules that you quoted state, when Mak activates, ready and activate the AT-ST.
    When it comes time, simply place his figure where it should, and continue.
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    Tenka reacted to R5D8 in Loose Cannon with Legendary (second activation token issues) (possible spoilers)   
    You were correct in both. If Mak has two activations, the AT-ST gets two activations, but does not get legendary health.
    The writers did the best they could in order to write out the scenarios concisely and to cover all situations, but please ask your Imperial player to apply some logic. Both of those interpretations drastically reduce the number of actions the Rebel Heroes get to the point where you'd just be better off never playing that with less than four Rebels.
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    Tenka reacted to Vauleen in Multiple attacks for imperials and allies?   
    The Nexu pounce is actually clarified in the advanced rules. Page 6:
    Special Rules Regarding Attacks•   Unlike heroes, a figure that has a Deployment card can use only one of its actions to attack per activation. This includes using special actions that involve performing one or more attacks (such as the Nexu’s “Pounce” or Darth Vader’s “Brutality”)   Hope that helps.
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    Tenka reacted to derroehre in Can I use the same Lightning Bolt effect more than once per attack?   
    You could use it if you have the same effect printed twice on the weapon (there is one such weapon in tier 3 i think, can't remember what its called) or on the weapon and attachements.
    ~: +1 Dam
    ~: +1 Dam
    ~: +2 Accuracy
    just like the golden rule, each effect may be triggered once when it may be triggered. if there are two identical "effects" like in my surge example, both may trigger once.
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    Tenka reacted to stubobj in Attachment + Initial Groups   
    Yes anytime you deploy a group, including the initial deployment, you may play an attachment on that group. All figures in the group get the benefit of the attachment. Attachment Pg 5 RRG
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    Tenka reacted to Darph Nader in Attaching the AT-ST Gun   
    Trouble as well, blunt force trauma to get the weapon array in place. Sadly no Ewoks were harmed during the operation. :-(
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    Tenka reacted to Darkvalkyrie in Attaching the AT-ST Gun   
    I had trouble too. I just used elbow grease and forced it. After several tries, it finally snapped in.
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    Tenka reacted to Toqtamish in Nexu Pounce/Movement restrictions.   
    Nexu can pounce to any open space in 3(?,don't have card with me at work) squares. It's not a normal move so normal move limitations don't apply. 
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    Tenka reacted to Toqtamish in Can I use the same Lightning Bolt effect more than once per attack?   
    No you cannot use the same surge effect twice per attack. 
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    Tenka reacted to melminiatures in Imperial Raider...where does it come from?   
    Every game has brought new ships to this universe. I personally like its design. It looks a bit small for its looks, but its cool.

    What I wonder is... considering the ships from this game is from the "Legends" canon and not the oficial canon. This might be one of the LAST "Legends" aditions to this universe.
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    Tenka reacted to Zoccola in Imperial Raider...where does it come from?   
    China. That's where all the X-Wing ships come from.
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    Tenka got a reaction from UnfairBanana in Darth Vader already in an Advanced x1   
    Oh sweet! I didn't know it came with 4 .. thank god!
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    Tenka reacted to Two_Hands in Darth Vader already in an Advanced x1   
    You can only fit 4 advanceds in a standard squad, and the raider comes with 4 titles.
    And the preview says Darth Vader can use the cards.
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    Tenka reacted to Sithborg in Armada A-Wings and Scale   
    Armada doesn't have a set scale. This way, they can have a variety of capital ships. 
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    Tenka reacted to KCDodger in OT: There's something egregiously wrong with SW Rebels.   
    Are you kidding? You do know what Repulsorlifts are, right? fighters in Star Wars, in atmosphere or close enough to the ground, rely primarily upon their Repulsorlifts for flying around, considering their almost complete lack of aerodynamics and proper control surfaces, it HAS to be this way. But it's not a terrible thing, since the tech can compensate for it fairly well. TIEs can't fly sideways so much as they can hover like a helicopter.

    Which every ship in Star Wars can do.

    And yeah, the fighter can be controlled upside down- why not? If you know where the stick is and how to fuddle around with it then... What's the problem? Remember that this is a franchise where modified air cars lassoed giant metal camels in the middle of an ice planet, some things should be dismissed outright.

    This is not a big deal. Thorough knowledge of the technology in Star Wars will reveal that... Honestly, Rebels has been incredibly respectful to the established lore, if anything.
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    Tenka reacted to jimmius in OT: There's something egregiously wrong with SW Rebels.   
    We call that a 'barrel roll'
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    Tenka reacted to Forgottenlore in [Speculation] Autothrusters Guess   
    That WOULD be a cool upgrade, but doesn't really fit for the card that comes with the StarViper and is supposed to help interceptors deal with turrets.
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    Tenka got a reaction from Plainsman in Proton Rockets   
    I'm kind of amazed that someone believes its OK for a TO to let players play against the rules of the game. Its massively unfair for every other player in the tournament.
    I can understand if we are talking about a casual game, but a tournament? Where there are prizes involved? and people payed money to play the game? No way.. you should be required to play by the rules no matter what.
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    Tenka reacted to DagobahDave in TIE barrel roll   
    Right, it helps to imagine a barrel roll being part of a maneuver, rather than an additional maneuver. Of course, it's harder to imagine that when a ship gets to make a barrel roll outside of the normal sequence. You know what, just forget what I wrote. All movement in this game is highly abstract.
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    Tenka reacted to Cptnhalfbeard in TIE barrel roll   
    It's just a princess bride quote - don't take it too literally It's just I don't think the action is the least bit unfair. As for unrealistic, I don't think you're picturing the movement right - don't think of it as a ship moving forward, then suddenly at the end of it's movement looping to the right or left - that's not what a barrel roll looks like. Just look at where you were at the start of the turn, and where you end up at the end (so the ship is doing a barrel roll while moving forward). The forward/back movement just means you did the barrel roll faster or slower.
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    Tenka reacted to VanorDM in Proton Rockets   
    Two wrongs don't make a right. Just because someone made a mistake either for or against their favor, doesn't mean that you should keep repeating the same mistake.

    Depends on if it's a judgement call or not. If it's really questionable then the players should decide. But if it's clearly out of arc, then no it doesn't matter what the players say because they're no longer playing by the rules.

    It depends on the effect it has on the tournament as a whole. If it looks like what ever the players are doing is going to affect MoV and win/loss, then yes the TO not only should, but needs to get involved, because that now affects everyone and not just that one game.
    But it also is a huge judgement call by the TO. Can they correct the situation in a way that doesn't further taint the tournament? The TO has the final say on what is or isn't fair, and as the TO has the responsibility to make sure everyone is playing fairly, which means they must overrule the players if needed, because the players aren't the one responsible for the event, the TO is.
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    Tenka reacted to ScottieATF in Proton Rockets   
    Bilisknir's views on what players should be able to do in a tournament are absurd. You and your opponent are not allowed to insitute house rules round by round. There is not only the integrity of the event involved but the simple fact that such a policy leaves players open for abuse. More assertive personalities are very easily able to put one over on a more timid opponent if a TO will not intervene or worse just plain mandates that the players can play however they agree to.
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