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    Tenka reacted to thespaceinvader in Integrated Astromech + Multiple Crits in a single attack   
    Yep, damage cards are definitely sequential, you have to decide whether to IA the first one before you take the next.
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    Tenka reacted to StephenEsven in Integrated Astromech + Multiple Crits in a single attack   
    No Damage cards are dealt one at a time, and if it is a Crit it is immediately resolved, before dealing the next card. So you choose to use IA before resolving the card effect, discards it and then deal the next dama card.
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    Tenka reacted to eMeM in Kylo Rens concept fighter   
    And a pentagonal dish.
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    Tenka reacted to MegaSilver in Integrated Astromech   
    It's better than a hull upgrade. It's a shield upgrade that you can wait to spend until you get a bad crit!
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    Tenka reacted to Parravon in drawing damage cards when dead   
    Cards in the Discard Pile are now deemed to be common knowledge and either player can check through to see what has been dealt. So in theory, they are discarded faceup.
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    Tenka got a reaction from IG88E in Live Regional Coverage   
    Sweet! .. we need more Live Feeds for X-Wing Tourneys ... TC do a great job, but they cant be everywhere!
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    Tenka reacted to kopmcginty in not having duplicate cards at tournament   
    SC and up you definately need all cards for each ship.
    Anything else, ask the TO. Most communities will lend cards I've found.
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    Tenka reacted to Vorpal Sword in drawing damage cards when dead   
    When a ship is destroyed, you collect the damage cards dealt to it and place them in a discard pile. The contents of the discard pile are public information; either player can look at the discard pile at any time.
    It's rarely very relevant, of course. It certainly affects the frequency and probability of future damage effects. That's why it's important.
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    Tenka reacted to Baaa in Totally Pointless Thread   
    Because I like X-Wing the way it is.
    Even the new, old ships.
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    Tenka reacted to NotBatman in New Target Lock Tokens?   
    And that's how you know they're NOT Target Lock tokens...
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    Tenka reacted to Hobojebus in New Target Lock Tokens?   
    Oh no I really needed more tokens.
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    Tenka reacted to PhantomFO in New Target Lock Tokens?   
    They are 100% mission tokens. Every large expansion has added a new mission.
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    Tenka reacted to Tsiegtiez in Those plastic dials, how are they?   
    Oh man, the dial upgrades? WAYYYY better than I would've thought. I picked some up last week on a whim and I can't be happier with them.
    They're sturdy, they're easy to spin, and incredibly easy to read. I'd handled the Armada dials before and those are great too, so it isn't a surprise that a) they'd come to X-Wing, and 2) they'd still be fantastic.
    It's weird. I was completely indifferent to them at their announcement but now I can't see myself going to a tourney without them. They just feel so much better than the plain cardboard. The only downside is that if you only buy a pack of three, you're going to swap dials into and out of them a fair bit during SC season.
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    Tenka got a reaction from jme in Triple X fun   
    I have been doing very well in my local meta with this:

    Poe Dameron
    R2-D2,Predator,Integrated Astromech

    "Blue Ace"
    R2-D6,Predator,Integrated Astromech

    Red Squadron Veteren
    BB-8,Predator,Integrated Astromech

    .. Predator gives you such a good consistent damage output and Blue Ace's ability to 1-Turn boost as well as BB-8's BR have both been insanely useful. I have been able to deal with any large ship based list relatively easily including 3x JM or 2x JM + X, Double Decimators, Ghost + Roark and Bro-Bots. I have only struggled vs Whisper as getting around the ACD cloak 4 dice agi has been nearly impossible.. it has just outrolled me every time despite being able to get my arcs on it. I have also yet to face a Tie or A-Wing swarm with it, and I think it might also be a tricky match.
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    Tenka reacted to Tokyogriz in How would 4 generic phantoms fare?   
    Don't bother taking any phantom without advanced cloaking device.  ACD IS what makes the 4 attack phantom a monster with 5 defense dice.
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    Tenka reacted to Panic 217 in The Real Problem with PS9 Poe Dameron....   
    ignore that last bit.
    fluff =/= game balance
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    Tenka reacted to PhantomFO in Is this card the t-65 "fix"?   
    Prow Thrusters - You may thrust with your prow.
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    Tenka reacted to piznit in Is this card the t-65 "fix"?   
    These options are only if you are playing with the Top Gun version of X-Wing which includes the unique pilot "Maverick"...
    ...because we were inverted...
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    Tenka got a reaction from Marinealver in Is this card the t-65 "fix"?   
    Just face it, the only way the T-65 is getting fixed is with a Title card. With the window basically more or less closed on a T-65 "reprint" in the next 2 expansions .. you're not going to see it for a long time.
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    Tenka reacted to Marinealver in Is this card the t-65 "fix"?   
    If the T-70 can take it as well, then it is NOT the T-65 Fix
    insert Jek.gif that is too offensive to show
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    Tenka reacted to Critias in X-Wing "10 Commandments"   
    I don't think the word 'commandment' means what you think it means.
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    Tenka reacted to RepCommando in X-Wing "10 Commandments"   
    These "commandments" seem to be questions... not commandments...
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    Tenka reacted to Kdubb in X-Wing "10 Commandments"   
    This seems to be missing the necessary "Thou shalt" at the start of each commandment.
    Also- I'm confused..?
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    Tenka reacted to Raven19528 in Wired Predator   
    Done this math a while back...3 Att
    Base - 87.50% (3 hit 12.50%)
    Focus - 98.44% (3 hit 42.19%)
    TL - 91.12% (3 hit 16.78%)
    F&TL - 98.89% (3 hit 46.74%)
    Ironically, the TL doesn't help as much as people think. Because honestly, you're just getting another 50/50 shot at a hit. The big takeaway that I saw in it is that to gain the big hits (3 hits) Focus is always your better option. This may be a little off, as they were rough math estimations at the time. But I remember Focus was always the better option offensively.
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    Tenka reacted to Duck of Doom in Naming convention (What do we call new and old poe?)   
    PS8 - Poe
    PS9 - Poe-noes!
    Edit: Based on how your opponents should react to him.
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