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    Tenka reacted to Hobojebus in Asteroids and Debris!   
    That's one dense asteroid field.
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    Tenka reacted to voidreturn in N'Dru and guidance chimps   
    I would imagine the chimps would just throw feces and eat bananas.
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    Tenka reacted to thespaceinvader in Ruining out of cards in damage deck   
    You reshuffle any discards and make a new deck.
    If they're ALL on ships, the universe implodes.
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    Tenka reacted to Dr Zoidberg in Had a dispute with a friend regarding rolling/re-rolling rules when you have rolled too few dice.   
    While I'd probably let you have the roll, in a tournament setting, I think your opponent would be within his right to say that was a missed opportunity on your account and you're just going to have to live with it.
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    Tenka reacted to ParaGoomba Slayer in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    Agreed. This article was trash, for a few reasons.
    1.) "There is nothing wrong with 100 point standard matches, but you could ban ships or play epic if you wanted to to spice things up a bit." Fine, I agree. But they padded out that one sentence for an entire article.
    2.) Fly casual. Yes, can't wait for someone flying "casually" to get angry with me when they're denied a trigger they've missed. What a great ideology, let's create the expectation that players hold each others' hands so that when someone won't hold their hand they'll feel justified throwing a tantrum.
    How this article could have been better:
    FFG officially backing a, "casual" format for tournaments. Like the Top Gun format or even the bring 2 lists, no shared uniques format. Something that would draw more casuals to events, and that would prevent just getting punished by Soontir Fel or U-Boats or Super Dash.
    Top Gun format is you build 3 30 point small based ships, no unique pilots or upgrades.
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    Tenka reacted to Shot in the Dark in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    Seems like the article states the obvious. Do we really need someone to remind you/us to play for fun?
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    Tenka reacted to VaynMaanen in Etiquette of revealing the dial   
    There used to be a rule in the tourney rules that stated if you would like to look at your dials during the activation phase you must let your opponent know first. Since then, that rule has been removed, and I still don't understand why.
    If your opponent likes to fiddle with his dials, just ask them to please make sure to let you know when they pick them up. It's common courtesy and a fair (and used to be a legal) request.
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    Tenka got a reaction from Embir82 in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    Tournament format is always going to be the most popular. Because that is where there are high stakes .. (yes even if it is just a low level tourney..) being the best in the group creates a motivation to succeed (and prizes help too). When players have motivation to succeed, suddenly all of your maneuvers matter more, all of your actions matter more, your choice of ships and upgrade cards matters more. Everything matters more, its more exciting and allows people to live the dream of traveling to places to play in the high level tournaments defeat the toughest opponents and be the best of the best etc..
    You will never top that with casual play.. its never going to happen. I get that there are players who are going to want to play without the "pressure" .. but without that "pressure" you cant be "serious" and without being "serious" it is just not as rewarding to succeed. 
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    Tenka reacted to banjobenito in Having trouble vs A wing mini swarm   
    What? Why advise people to try builds that are around 17 points over the 100pt limit???
    The Inquisitor (31)
    TIE Advanced Prototype (25), Push the Limit (3), TIE/v1 (1), Autothrusters (2)
    Carnor Jax (36)
    TIE Interceptor (26), Push the Limit (3), Royal Guard TIE (0), Shield Upgrade (4), Hull Upgrade (3)
    Captain Oicunn (50)
    VT-49 Decimator (42), Intimidation (2), Ysanne Isard (4), Dauntless (2)
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    Tenka reacted to ficklegreendice in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    this must be a case of FFG keeping their distance (but not looking like they're keeping their distance)
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    Tenka reacted to Blail Blerg in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    wdf.  What a waste of time article? 
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    Tenka reacted to ficklegreendice in I don't understand the idea behind plane Tomax Bren with crackshot   
    2-dice don't smack for that price
    and if yo crack don't smack, the build is whack!
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    Tenka reacted to Hobojebus in "Highlander-rules" dogfights   
    Highlander rule is there can be only one.
    So I'm not seeing what this thread has to do with that.
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    Tenka reacted to Chucknuckle in New ships in Rogue One (U-wing and Tie Striker)   
    I should clarify, I'm cool with some neat new ships. Our modern forces have a staggering array of variety and historically there have always been wierd and wacky experimental craft. I just really love the OT ships and want them to have another moment in the sun, I'd hate for the X Wings and TIE fighters to be over shadowed by U wings and new TIEs.
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    Tenka reacted to maxam in New ships in Rogue One (U-wing and Tie Striker)   
    Much like the  end of EPIV felt like Dam busters...
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    Tenka reacted to Marinealver in New ships in Rogue One (U-wing and Tie Striker)   
    Another letter from the alphabet checked. Can't wait for the Q-wings.

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    Tenka reacted to melminiatures in *SPOILERS* Rogue One ships   
    I posted the pictures in another thread.
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    Tenka reacted to LagJanson in To the guy who borrowed my K-wing in Denver   
    It happens. Flying RC has taught me that if an essential item can be forgotten it will be forgotten. I hate showing up and realizing I've forgotten my radio, or the batteries, or the screws to hold the wing on the plane...Good luck. Hope you get it back and quickly.
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    Tenka reacted to Hobojebus in To the guy who borrowed my K-wing in Denver   
    That's not borrowing that's stealing...though why you'd steal a k-wing I don't know.
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    Tenka reacted to Arschbombe in 3x Onyx-Defenders with Stealth Device - A new threat in our local meta   
    We're not done crying over U-boats and Palp Aces yet.   You can't barge in here and start a Defender scare.  It's too soon.  Wait until after regionals, ok?
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    Tenka reacted to R2ShihTzu in 3x Onyx-Defenders with Stealth Device - A new threat in our local meta   
    Sure, I can see that. I think I prefer the xD version with 3x Tractor Beams.
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    Tenka reacted to Levi Porphyrogenitus in We need more small ship titles.   
    Rouge Leader... is that some variation on Red Leader? Rouge squadron, painted a slightly different shade than Red squadron?
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    Tenka reacted to Warpman in Accidentally ordered the wrong core set... What to do with the extra?   
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    Tenka got a reaction from Shaidown in Accidentally ordered the wrong core set... What to do with the extra?   
    If you dont use it now, just for R2, extra dice, asteroids..

    You will later when you are thoroughly addicted to the game and start playing all kinds of things like Tie Swarm which requires at least 4-5 Tie Fighters (some early incarnations used 7).
    Biggs is still a solid ship in any rebel list.
    You can even run a Wedge/Wes Janson if you acquire the pilot cards and bases, which are dirt cheap.

    All points that mean nothing to you right now, but if you're still playing in 3 or 4 months you will be glad you kept it.
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