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    Tenka reacted to UnfairBanana in is it okay to use Micromachine X-wing in tournament.   
    No, quite the opposite. The rules specifically state you cannot use anything but official ships. Don't confuse OP, please
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    Tenka reacted to Robin Graves in is it okay to use Micromachine X-wing in tournament.   
    Maybe you should just do it: see if anyone notices.
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    Tenka reacted to Joruus in is it okay to use Micromachine X-wing in tournament.   
    I wasn't allowed to fly my M3-A Scyk this weekends regional, even though my custom maneuver dial fits just fine to the base 

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    Tenka reacted to patox in is it okay to use Micromachine X-wing in tournament.   
    It is okay to use this for tournaments.
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    Tenka reacted to Red Castle in is it okay to use Micromachine X-wing in tournament.   
    Can't proxy during tournaments, but even if you could, if you don't have the miniature, odds are you won't have a dial either, and those are trickier to proxy.
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    Tenka reacted to Ubul in is it okay to use Micromachine X-wing in tournament.   
    Nope. You have to use original X-wing components:
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    Tenka reacted to TaGaDa in Triple X fun   
    why not Predator instead of PTL for Vet ??
    more punch but less turn?
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    Tenka reacted to Hobojebus in Triple X fun   
    Oh my.
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    Tenka got a reaction from jme in Triple X fun   
    Basically an ability like Garven's is fighting with the ability of R5-P9. Sure you have options but if, say you put R5-P9 on Biggs, you could spend focus on Garven during combat, then pass a focus to Biggs who could then use it to recover his shield. That way not only do you have options but you can do them all at the same time. The thing is Garven is always going to want to use his focus anyway either in attack or defence .. having it available in both and not having to "not use it" to so you can recover a shield is just going to be better if you know that you can pass a focus to something who can use it profitably.
    Putting R5-P9 on Garven runs you the risk of needing to do both options but only being able to do one .. something people like to refer to as a "non-combo" or "non-bo" for short.
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    Tenka got a reaction from jme in Triple X fun   
    I have been doing very well in my local meta with this:

    Poe Dameron
    R2-D2,Predator,Integrated Astromech

    "Blue Ace"
    R2-D6,Predator,Integrated Astromech

    Red Squadron Veteren
    BB-8,Predator,Integrated Astromech

    .. Predator gives you such a good consistent damage output and Blue Ace's ability to 1-Turn boost as well as BB-8's BR have both been insanely useful. I have been able to deal with any large ship based list relatively easily including 3x JM or 2x JM + X, Double Decimators, Ghost + Roark and Bro-Bots. I have only struggled vs Whisper as getting around the ACD cloak 4 dice agi has been nearly impossible.. it has just outrolled me every time despite being able to get my arcs on it. I have also yet to face a Tie or A-Wing swarm with it, and I think it might also be a tricky match.
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    Tenka reacted to Baaa in Valen Rudor doesn't suck!!!!   
    Poe will eat this dude for breakfast.
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    Tenka reacted to thespaceinvader in Expose me!   
    It makes you a mildly more nimble attack shuttle for a LOT more points than an attack shuttle.
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    Tenka reacted to Duck of Doom in Triple X fun   
    Incorrect. This is nothing but pure, unfiltered, unadulterated T-65 & T-70 love.
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    Tenka reacted to Nyxen in Solve This Situation: Corran vs. Ryad and Vessery in the Late Game   
    Corran barrel rolls toward the board edge and evades, then banks around the rock to regen a Shield and clear stress. Vess will have probably K-turned and not have a shot, and the countess will be banking inward or kturning most likely.
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    Tenka reacted to TasteTheRainbow in Solve This Situation: Corran vs. Ryad and Vessery in the Late Game   
    Corran has no stress to clear.
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    Tenka reacted to Biophysical in Solve This Situation: Corran vs. Ryad and Vessery in the Late Game   
    I was thinking a left Barrel Roll followed by a straight 1 could probably bump a 4k Vessery, but Vessery's position might block the Barrel Roll in the first place. If so, Corran could avoid shots and get a shield, but he's still not in a great place.
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    Tenka reacted to thespaceinvader in Solve This Situation: Corran vs. Ryad and Vessery in the Late Game   
    Corran loses unless the Imperial player screws up massively, but he might be able to take out Ryad if he's lucky.  I doubt it though.
    As Imperial: Ryad 1-banks, aiming to block Corran if he tries to turn tight to starboard.  Locks Corran  Might be worth trying to clear the crit and PTLing for the lock but I doubt it, though the green k-turn makes it a lot more attractive as a prospect, so maybe do that.  Vessery k-turns (assuming it looks like it fits which I can't quite judge from the pic), stays stressed - he has shields, Corran's not THAT likely to be shooting him, and he gets mods from Ryad's lock if he's got arc.
    As corran: I know all that and I'm moving last.  3 hard turn starboard (if it looks like it fits round the rock which I think it does) and boost/BR round behind the asteroid or ideally out of range entirely.  I can't get a shield regen without crashing into something or advanced sensoring to reposition first and I have no idea whether I'll be able to do that, I could k turn at the likely cost of my last shield, neither of which is attractive, so run away, try to clear some distance and get the extra die or a focus token, try again next round.  Hopefully avoid needing the second action so that I can k-turn next round.  Wonder why I don't have FCS instead of AdvSens.  Also why I didn't doubletap Vessery last round, unless I had done a doubletap the round before.
    This is a situation where two of the pilots have some really strong points which bias the moves they choose, and both should ignore those points and do something different because they can get better positioning.
    Overall though this is absolutely the Imperial player's game to lose.  Corran should be toast if the Imperial player doesn't screw up.
    Good post, I like these little tactical discussions/puzzles.  Will have to try to do some of my own.
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    Tenka got a reaction from TasteTheRainbow in Solve This Situation: Corran vs. Ryad and Vessery in the Late Game   
    Ryad - 1 bank left, attempt to clear crit then PTL focus

    Vessery - 4 K-turn

    Corran - Adv sensors BR left - PTL evade, get some back motion to get behind Vessery after its K-turn, but enough forward motion to 3 straight to behind the asteroid - losing stress, regen a shield. Hopefully out of arc of vessery, fade a R2 obstructed shot from ryad with evade.

    Then Corran wants to adv sensors focus then 3-Kturn the following turn and try to finish off Ryad w/ double tap if necessary. Then go for Vessery.

    Edit: Derp .. forgot adv sensors means I couldnt evade after moving. Changed to Adv sensors BR PTL evade instead.
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    Tenka reacted to Rumar in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    Turrets are thematic. 360° turrets are not.
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    Tenka reacted to Embir82 in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    I absolutely do not disregard casual players. What I disregard is a certain type of entitlement presented by some of the casual players who think tournament format should bow down to their assumptions about "proper way" of playing X-Wing.
    What I would also like to notice is the fact that a force that drives given game and its community forward are, more often than not, tournament players. Typically they are the most motivated, no nonsense types, that likes to organize events and participate in them. Also they are probably the ones who loves the game the most - they put a lot of effort and money to win games of X-Wing, and if u do this in your free time you clearly have to love game. A lot of casual players are exactly that - casual, they would play from time to time, buy one or two expansions and then leave game chasing another "flavour of the month" toy. Look at WFB, thanks to tournament community this games still exists and gets played (in case of WFB it took form of fan project 9th Age).
    Rivalry lies in human nature - in my opinion every reasonable activity where you can declare winner will build up sooner or later competitve community. Just look at sports. And it is good, because competing is a powerful driving force, builds communities and more often than not, provides new participants, fans and ideas to the game.
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    Tenka reacted to Embir82 in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    This post is wrong on so many levels. Majority of people likes clear, balanced set of rules, and games that play fast. Also a lot of people likes rivalry, outsmarting their opponents and winning. Because of that I, and many others, play tournament format.
    If you want your "thematic borefest" way of playing go organize your group and play this way. But you cannot denial that majority of people prefer tournament play - the reason is one; for many it got bigger appeal.
    Also, do you ask questions like: "what sort of game?", "how many points?", "want to play a mission?" before game of chess? Of course not. Then I don't know why do you expect thing like that in standard X-Wing play. And if you expect it go and organize your game group, but don't expect that strangers will bow down to your gaming preferences.
    What a terrible idea. Let me tell you that I am coming from WFB and lack of tournament support from GW was horrible. It is a myth that players will always organize tourament scene and tournament rules in the best way. There were many groups, ways to play, problems with organization and clique mentality in WFB scene.
    FFG does a great job with organizing their competitive play, thus people play this way. 
    Also 100 pts format is great because it hits sweet spot between lenght of play and viable options. When I come from work I can jump right into store or my buddy's place and don't worry that I won't finish game.
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    Tenka reacted to banjobenito in Having trouble vs A wing mini swarm   
    Even if you added no epts to your aces, your original list comes in 8pts over.
    But it's no big deal! My advice (in life, not just in X-wing!) is that it's always best just to say 'whoops, my bad, I missed something', rather than double down on a mistake and try and worm your way out of it. That's because people on the whole aren't stupid, and treating them as such is bad manners. People also, on the whole, respect honesty and integrity, and if you display it you change a negative assessment of your mistake into a very positive one. It's often hard to change someone's negative opinion of you, once it's in place, so being able to do so straight away is a really big deal in life. Hope you don't mind me saying this, but it's important.
    Anyway, If you really really wanted to take these three pilots together, I think this is the best list I could imagine for them. Oicunn is going to be a bit of a pinata here, but he can ram & block at a lower ps. As long as you don't run into any high ps or turrets along the way, you should be able to give the A-wings a good fight...
    Captain Oicunn (42)
    Adaptability (0)
    The Inquisitor (29)
    TIE Advanced Prototype (25), Push the Limit (3), TIE/v1 (1)
    Carnor Jax (29)
    TIE Interceptor (26), Push the Limit (3)
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    Tenka got a reaction from Embir82 in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    Sorry .. I don't mean to step on peoples toes or anything. But that's still how I see it.. I've played some casual games and I've played campaign games of other games (like Imperial Assault) .. and while they are definitely enjoyable and investing, it is nowhere near as exciting as being 4-1 in a high level tournament needing that last win to make the Top X cut, or being heads up in the finals of the elimination for a regionals/nationals/X open/worlds. It's just not the same .. not to me and I speculate not for the majority of people.
    It's how I feel ... sorry.
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    Tenka got a reaction from Embir82 in New Article up "Fly Casual"   
    Tournament format is always going to be the most popular. Because that is where there are high stakes .. (yes even if it is just a low level tourney..) being the best in the group creates a motivation to succeed (and prizes help too). When players have motivation to succeed, suddenly all of your maneuvers matter more, all of your actions matter more, your choice of ships and upgrade cards matters more. Everything matters more, its more exciting and allows people to live the dream of traveling to places to play in the high level tournaments defeat the toughest opponents and be the best of the best etc..
    You will never top that with casual play.. its never going to happen. I get that there are players who are going to want to play without the "pressure" .. but without that "pressure" you cant be "serious" and without being "serious" it is just not as rewarding to succeed. 
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