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    Tenka reacted to Chucknuckle in Would you re-roll?   
    Are you being serious?
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    Tenka reacted to VaeVictis in Would you re-roll?   
    The image is an abstract. It's meaningless. If the app is telling you what the results are, assuming the random number generator really works, then the dice results are the dice results.  Poor animation is irrelevant.
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    Tenka reacted to Dr Zoidberg in Would you re-roll?   
    How does a dice app cock dice on a flat surface?  That seems nonsensical.
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    Tenka got a reaction from voidstate in Unofficial X-Wing Squadron Builder Hits the Half Million Mark   
    And thank you for making an excellent squad building UI .. This is by far my favorite one to use.
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    Tenka reacted to FTS Gecko in The 3 attack dice on the Attack shuttle feels... wrong   
    One-shotted Soontir Fel with a Cartel Marauder on Saturday.  It felt like justice.
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    Tenka reacted to Corellian Corvette in The 3 attack dice on the Attack shuttle feels... wrong   
    Like, why does that shuttle hit as hard as a X wing.
    Mah realisums! Nuu!
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    Tenka reacted to catachanninja in 4 Ship Rebels, Where are They Now?   
    It's really hard to find an all comers list with 4 ship rebels. Historically when you go 4 ship rebel you're a jousting list. Right now that puts you at a disadvantage against crack swarm and u boats right off the bat.  Stresshogs can be killed before they shoot pretty easily right now. That and most people have figured out how to outfly stresshog, those that can't, fly captain yorr. . The problem with protecting the stresshog is that you actually want it to draw some fire.  If you protect the stresshog with biggs you're 52 points into your list spent on ships that you want to die, you definitely do not want the stresshog to be your last ship on the board. Normally you could comfortably round that out biggs and a stresshog with say 2 b wings with fire control systems to give you a nice damage boost, but thanks to vicious powercreep, right now b wings are in a pretty bad place. If you want to include an ace of some sorts you're likely including a z 95, if you're using the originally discussed biggs to protect your stresshog and ace you get 36 points to round your list out. Prior to wave 8 I rounded that out with Wedge with BB8, IA, and predator and a tactician fcs b wing in place of biggs since i just cant quit rebel control. The thing about your 34-36 point rebel ace is you really don't have a lot of great options, just about anything that does fit is in a bad place against u boats. You could spend your points for a ps bid to shoot before u boats, and add wes janson for good measure, but you will really struggle against against aces superior efficiency.  Also, with the biggs stresshog z base you're not super firm against aces either yet, so your 64 points into a list with a disadvantage against most commonly played lists. Anything you add really has to tilt the field in your favor against aces and jousting lists and if rebels had that we'd see it everywhere already. This is all before imperial veterans come out and stress ignoring defenders with significantly better jousting efficiency are added to the meta. 
    The tl:dr 4 ship rebels is a joust list that gets out jousted by everything
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    Tenka reacted to catachanninja in 4 Ship Rebels, Where are They Now?   
    You really don't have the hit points to deal with JMs, they can pretty reliably take a ship off the board a turn. I've run practice games against u boats where between stress and blocking i prevented u boats from ever firing torpedoes, but they're still super accurate turrets with great dials so you end up losing the damage race pretty quickly. 
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    Tenka got a reaction from catachanninja in 4 Ship Rebels, Where are They Now?   
    I think he narrowed it down pretty good in his post.. he means lists that are similar to Paul Heaver's 2015 Worlds list.
    Basically StressBot/Ace/X/X lists.
    I think they are struggling to beat imp aces/ palp aces right now. They should be taking enough hits to deal with JM's and hit back hard enough.
    High PS Arc Dodgers are such a pain in the arse .. even though u have stress bot it still flies so bad its easy to get out of the BTL arc and take it down.
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    Tenka reacted to Khyros in Why don't we see the 7 or 8 tie swarm?   
    6 TIEs with crack are better?  In your above example when you lose 2 before they shoot - wouldn't you rather shoot first and make them lose a toilet bowl before it shoots?
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    Tenka reacted to CBMarkham in Rebel Juke   
    But you can just build these for two points less:
    Red Squadron Veteran (26) Predator (3) R2 Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0)   Total: 30   In addition to being cheaper, they have more accurate dice and aren't dependent on each other. A single Juke doesn't do much against an Imperial Ship if it has a focus token, where as Predator is good even against ships like Decimators and Ghosts who don't have any green dice to begin with.   It seems like a fun trick you might run in a casual game or two, but the cons of actually attempting such a strategy are so numerous it's almost not worth listing them. Good times.
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    Tenka got a reaction from Punning Pundit in Design challenge for Wednesday:   
    2 hull points
    Action bar: focus
    no upgrades apart from modification slot.
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    Tenka reacted to Odanan in Custom Card League: Submit your entries now!   
    #2.5 entry: Assorted custom crew upgrades: * FINAL VERSION *



    Edit: changed Thrawn's ability.
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    Tenka reacted to YwingAce in Custom Card League: Submit your entries now!   
    Stutter Fire wasn't necessarily an X-wing only thing though. I was thinking of what slot to put it, and I originally was going to do systems, but then I thought that would buff too many ships that don't need it (Lol Lambda with Stutter Fire anyone?). Then I remembered the new Tech upgrade, and I figured, we don't have many cards for it yet, and if I make it Tech, it still fits into the theme of the StealthX having an advanced slot without making the overpowered Systems + Astromech combo. It should fit in fine as a Tech. The normal T65 also didn't have Stutter Fire so it wouldn't make sense to include it on the T-65. For R9, I still like the ability but Vander (I believe) brought up the very valid point that it steps on the x7's toes quite a bit. I might just bump the cost up to 3 and leave the ability the same.
    Now for a submission:
    Author: Y-wing Ace

    The card Horton deserved.
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    Tenka reacted to Dr Zoidberg in Custom Card League: Submit your entries now!   
    So... make it Small Ship Only; problem solved.
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    Tenka reacted to Odanan in Custom Card League: Submit your entries now!   
    #1 entry: Assault Gunboat expansion. * FINAL VERSION *

    This shows the various builds and distinct roles the Gunboat can perform:

    (montage with edited Mel's miniature)
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    Tenka reacted to Biophysical in Design challenge for Wednesday:   
    I think 2 hit points is the maximum. It needs to be at risk of getting one-shotted by everything everything, simply because 3 dice that cheap is so strong.
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    Tenka reacted to Timathius in Design challenge for Wednesday:   
    Well after 12 pints it would probably seem perfectly balanced in my book. 
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    Tenka reacted to Panic 217 in Design challenge for Wednesday:   
    my liver is incompatible with 12 pints
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    Tenka reacted to Xerandar in is it okay to use Micromachine X-wing in tournament.   
    It's like that time when I brought Ring Raiders into a tourney. And won. Boy was everyone pissed.
    My squadron:

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    Tenka reacted to Fuzzywookie in is it okay to use Micromachine X-wing in tournament.   
    Yes please use micro machines. So I can get an automatic win. Thanks.
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    Tenka reacted to madquest8 in Unofficial X-Wing Squadron Builder Hits the Half Million Mark   
    Your builder is the absolute best. 
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    Tenka reacted to xanderf in Unofficial X-Wing Squadron Builder Hits the Half Million Mark   
    Have to say, it's easily my favorite squad builder.
    I have to wonder if it isn't half the reason X-Wing IS as popular as it is - having a squad builder always up-to-date with the latest stuff lets you tinker with things pretty much on announcement, see how they fit into the rest of your list...
    I dunno about everyone else, but this builder is a pretty big part of what gets me actually excited about the new wave teasers - making it easy to see how they can be used in lists!
    You know Facebook doesn't LITERALLY steal your soul, right?  You can set up a shell account just for ease-of-authentication on this site, as well as...ohh, the MILLION other places on the internet you can easily connect to with it.  And then use it to join your local X-Wing community for knowing when they are going to have events and such.  And nothing else.  That's totally okay to do.  Painless, even!
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    Tenka reacted to voidstate in Unofficial X-Wing Squadron Builder Hits the Half Million Mark   
    That's right. You guys have now saved over half a million x-wing squadrons! Well, 504,753 to be precise.
    I actually missed the 500,000th squadron being saved a week ago: a neat Attack Shuttle Plus Double K-Wing List by a guy called Tristan Singleton. If anyone knows Tristan Singleton, please pass on a virtual magnum of vintage champagne from me.
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has used and contributed to this web app. It's taken up a surprisingly large amount of my free time, especially for something that I was not, originally even going to put online. But I'm proud of where it has got to, of how many people use it from all over the globe, and even more proud that it was chosen for use in the Yavin Open to ease pre-registering the 500+ expected players.
    I never thought this game would grow so big, but it's been a privilege to be swept along with it.
    And I'd like to give a special thank you to the translators who have made it available in 5 additional languages.
    Please keep building and sharing squadrons, sending me bug reports and playing X-Wing. And don't forget to like the Facebook page to get the latest news.
    Next stop: one million squadrons*!
    Fergus (voidstate)
    *at the current rate of 5000 per week, that should be sometime in mid-2018...
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