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    Tenka reacted to Plainsman in Proton Rockets   
    So if a TO sees something that is absolutely being done incorrectly by a player, they shouldn't correct that player if an opponent doesn't say something???
    That opens a can of worms....
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    Tenka reacted to Buhallin in Proton Rockets   
    Attack (Focus): means you have to have the token to make the attack.
    If you have to discard the token, it will tell you in the text.  There's nothing inherent about discarding the token to attack.  Compare Proton Torpedo and Assault Missile (that tell you to discard) to Proton Rocket, Homing Missile, and Ion Pulse Missile, which don't.
    Sorry to say it, but you got this one wrong
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    Tenka reacted to VanorDM in Initiative... so... why strive for it.?   
    That's a fairly recent change and it's only in the tournament rules.

    Some lists need init, most don't but some do. But mostly I think they want it for the sake of firing first in simultaneous fire situations.
    That said, by and large you're better off being the one without it.
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    Tenka reacted to Two_Hands in Initiative... so... why strive for it.?   
    The only time I really worry about it is with Phantoms. With ACD, having initiative means you have 4 defence dice against attackers with the same PS. Not having initiative means you have 2 dice. Conversely, that also means you should think about initiative when playing against phantoms. if neither side has a phantom, it's far less relevant.
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    Tenka reacted to DR4CO in dark curse and target lock   
    It can't, because otherwise you can never attack Dark Curse at all because you will always reroll 0 dice, thus defying his ability. He flat-out can't prevent the use of a TL without causing a universe-ending paradox.
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    Tenka reacted to Buhallin in dark curse and target lock   
    Formal math isn't your strong suit, is it?
    So Dark Curse won't let you reroll zero dice.  He won't let you reroll one die.  He certainly won't let you reroll two dice.  Five is right out.  If you can't reroll any number of dice, including zero, what number can you pick that will let you progress?
    Dark Curse does not say "you may not reroll any dice", he says simply "you may not reroll dice".  If you reroll zero dice, you have not rerolled dice.
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    Tenka reacted to X Wing Nut in Silly Question - Munitions Failure crit vs Chardaan Refit   
    For fun and in a game where everything goes right for you to get to this point first attack hit hit and munitions failure crit removes Chardaan Refit now your opponent's list is 102 points could that DQ him ? Now that would be a fun strategy to make work
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    Tenka reacted to Sergovan in Silly Question - Munitions Failure crit vs Chardaan Refit   
    Secondary weapons have the ATTACK header. Chardaan refit does not. And although Chardaan refit uses up a missile slot, it is not a secondary weapon, due to above, as well as it not having any attack dice to attack with nor ranges listed. It is a missile upgrade but not a secondary weapon.
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    Tenka reacted to Parravon in Silly Question - Munitions Failure crit vs Chardaan Refit   
    The Chardaan Refit is -2 points, so look at as you remove the missile tubes and plug the holes to make the A-Wing a bit less expensive. A munitions failure critical isn't going to directly effect it as it's not a weapon. As for relevancy, apart from making the A-Wing cheaper, it really doesn't feature during gameplay.
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    Tenka reacted to Johdo in Stop the TIE Advanced hate =D   
    Another TIE Advanced thread...and another dollar in my TIE Advanced jar!
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    Tenka reacted to Hobojebus in Stop the TIE Advanced hate =D   
    An avenger release with upgrades for the advanced would make me a happy bunny.
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    Tenka reacted to Norsehound in Stop the TIE Advanced hate =D   
    Yeah it's not hate, just "why take this when I can take other things for the same cost?"
    For that price the 2 attack doesn't help it. It's not like it has legendary resiliency either. If something about the Advanced was better (like a better dial, better attack, better upgrade options, better cost) it would be more desireable. It might have been sufficient for the wave 1 environment but everything since has kind of left the TIE Advanced in the dust.
    FFG seems to be aware of this though, they said as much at GenCon. So, either another Aces pack or a big ship (Since that's where we've seen big ships before). My hope is on a possible Wave 7 TIE Avenger with backwards-compatible buffs for the TIE Advanced.
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    Tenka reacted to Corellian Corvette in Motivations for leaving the game (for illiterates too)!   
    I came here expecting pictures with captions or a comic for some reason.
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    Tenka reacted to UnfairBanana in Help me understand   
    Deal with it. That's how it works.
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    Tenka reacted to Keffisch in Opportunist quickie !   
    When I saw the title of this thread my mind went elsewhere.
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    Tenka reacted to StevenO in Using Reroll Multiple times?   
    1.  Yes.  
    If you had Predator on Han and he had a TL on a ship you could use the Predator to reroll one (or two) die (dice), spend the TL to reroll any number of the remaining dice, and finally use Han's ability to reroll all of the dice you haven't already rerolled.
    2.  No.
    Your opponent gets to modify your attack dice first.  If one of those modifications is a reroll then that dice is done rerolling.
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    Tenka reacted to Jedhead in REPAINTS, CONVERSIONS & SCRATCH BUILD THREAD   
    You need to stop leaving your ships out in the rain like that...
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    Tenka reacted to HoundsTooth in REPAINTS, CONVERSIONS & SCRATCH BUILD THREAD   
    Not a great deal to show as I like to keep the painting to a minimum. I tend to concentrate on adding little details like the engine lights on my TIE's along with a few 'blood stripes'/alternative markings.


    Though I did go 'all out' on the Phantom. I never intended to as there are far too many superior versions already out there. But when I got mine home and took it out of the blister it had a massive black wash mark on the front, just underneath the cock-pit. Not a great paint job but I'm happy enough to fly it! 

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    Tenka reacted to oneway in REPAINTS, CONVERSIONS & SCRATCH BUILD THREAD   
    Some things I've done .. 
                the School Bus   I've posted these up before, but I'm happy with them, the photography isn't the best, but I'm no professional lol..    Great idea for the thread.. 
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    Right guys... we cant have a sub forum but we can do this....
    Put all your repaints and builds here and between all those interested in said 'sub forum' just bump it up to the top every few hours to stop it dissapearing.
    I'll start with a few of mine.


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    Tenka reacted to Forgottenlore in Using Reroll Multiple times?   
    Yes and no.
    The restriction on not rerolling more than once is per individual die, so as long as you select a different die you are fine.
    It does apply to both players however, so if your opponent manages to reroll a die first, too bad.
    Pay attention to to order things occur during an attack though. The rulebook lists the steps of an attack and who gets to modify what, when.
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    Tenka reacted to smokingmonkee in Mini card storage   
    CDO is correct because now the letters are in their proper alphabetical order.
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    Tenka reacted to Zso Sahaal in do I need multiple copies?   
    ****... So FFG might ought to look into upgrade packs in the future
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    Tenka reacted to Krynn007 in Best ways to take down a Tie-swarm?   
    Best way take down tie swarm?
    1) Take the range ruler and bend it until it's bent like a rainbow
    Hold it a couple inches away from a tie fighter and release.
    Do this about 6-8 times.
    2) Hammer
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    Tenka reacted to Buhallin in Dutch / Target Locks- not the normal question   
    I guess the fizzle theory has fizzled.
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