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    Tenka reacted to GeneticDrift in Craving some X-Wing news.   
    Sometime in the future, For about 400$ USD you can add a vr mission to battle front. If you already own a ps4 that is.
    /not the news you want
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    Tenka reacted to heychadwick in Craving some X-Wing news.   
    I've got some X-wing news for you, Fuzzywookie.  I had the little plastic bit on the bottom of one of my ancient T-65's break off.  I had gotten the ship back in 2012 or so.  Well, I had some rare earth magnets and finally got off my duff and glued one to the bottom of the X-wing and one to the peg.  It works great!  Not as cool as that ball magnet trick that other person has done, but I finally got around to fixing my broken X-wing!
    Maybe not the X-wing news you wanted, but....I figured I'd share something.
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    Tenka reacted to NeverBetTheFett in Biggs Corran and Wes win Utah   
    Wow. FFG needs to nerf the T-65. 
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    Tenka reacted to WingedSpider in Biggs Corran and Wes win Utah   
    Good shot Janson!
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    Tenka reacted to Caboose2900 in Lets talk about the Fang!   
    The PS9 dude w/ Title, Autothrusters, and PTL is gonna be what's up. 34 points for a crazy dodgey ship. AT kicks in at range 3 and out of arc, title kicks in at range 1 in arc, and his ability kicks in at all of range 1. Basically the only place you're not guaranteed an evade is in arc range 2. Plus, he gets 5 dice at range 1. Insane. As long as his dial is supportive of PTL, Scum just got a ship to rival Soontir in dodgeyness.
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    Tenka reacted to Hujoe Bigs in Tie/SF just took a big dump on the T-65   
    You might wanna read the title card.
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    Tenka reacted to Knucklesamwich in Tie/SF just took a big dump on the T-65   
    The more I look over the Tie/SF the more they make T-65's look bad. For what looks to be a similar point value you get 3/2/3/3 with title, a systems slot(very desirable), tech slot and a rear arc! If the dial is even remotely better then the Tie Bomber then T-65's should probably be taken out to the back 40 and dealt with once and for all. It's sad, I know but sometimes it has to be done.
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    Tenka reacted to Celes in and that was the last anyone ever saw of Talonbane Cobra   
    Even with Barrel Roll he's probably right. Repositioning is one area that Talonbane lacks, but survivability is the other. And there is no fix for that coming (that we know of).
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    Tenka reacted to Lampyridae in and that was the last anyone ever saw of Talonbane Cobra   
    Hopefully Vectored Thrusters were enough to compensate, but it is unlikely that he was able to afford them over his Glitterstim habit.
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    Tenka reacted to X Wing Nut in and that was the last anyone ever saw of Talonbane Cobra   
    His fighter was last seen in locked in combat with Fenn Rau as he was covering the retreat for his forces. Witnesses say he was taking heavy fire doing his best to avoid Protectorate starfighter but he had trouble keeping up with the superior fighter. Still we hold out hope that the Black Suns ace Pilot will one day return to us.
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    Tenka reacted to atkrull in X Wing Famous   
    Here are a few names:
    Aaron Rodgers
    Lebron James
    Jordan Speith
    Derek Jeter
    Now here is another list:
    Paul Heaver
    Brad Miller
    Dallas Parker
    Aaron Bonar
    When I started X wing I had no idea it was going to have this much of an impact on my life. I never go a single day without thinking about it. I'm hooked. But I asked myself the other day, why I was so into this game? Yes, it is super fun and enjoyable, but there was something more. This was my first year diving into the competitive scene. I have participated in the last 3 or 4 Gencon tournaments, but never made the effort to do store championships, regionals or even go to Worlds. But this year I took the plunge and participated in 3 store championships and the Independence MO regional (drove 5 hours both ways). Now I fully understand why my addiction to X Wing is so strong. I want to be X Wing Famous
    The four names on the second list are (as far as I can tell) normal everyday good ole guys. Wife, kids, 9-5 job, mortgage, two car payments, and maybe a dog or a cat. Basically these guys are me. The only difference is when they show up to a tournament, everyone knows who they are! They are X Wing Famous.
    The difference between list one and list two is obviously the money. But the fame (relatively) is the same. With the emergence of so many awesome podcasts, youtube videos, live streaming events, and more, the fame for those who win at X Wing is inescapable. And I have determined that I want that fame. The great thing about this game is that I can have it if I want it badly enough. Paul Heaver proved that with enough practice and preparation you can take a majority of the luck out of the game and win!
    I can only guess that "fame" was not in anyone's mind when they decided to do an x wing podcast, but the game blew up so big and so fast that guys like Dee and Ryan from Mynock, Ed, Bob, Sean, Richard, Kris, and Chad from Nova, Tyson and Asa from Back to dials .... well maybe not so much Asa, The boys from Stay on Target and the Kessel Run, not to mention those crazy space pirates at Scum and Villainy. They are like our modern day "famous" sports casters and news anchors, commentators and analysts. They unknowingly or not have made it possible to be X Wing Famous! Thousands of people from all over the world listen to these shows and soak up every piece of advice they give and try to put it to good use.
    X Wing is only getting bigger, and the competition is getting even better. I find it fascinating at the age of 30 something I can compete in a game that will maybe.... and its a long shot..... but one day call myself a World Champion of X Wing. I know to a majority of the population that means diddly, but to those who know the game and play the game it is a monumental achievement. So to all of those of you who have maybe wondered why you can't sleep at night because you made one mistake in the second round of the tournament you played in that day that might have cost you first place..... maybe you have the same drive and goal as I do.
    To be X Wing Famous.
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    Tenka got a reaction from knavelead in Is this card the t-65 "fix"?   
    I don't know how many times it has to be said: if it can be put on a T-70, its not a T-65 fix.
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    Tenka reacted to grandmoffjoe in Why no card-only expansions?   
    I imagine it'll happen when they run out of ships, so... a year after episode 9?
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    Tenka reacted to slowreflex in Why no card-only expansions?   
    Wouldn't this help with balancing?  Wouldn't this keep the meta fresh?  Wouldn't this entice people to buy ships they don't have yet?  Wouldn't this fund FFG and keep this game going?
    Yes, some people may say they don't like having cards for ships they don't have.  I don't buy into that.  If you don't want something in the pack, don't buy it.  How many people use every pilot card they get?  Every upgrade card?  How often have you bought an expansion for an upgrade card when you have no interest in the ships?  You don't have to have use for everything you get in a card pack and when you do decide to buy those ships you'll already have some cards for them.
    Please FFG.  Don't restrict yourselves to ship expansions that only have cards use-able on those ships.  Make the move to releasing periodic card-only expansions!
    EDIT: I'm NOT suggesting card reprints, like getting Palpatine without buying the Raider.  I'm talking about mainly new titles/pilots to balance the game.
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    Tenka reacted to Jiron in Triple X fun   
    I generally fly only T-70 lists. My favourite is:
    Poe Dameron
    -Weapons Guidance
    -Integrated Astromech
    2x Red Squadron Veteran
    -Targeting Astromech
    -Weapons Guidance
    -Cool Hand
    -Integrated Astromech
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    Tenka reacted to Hobojebus in A viable plan for an E-Wing fix   
    Block of text hits you for 9999, it's super effective!
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    Tenka reacted to DiggityDug in For the 127'th time..lets fix the T-65 X-wing and the E-wing (and also buff the generic: B-wing, G1A-starfighter, Tie Punisher, Tie Phantom)   
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    Tenka reacted to evanger in T-65 HATE... I Get It.   
    I love the T-65. I want more of them, not for the "fixes" they'll include, but for more pilots and astromechs and paint jobs.
    More X-wings!
    Rogue Squadron!
    Galactic Civil War era!
    Old EU!
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    Tenka reacted to chilligan in Is this card the t-65 "fix"?   
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    Tenka reacted to Marinealver in May we please have them?   
    Keep begging. Maybe that will make the boat go faster.
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    Tenka reacted to GrimmyV in Would you re-roll?   
    What ever you do, don't line up the **** dice in your hand and just drop them on the table. That looks shady as hell. Grab the **** things, shake em around in your like you're jacking it and toss them thangs like you mean it!
    Then use Autocorrector. And Palp, Autothrusters and Evade tokens.
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    Tenka reacted to Hobojebus in Would you re-roll?   
    I really hope he isn't.
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