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  1. Will be huge ships playable in the 200 tournament system?
  2. Good job! Here are my two cents Ships can shoot when are placed in asteroids
  3. One change only? Gas clouds should give a strain token when overlaping them.
  4. The best TIE, if you only could field one, for me is Seyn Marana or Gideon Hask, both are powerful, one because with one crit deals damage, and the other because with the enemy damaged is a very cheap interceptor ( less mobile of course)
  5. I haven't a scrennshot . But i was shooting with a imperial swarm, perhaps the problem is that both ships, the ship that was shooting and the friendly ship obstructing, was the same initiative.
  6. A bug i have seen: When you shoot to an enemy ship, and it's "obstructed" by a friendly ship, system says thas it's not a legal objective.
  7. Seven. I try to play all of them, but my heart is imperial
  8. TIE Striker's dial is wrong, the one bank and straight, should be blue.
  9. First of all, thanks! One bug i have detected: TIE Striker has boost instead of barrel roll
  10. 4-LOM and Palob. Imperials are still dependant of tokens for defense and in some cases, for attack (bombers)
  11. Developers said that veterans won't have to purchase again a ship only for the cards... So i don't see too many alternatives.
  12. Perhaps a card pack for all the new pilot of the wave?
  13. I fear that language is linked to your mobile SO language
  14. Upgrade cards, that I will want, but I have enough minis
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