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    Removable Stock

    The Dragoon does that. Found in Stay on Target

    Future books and wish lists

    I certainly hope we get an Outer Rim Book. With Tatooine and others. I also think the era book for the second phase of the clone wars is a given.
  3. Yup. The Black Sun sure has a lot of cannons. That's canon for you! Lot's of ships with lot's of cannons! It's in the canon section of Wookieepedia. ?????? I just had to do it... forgive me...
  4. ...or are the STAR WARS games made by FFG the only STAR WARS content that's any good at the moment? I mean EA hasn't done anything with their license, and the movies seem to displease a lot of people... Rebels ended. Oh Clone Wars returns, so that might be good, if you're willing to subscribe to Disney's new streaming service...

    Looking for group.

    Don't have it You mean Germany or Denmark?

    Looking for group.

    Where are you located?

    KENOBI: A Star Wars Story....

    I would like a sequel, but Solo does well enough on it's own. So I wouldn't mind a continuation in another form, say books or comics. OR MAYBE EVEN A SINGLEPLAYER VIDEO GAME; RIGHT EA? (hint, hint!)

    Can Players Spend XP Mid-Session?

    I actually allow it. Mostly players use the XP on stuff they used where they felt lacking, so it makes sense.
  9. I agree. It seems that coaxium is seemingly more important to create hyperdrives, notfuel them. But I also guess you might to renew it after a while. And the hifgh price is simply because at that time the empire is building star destroyers like crazy, plus the DS-1. So they probably need a huge amont, thus the hoarding, thus the inflated cost. I love it when fiction makes economic sense!
  10. So I guess the Imperial Army troops are now finally canon. I mean that were no stormtroopers there in the war scene.

    I have changed my mind about aliens

    I was refering to body type. Robots were mostly shown anthropomorphic.
  12. You know the two free skill picks they get at character creation, on their spec trees. 4 from the career, 2 from the spec.
  13. Hmmyeah. I'll still stick to giving my players 20 extra XP for either another career spec, or an universal spec. But what I might do is allowing them to take their two free picks from either of their two trees.

    When and where is your campaign set?

    I started with the evacuation of Yavin Base, after the Deathstar blew up. The group has now advanced 2 years into the story, and is building a sizeable rebel group in a sector I created. If I finish this campaign, I will make a campaign pdf from it, so others can enjoy this setting.

    Building around extra manuevers

    The idea behind this is extremely funny for me. It sounds like it would be Mr.Resetti. The guy just pops up and berates the imperial Stormtroopers for resetting their blasters again.