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  1. klecser

    So, I'm leaving! Yay!

    Ah, yes, the classic "I'm leaving" thread. I know many will not care and you'll wish me (not) well, but I'm leaving this community. The bullying threads, headlined by "How can we be more inclusive to..." that have cropped up denigrating those of us who care about a sense of community proves just how adolescent this community is and how unwilling many of you are in accepting a challenge to improve gaming communities. I have a naive philosophy that I operate under online. I feel the only way that the internet becomes a better place is to challenge those that make it crappy. Anonymity is a powerful cloak and I believe that social resistance is the only real way anything could hope to improve. When I started playing X-wing, my first concern was whether or not I'd be playing the game with a bunch of man-children, like I've experienced many times before in gaming. I was hoping that this community might be different and I was (naturally) assured that it was different. Those people were wrong. This community is no different than any other "gamer" community out there. Its filled with people who place their own self gratification above a sense of community. There are the positive ones, to be sure, and I appreciate your dedication to improving the hobby. At the same time, as a busy adult, I reserve a personal right to not expose myself to caustic groups of people. The good old boys club is alive and well on this site, and you've made a strong push to crap on anyone who dares bring a dissenting opinion or wants an honest discussion about issues in the hobby. The original troll of the gender thread did exactly what he probably intended to do: show how ugly this community is. So, I just want some of you to know that, contrary to your passionate personal beliefs, you ARE what is wrong with this hobby. When this game dies (which it eventually will, but I hope not for a while), many of you here will be to blame for it. New players will continue to come here and get curb stomped by those of you who refuse to use your extensive experience with the game for a positive purpose. You'll pretend like it isn't you. You'll scapegoat whatever is convenient. You'll find something to rationalize your poor behavior. And the cycle will repeat. You'll be shocked. You'll be surprised. But it will be no surprise to those of us who actually place community over competition. Thanks for eventually killing a great game and justifying the stereotypes that the general public feels about our passions. It only took you two months of making me feel not welcome on a daily basis before you made one more successful step towards ensuring your exclusive club remains exclusive. I've decided that as much as I'd enjoy playing games with more women in the hobby, my higher goal is now to prevent anyone from being disappointed by this community in the way I have. Rather than encouraging anyone to join, the better, kinder advice is to explain the consequences of joining this place before they decide. You don't deserve the benefits that different perspectives would bring this game and you are poor ambassadors for the hobby.
  2. klecser

    OK, I will stop Complaining, this just in...........

    Someone posted about this in one of your other threads. You should read the comments on threads you start!
  3. You could simply disagree. But instead you bully. All you're doing with this thread is justifying every criticism leveled so far. It makes me not want to be a part of this place.
  4. Read this and consider other perspectives. http://everydayfeminism.com/2014/10/complaints-about-political-correctness/ You guys are operating under the status quo worldview and your "justifications" for your attitudes are anything but. You were brought up in a male-dominated world. Is our argument seriously going to be "argument from tradition"? "I experienced this as a kid, therefore what I experienced is right for everyone?"
  5. That's exactly the kind of oversensitivity that gets people all riled up. Perhaps if we stopped worrying about how PC our words are people would stop getting hurt over trivial details. Its this exact comment that is gonna get this thread locked. This IS the exact problem in the industry and why women don't feel welcome. And I don't buy the reasoning one bit. This line of reasoning is the height of avoiding the problem and pretending that it doesn't exist. This isn't about "political correctness". That's a cop out. That's a "tolerance" word. This is about respect. I know very few people who have accomplished anything without reasoned respectful discourse. They get ahead by respecting. Your comment is what gets me riled up. If we want to accept women as part of the hobby and get their participation and business, we need to stop tolerating and start respecting.
  6. klecser

    Scum Zs

    If you didn't use the search option before, i won't feel any pity for you if you feel offended by what i said. If you actually read my original post, I was asking whether there was any update on this issue. Search allows you to search for past posts, and it didn't reveal any recent chatter on the topic...so I asked. But hey, I forgot that this board was chartered for only what you find relevant at the time. Next time I'll be sure to PM you and ask you whether you think i should post. Or, ya know, you could just mind your own business and not click on topics in which you don't have an interest.
  7. klecser

    Scum Zs

    Its great to know that if a topic has been discussed here, new discussions are not allowed. Definitely not a good ol' boys club!
  8. I gained some perspective on person-first language for gender issues in that thread. I had always used person-first language for people with cognitive disabilities, but had not considered it for gender issues. I thought the thread was educational for gamers.
  9. The thread was about as civil as one could expect on a message board of this nature. I am sad to see it go.
  10. klecser

    Scum Zs

    "Got away with" is an interesting choice of words. Fan opinion has at least something to do with it. I guess where we're at is that if Z "multi-factionalism" isn't allowed, FFG has to live with the fact that some players will buy less when they may have bought more...whether people believe that could or should happen or not.
  11. klecser

    Scum Zs

    Yes, you're right - that's why I chose to use the term 'freeloader', to highlight how charity has a certain ring to it too. The implication of those arguing that they're doing a charity by shopping at a FLGS, is that FLGS owners are freeloaders. Now, I do get that there's an understanding of charity that doesn't imply that the recipient of the charity is a freeloader, but I do think that there was the implication, above, that the story owner is a little bit of a freeloader, and that I wanted to dispute. The issue here is that this is a bit of a 'tragedy of the commons' scenario. While you may not benefit in easily measurable terms, or in the short run, you do benefit from the existence of FLGSs. By providing people places to play, share, and learn about games, it keeps the gaming industry alive more than what online retailers can provide for. Further, it helps create and maintain a social glue which our society is in desperate need of. The best argument for that is made in Robert Putnam's book 'Bowling Alone'. I think tragedy of the commons isn't really fair here because my ideal scenario is NOT the "borrowing" scenario I describe above. I'm not trying to put FFG or FLGS' out of business. I'm trying to get a compromise. We could make an argument that it is the responsibility of game companies to throw the whole industry a bone by not making game abilities or situations that allow for multiple uses of units. But, that wouldn't go over well with the fans. This is the age old question of what the balance is between appeasing consumers and appeasing "stockholders". It IS a balance. Its just a question as to which side of the balance you sympathize with. Some people here sympathize with the businesses. Some sympathize with the players. Great question. As an American, MSRP (RRP) is the common practice. I'm not a business person so I can't give a truly informed opinion. I can say that large businesses in the United States are famous for whining about margins while also having CEOs drawing hundred of million dollar salaries. That's obviously not FFG or an FLGS' owner though.
  12. klecser

    What do you do when you have too many ships?

    This is definitely a serious problem. Send me a PM and I'll send you my address. You can send your extras to me, and I'll be sure to give them good homes.
  13. klecser

    Scum Zs

    I think charity and freeloader are both emotionally laden terms. There's been a lot of good points on both sides of the discussion. I support FLGS' part of the time and buy online part of the time. I am against the destruction of small businesses in an unfair market. But that's my bigger concern in this issue. The market is inherently unfair to small businesses. Explain to me how that's my fault? Explain to me why I'm OBLIGATED to take a personal hit so that the small business owner gets a benefit? They don't give me any financial benefits. I pay full price for things that I could get for far cheaper, a good chunk of the time. I don't PLAY at my FLGS, except for tournaments, which I pay an entry fee for. So I get a place for tournaments. That's it. A space for three hours. Is that not enough? Should I be bleeding for gaming or something? I'm not trying to shift the argument or argue a different argument. I just think its unfair to say that my choices of purchases in a game categorically means that I'm not supporting local stores or FFG. That is a straw man leap, imo. Look at it this way: What if I buy absolutely nothing extra and BORROW two rebel Zs from someone, who uses those same Zs the next week in a tournament? By the logic of some people, that is me being a poor fan. There was 30 retail spent on those two Zs. If I buy a Most Wanted at 40 and am able to use those Zs in either rebel of scum squads, my friend and I would have spent 70 total on the hobby/FLGS. But if I borrow two Zs for use in a tournament, that's only that original 30 dollars. I'm a bad fan because I didn't contribute to the hobby with those Zs? I'm a bad player for BORROWING? Remember that the dollar outcome for the FLGS and FFG is the same as me not buying. That is how I view some of the arguments here. Right now I'm kinda leaning to just borrowing, since some of you seem to think I'm some kind of jerk for wanting to use my funds efficiently. When you play in tournaments, do you ask someone if they borrowed their pieces? Do you ask to see their proofs of purchase? There's a friend I have who I let borrow pieces because he can't afford to buy ANYTHING. Would you tell him to walk from your tournament if you found out he borrowed pieces from me? I started this thread wanting to use 40 dollars efficiently, and some of you are doing the exact opposite of what you intended and are talking me into spending zero now and just borrowing the two Zs. This is what happens when you take a hardline stance on "you should have to spend full price to support the company!" You end up talking people out of what you want because you don't see the downside of the hardline stance, not the upside of a little leniency in rules.
  14. klecser

    Anyway for a balanced 3 player game?

    You shouldn't do this; FFG multi-player rules state that discussing strategy amongst teammates is allowed but it must be in the open. I understand the rule and I have followed it in multi-player games, but I don't like it. With a game whose fun depends entirely on the fog of war aspect of having to anticipate where your opponent is going, making teammates discuss their moves in the open ruins the fun of it. From a fluff perspective: "Cut to the left, I'll take the leader" was done over closed comms.
  15. klecser

    Scum Zs

    It is a proxy in the loosest sense. You would have to purchase the Most Wanted Pack to get it. So, your argument basically comes down to: "You should have spent 30 dollars on two Z-95 packs instead of 40 on a Most Wanted pack. You monster!" It just really surprises me that "part way" isn't far enough for some of you. Its as if I buy two Z-95s that I don't need and then buy no Most Wanted, I'm a "better" fan in some of your eyes than if I buy Most Wanted, ask for those Z-95s to be useable in a Rebel squad, and then continue to buy. Greater raw dollars is less support...on principle!