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  1. Amazon US has it. But that's one of the only ones in the Dunwich Cycle.
  2. I was that poster and a clearer understanding of the rules made a huge difference. I was hamstringing myself in multiple ways. *quietly and happily packs away the NotZ Part 3 he was about to play and switches to Murder at the Excelsior Hotel* I've had some horrendously bad draws where I have drawn auto fail tokens two or three times in a row and essentially making victory impossible for myself. I'm suspicious that my bag draw is biased because I have this habit of drawing the same unique token multiple times in a row. I'm wondering if I need to shake the bag, rather than twirl the contents with my hand. I'm suspicious right now that I'm just moving my hands around the tokens and always pulling from the same part of the bag. Unlikely, but I have this knack of drawing completely skewed from what the ratio of good to bad tokens should be. Honestly, I started to enjoy the game more when I gave myself a single mulligan "pull something different from the bag" in every game. Purists, I don't care what you think about that. Those responses out of the way, let's get to the honest truth TC. FFG has purposely made a game, like all deck-building games, that gets easier and more fun when you buy more stuff. I'm not going to sugar coat it for you. The game is not designed to be a single core purchase. I couldn't make hardly any headway with just the core set. I'm fortunate that I have the money right now to buy more, but had I bought the AH core ten years ago (pretend it existed), when I was not as well off, I would have felt completely swindled. I wouldn't have had the money to buy expansions and the game would have just collected dust. When I added the Dunwich main expansion it got a lot easier. Constructible deck games basically just require that you have a myriad of card options to be successful, and the game is designed with crappy cards and good cards. I couldn't get close to playing a campaign without having more cards and more XP-costed cards to choose from. At first I scoffed at the idea of buying two cores, but now that I have about a dozen games under my belt, it makes total sense. I've basically been leapfrogging through several scenarios: NotZ 1 Dunwich 1 Dunwich 2 NotZ 2 (I was going to do NotZ 3 here, but I now plan to do Murder at the Excelsior Hotel and/or Miskatonic Museum instead.) From one new player to another: I want you to get past the wall. The only thing that got me past it was more cards.
  3. Act 1a says: "Action > The investigators spend 2 clues per investigator, as a group:..." I interpret this as they do not need to be at the same card location, just one action is spent by one investigator, and there just need to be 4 clues spent total for two investigators, no matter their source. Not two from the two separate investigators. Am I interpreting this correctly? Just one of the frustrating things, as an experienced tactical gamer, playing this game for the first time: Language has to either matter and be defined in the glossary, or not matter and not be defined, in my opinion. I encounter language often that seems like it should have glossary definitions and doesn't. It is incredibly frustrating getting started here, to figure out the balance between what language should be interpreted absolutely literally and by glossary, and which language is flavor. Game designers are people. I get that. I just feel like a lot of these things could have been anticipated through play-testing and being gracious to one's audience. Just my early reflections.
  4. Good advice all! General strategic question, and this could be completely context-dependent: Is it generally better to split the party or keep them together? I've tried both and I'm not convinced that either is necessarily a no-brainer.
  5. I will look into these. Thank you for being so helpful.
  6. Ah, that's a good point. So, if my only options were between a second Mythos pack in a cycle and the sixth, I should err towards the second.
  7. I don't know their proper term. I'm referring to the seven or so story expansions that accompany each Deluxe Expansion Box. I just purchased Dunwich Legacy and the mini expansions for it are either sold out or selling at "collector" prices. Must one play every mini expansion for each deluxe expansion for the story to make sense? Is it possible to play only 2 or 3 of them and still have fun just playing the isolated scenarios?
  8. Yeah, I'm not saying 5 Lore isn't useful. Adapt and overcome, to be sure, for future plays.
  9. Update: I'm finding Skids and Daisy to be far more conducive to my play style than Roland and Wendy. Like most tactical gamers, I find options for extra actions FAR more useful than raw strengths. My first game with them was poetry, so much so that I immediately decided to move into the second part of a campaign with them. I got a lot of tomes and spells rolling with Daisy. Old Book of Lore is an amazing card. That, combined with all of the clarifications above, and I'm feeling a lot more confident. I'm going to play through the campaign on "Easy," see how it goes, and then likely go to Standard on another run.
  10. Can I voluntarily delay an objective on an act card if it specifies defeating an enemy? The idea being that I would like to "mop up" Mobs with victory points in the play area? Objective is not a glossary term. I assume that an argument could be made that if something isn't specified you rule the least advantageous, correct?
  11. Well, now that I understand the base mechanics better I feel a lot more confident. My current plan: Dunwich doesn't arrive until May 1. So between now and May 1: 1) Play the Gathering with a variety of different investigators/Decks 2) Settle on my favies and attempt a campaign. 3) Receive Dunwich, play with new cards. Play two missions that come with it. 4) Decide on Forgotten Age. Thanks everyone!
  12. I have ordered Dunwich. I'm kind in a weird situation between story and gameplay in that I'm not a huge fan of the Yellow King. So, I've heard that people rave about Carcosa, but Hastur has never been my jam. Any main expansions with Serpent People or Yithians? It sounded to me like Forgotten Age would be prime Elder Thing/Serpent People situations.
  13. I think this is a fair point and is definitely guiding me from now on. I played another game and it went MUCH better. Along the lines of your point, it really made me question whether I understand the enemy engagement process. The situation: Wendy and Roland are both in the Hallway with the Priest. Roland is engaged with another Ghoul (this is at the start of the Investigative Phase). Wendy used "Engage" to get him off Roland. She attempted Evade to attempt to exhaust, but failed. At that point I decided to cut my losses and preserve an action for the Parlor and played Elusive. The card text on Elusive bothers me because it says "Disengage from each enemy engaged with you and move to a revealed location..." It doesn't say "Evade" an enemy. It says "disengage." And disengage is not a glossary term. So, the Priest is not exhausted, right? So, as soon as Wendy leaves the room, what does the Priest do? Does it immediately engage with Roland? It doesn't seem to meet any of the "triggers" for engagement specified in the engagement rules. It hasn't spawned, it hasn't moved, and an investigator didn't move there. Can Roland attack the Priest while engaged with the other ghoul? Will the Priest engage immediately? Will it engage when the Enemy phase happens next because of Prey? All the answers to those questions matter, but the rules could use some more engagement examples. Edit: Oh, and being able to "stack" things like physical training is also huge. That would have changed several games. Edit 2: "Any time a ready unengaged enemy is at the same location as an investigator, it engages that investigator, and is placed in that investigator's threat area." So, I think that answers the engagement question. Went to ArkhamDB, as instructed!
  14. Your impressions are completely correct. There are several games that I would have survived had I been following this rule. See, this is why one comes to the forum, because something seems "off" to an experienced gamer...that there was some key advantage I was missing. I had a 5 to 3 attack advantage with various cards and buffs and pulled a -3. Let's just say I'm going to the "easy" array of chits until I get a handle on things. I also had two absolutely critical combat tests in one game and I drew the "auto fail" token on both of them. Just to clarify...any asset that tells you to spend a Resource to get +1X, that can only be done once for any test, right? The Dunwich Legacy is widely regarded, but very few of the mini expansions seem to be available for it. Would I open up deck building a bit if I just got cards from the Dunwich Legacy Deluxe expansion? Which expansion is best for raw utility cards?
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