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  1. Any word yet from FFG if they'll be selling medium Bases? Got the Scum kit and there were like only 4 of them, which is just enough to get by, but not enough to allow me to display all my ships on correct size bases. Also, would be good to get some coloured ones too, so they match up with rest of my ships.
  2. 'Lucky dice', if they work they make you look like a cheat, and if they don't they make you look like a total nutter(who believes in lucky dice).
  3. Thanks, found em. I got the game 2nd hand and all the contents were mixed together. Didn't realise 4 of the mission cards came with Luke and Vader. Almost finished painting all the minis in the starter, have avoided opening any of the expansions until they're done.
  4. Hi, I'm a new player, and this is probably a dumb question, but. Where are the diagrams of the skirmish maps? I have the skirmish mission cards, but i can't find the mission setup diagrams anywhere(just the example one on page 8).
  5. Cheers guys, that's what I thought.
  6. This came up in a game I played at the weekend. My opponent used Dutch's ability to let another ship acquire a target lock on one of my ships that was outside of range three of that ship(it was though within range of Dutch). I thought it would still need to be in range to be target locked, he thought it worked at any range/anywhere on the board. I let him have it so as not to delay the game. Who was right?
  7. What large base ship can take a TLT? I thought only HWK's, K's and Y's could take them?
  8. Hi, was just wondering if a pilot ability like Latts Razzi's also applied to his own ship?
  9. I've a friend who does that. Insists on being given leeway all the time, sulks if he isn't, never does same for anyone else. You have to watch them like a hawk(and make sure they know you are), don't give them the opportunity to cheat.
  10. I tried it today with good results. Also tried it with Whisper instead of Soontir and it worked even better. New decloak rules seem to work just as well.
  11. I'm toying with the idea of using multiple Tacticians on a Decimator to pile the stress on enemy ships. I've come up with this list: RA Chiraneau with Vet Instincts, Proximity mines, 2x Tacticians, Gunner, Flechette Torps, Dauntless title and Munitions Failsafe. Soontir Fel with Royal Guard Title, Push the Limits, Autothrusters and Stealth Device The aim is to cause 4-5 stress on an enemy ship with the Decimator and then let Soontir finish it off. Flechette Torpedoes still cause stress even if they don't hit, which means three stress plus 2 more for gunner attack. If hull value is 5+ I'll use primary weapon to attack.
  12. @Klutz, the faq backs me up. It even states "After Push the Limit resolves, Expert Handling finishes resolving". In the example we are arguing over here it's Jake Farrell's ability that gets interrupted by push the limit, which resolves(gets stressed) before he can take the free barrel roll action. @godofcheese, good trolling, you had me right up until your last post.
  13. PTL interrupts Jakes rule, he gets the stress before the barrel roll. If not then my decimator can use PTL and Experimental interface and take two stress at the end of three actions. You don't get to choose when you receive the stress.
  14. Here is the scenario as presented by the op: Jake Farrell: -Boosts -Pushes the Limit -Focuses -Takes a free Barrel Roll Lets go through it step by step; Jake Boosts(action), he then uses PTL to Focus(another action), he now gains a stress from using PTL, he then takes a free Barrel roll action. Please explain to me how that is legal?
  15. A few tips that might help: Try to use natural light when painting, sit next to a window when painting(if right handed have window to your left, and vice-versa for lefties). Blue tack your model onto a paint pot or other sturdy item, it'll be easier to hold and wont smudge the paint. If you don't wear glasses I'd recommend a cheap pair of magnifying reading glasses(I got mine from Poundland), they really help see the details clearly. To mark out panel lines use wash like Flory Models Weathering Wash(black). An airbrush and compressor can be bought quit cheap these days, great for natural shading and object source lighting...
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