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  1. I think this is how it works but I just want to make sure. If a lower PS ship with Attanni Mindlink makes a maneuver that requires him to assign a stress token, he gets one and all the other ships with Attanni Mindlink also get assigned a stress token if they didn't already have one. Now the next higher PS ship reveals a K-turn as the player wasn't paying attention to his dials and the effects of the attanni mindlink, but that ship cannot perform that maneuver now because it has a stress token and is at the mercy of the other play to pick a maneuver for that ship - is that correct? Also, I believe I've read in other posts that even if the first ship with Attanni Mindlink is assigned more than one focus (Recon Specialist) the other ships with Attanni Mindlink only receive one and only if they don't already have a focus token - correct? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the ideas and I love the homemade space station. I think I'm going to use a immobile Gozanti with a TIE Defender in one of it's docking clamp. The turret will provide defense and the Imperial player can get two energy as an Action. Without moving I'm not sure what the best mechanic is to use to get energy. The opposition will have to attach with the Gozanti using the rules suggested in one of the Gozanti missions in order to steal the TIE Defender.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look at the Aturi Cluster Campaign and also think about using huge ship hardpoints.
  4. Hello all, I'm working on a three faction scenario where the Rebels and Scum are trying to get to an Imperial space station first and make off with secret plans or a prototype ship. The Imperial faction will just have to defend the station. Does anyone have some suggested stats I could use for the space station? I'm looking for realistic, yet not too overpowered, attack suggestions. Maybe two dice but it gets to attack twice per turn to represent multiple batteries? The goal will not be to destroy the station but just disable it. I was thinking about a minimal hull value that represents the defensive cannons. As an alternative to taking out the cannons, I was thinking that a single successful ion hit will make the station skip it's next attack turn. Any suggestions?
  5. So if a transport (or any other troop carrier) is destroyed in the first round of space combat, the embarked troops are not destroyed but are allowed to land? That doesn't really make sense. If your ships can't get past a blockade in space, how can they land troops on the surface?
  6. If you play the Brilliant Administrator action card on a system that is subjugated, would you only get to use the first build icon and not the second? What about using it on a sabotaged system? I don't remember the exact wording on the card but it allows you to place troops on the build queue using the systems resources. I am assuming correctly that a subjugated or a sabotaged system would reduce the effectiveness of those builds or does this card allow you to ignore those restrictions?
  7. Great game if you can overlook the graphics. Still worth $2.99.
  8. I guess this would only work if Vader was already in the system from a previous mission or activation. If he wasn't in the system when the rescue happened, he would not be able to play It's Your Destiny at the time of the rescue. What if Vader wasn't in the system for the rescue but then on the next turn succeeded with a mission with Vader in that same system, could he play the card because his mission was a "mission after a leader is rescued"?
  9. By the way, Vader was in the system as well as he tried to oppose Chewy's previous mission.
  10. I had something similar to this last night, I don't think we played it right. Leia was captured in carbonite. The Chewy with the Falcon was in the same system from a previous mission. I then succeeded in a mission with Luke in that same system so I removed the Falcon dial from Chewy and rescued Leia. The Imperial player then played It's Your Destiny and captured Luke. Originally he wanted to capture Luke in carbonite to replace Leia's level of capture, but I believe we correctly agreed that Luke would only be captured, regardless if the rescued leader was in carbonite. However, I think we got it wrong which leader should have been captured with the It's Your Destiny card. Luke was not on a rescue mission so it should have been Chewy that was captured as the Falcon ring is what rescued the captured leader, not Luke's unrelated mission.
  11. In my case the base was revealed so anything would have been deployed or gained on the blockaded system, not the "Rebel Base" space.
  12. I was wondering about using the base defense mission card when the Rebel base is blockaded. The card says you gain the installations at the Rebel base, but is gain the same as deploy? With Imperial ships in the system I couldn't deploy units there, however can I "gain" them?
  13. Just checking...the Imperial player used a different mission other than Rule By Fear, yes? Something like Trade Negotiations? Because Rule By Fear requires an Imperial unit to be in the system. This combo: When using Blindside, doesn't the mission have to include Boba or Janus? It wouldn't work for Veers. I thought when using an action card it could only be used with the pictured leaders unless it states something otherwise. For example, I think the rebels have a similar action card but it says something to the effect that you get to pick the leader that the Imperials cannot oppose. Edit: found on RR pg 2 - Action cards used during a mission or combat can only be used if one of the leaders shown on the card is already in the system in which the mission or combat is occurring. The only exceptions are action cards that specifically move the leader to the system.
  14. I'm I right in assuming that "Assignment" action cards cannot be opposed as they are not missions?
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