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  1. I've had fun and success with a 2X Tusken and FN-2199 list I made, it's mean to it's hand but a quick hitter with big damage output.
  2. I don't think it's offensive, I'm interested though because the voice sounded to me like someone trained in British English as a second language, having picked up the affectations of that accent.
  3. I honestly am interested in seeing where the financial value of these cards go. The price is high from initial release and it's hard to say if it'll truly go down from here. I expect a dip in price in the next year for most cards but subsequent year gains in popular cards if they aren't aggressively reprinted.
  4. Yea! Everyone's favourite Quermian Also how about TC-14 or Gragra?
  5. It's place in the Meta is along side cards like Rey's staff, Luke's Lightsaber, Rey and other dice that can have a low chance of hitting big damage. It's focus 3 can turn your dice roll into lethal damage (though it being focus based, it's easier for your opponent to control away) the focus 2 also to a lesser extent. The other sides are good though the disrupt possible will muddle up your dice resolutions but it can be perfectly needed in the right setting. The damage side is huge but once again, might middle your resolution due to there being no blue ranged characters yet.
  6. Yea, it's 3 focus side has ended games quick.
  7. I've brought him in to my three Tusken deck, replacing a Tusken for his one dice option. He brings the ability to sneak in a Kylo saber as well as a single lightsaber, And some strikey blue cards to push damage. I find he often brings what I need in a few extra damage/a late game finisher, or a focus to put my Tuskens to serious damage.
  8. I really enjoy the Yv-666. I remember seeing it in the Star Wars encyclopedia the library had when I was a kid, it's boxy design really interested me and I wasn't disappointed by the finished model. Also the defender is a beautiful ship to look at.
  9. Most Veers/Jango just uses Veers for ranged damage. If you have a few tanks against this deck, constant reliable shield generators, you'll run a good chance of out temptoing them and while they fissile out of action, you'll have only grown in strength.
  10. I would hope my damage based strategy would bring me a kill over a mill deck before they could really get me in a tight spot. Starship graveyard makes sense so I could Ace in the Hole the same big card like flamethrower or Thermal Det. Frozen wastes also interests me but having my opponent have the option of disrupting my dice whenever they wish is playing with fire I'd think.
  11. Wouldn't an opponent discard his pricier stuff if he has the choice?
  12. So, I'm a MtG player for two years and the archetype I love is aggro. Fact, punchy, and effective. The subtype of this I live for is Goblins. Goblins are fact and punchy but are reckless and start small, but raid in large numbers. Getting into Destiny, I currently have a eKylo/Tusken/balatik im playing for fun with some varied success. The Tusken has shone though, and I'm really interested in exploring it more. They seem to me to be the possible Goblins of Destiny. They do quick, mean damage and can be quicker with some reckless cost of discarding cards. So, that's the game plan. 3 Tuskens, low cost cards and cards that cycle your deck into discard like Ace in the hole, all aggro based. Mill yourself while doing strong damage to hopefully find your best punchy pieces and overwhelm the opponent. What battlefield should I use for it and what do you think would be key pieces?
  13. Don't Kylo and Vader mismatch in thier abilities, Kylo wants cards in your hand while Vader takes them with pleasure?
  14. Magic drafts supply basic lands in order to play, as all decks needs lands as a baseline to run. In Destiny the baseline is characters. If Destiny releases a non unique per-colour, per faction in each of its expansions it'll be quickly more accessible for stores to build a pool of non-unique characters. They become your provided cards to make your deck flow. 20 character points, 25 card maximum. 6 packs. Open your packs, pick a single card from each, put the rest in a face down pile of hero, Villian, neutral. Split the group in a hero and villain pod, trade off piles, and start a rotating draft? The TO would have to take all dice from rares that were placed face down to hide if there are some in a pile. Sounds complicated but I'm going to try with friends when the next expansion hits.
  15. Do you guys think Blue Squadron is a squadron that works closely with rebel command and that's why they weren't at the battle of Yavin? The leader of the squadron was walking with Mon Mothma, and seemed close to her, in a bodyguard type sense, I felt.
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