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  1. We've seen this occur at nearby-ish Store Championships, where the date and time wasn't even announced if you weren't a regular player that was at that store on a weekly basis. I support traveling and meeting people in other areas, but I hate the idea of locals being unable to participate if they want to. It's a tough problem, because there are only so many places that can host anybody willing to attend. As long as we're throwing that out there, Nashville's registration launched silently, on the host store's usual game night. My guess is that it was communicated verbally, with a promise to let the players go home and register before it would be announced. But the public got there first because the locals were playing that night.
  2. To each their own. I prefer the chaos of a rules change, before everyone decides what the most optimum thing is and starts flying that exclusively.
  3. Really? This thread has gone on for 39 posts with nobody mentioning Zuckuss being responsible for Soontir's absence?
  4. If you want a sustainable project and/or to start accepting help from others, I would heavily recommend that you start writing things more descriptively immediately, including expanding renaming existing variables to understandable names as you decipher them. Don't worry about file size when you're writing things. Then keep two copies of your javascript files: one as your development / debug copy, and then run that through a javascript minifier (plenty of them available online) that is designed to shrink things down as far as possible for deployment.
  5. Part of the problem with Mindlink is the logic behind the maneuvers selected by the AI, which will be a deeper change. Mindlink requires coordination between ships that exceeds the cooperative planning the current AI demonstrates, such as not planning multiple red maneuvers, swapping activation order between matching PS, and so on. I've also seen Benchmark ships deliberately plan illegal moves, not accounting for the stress at all.
  6. You often have to manually select the ship that would perform some sort of triggered ability. In that instance, I would normally try clicking on Dengar. I tested a similar scenario to see if I could recreate it, and I saw something even stranger - Dengar worked as advertised, and killed Soontir with return fire (Zuckuss has that effect). Dengar then shot another ship with his normal attack. But Soontir, with zero health, remained on the field, even after moving on to a lower Pilot Skill step. On the next turn, he performed a maneuver, and THEN was destroyed. Edit: Something also seems to be amiss with logic regarding Zuckuss and/or token spending. On a subsequent shot, I rolled 1 hit, target rolled 1 evade, 1 focus. Zuckuss rerolled the evade into a Focus result. There were no more shots to be taken in the round, but the target took the damage rather than spending the Focus token.
  7. I'm not one for fixing things that aren't broken, but I can verify that Dash does have other viable options beyond PTL. Lone Wolf comes to mind.
  8. For Armada players in the North Georgia area, Giga-Bites Cafe is hosting an Armada event on August 20th. We had a lot of folks travel in from around the southeast for Regionals, and we'd like to see you all back again. Bring your friends, family, and strangers that look like they might be interested in Star Wars. Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/570863269741379/
  9. Normal game? Garbage / "win-more" ability. Heroes of the Aturi cluster? Absolutely priceless.
  10. Never called it a panacea, or even said it was a change that needed to be made. Just saying that's the only thing that could be clarified to change this behavior without rewriting either ability.
  11. Perform this attack twice (Twin Laser Turret) “After you perform this attack for the first time, perform another attack against the same target using this weapon." Gunner "After you perform an attack that does not hit, immediately perform a primary weapon attack. You cannot perform another attack this round." FAQ: Q: If a player has multiple effects that resolve at the same time, can he resolve them in any order? A: Yes --- Unless "immediately" becomes defined as a keyword that changes ability to choose resolution order, TLT(miss) -> TLT(hit) -> Gunner is a valid sequence, as per the above.
  12. TO of the Atlanta regional checking in here. The aforementioned bye card showed up, and was confiscated. I'm aware I probably don't have the right to do that. FFG OP is free to call me. I'll tell them exactly what store it came from, and put them in touch with the folks who quit the game over how that store treated them.
  13. Will be glad to see you all there! Here's a direct link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/714690428674214/
  14. I love how everyone is pointing out that this is a magical set of circumstances, and a very rare event, yet it happened in the FIRST major tournament with any publicity around it after the rule was implemented.
  15. Same rule exists in Armada. And every other FFG game.
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