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  1. Structuring the conversion kits to require a core was a blunder and gave credence to the "money grab" reaction to 2.0. Finding a way for returning players to get the cardboard we need from the core would go a long way towards building goodwill, and allow returning players to focus on all the GOOD stuff coming out of 2.0.
  2. - I would have liked to see cards go away entirely. Move everything to the squadbuilder (or printed lists from the squadbuilder). Use something like the threat system, but with the complete build on one card, to make ships playable out of the box. - It's always bugged me that you play to the death. Some sort of mission or objective system that prioritizes keeping your squadron together would be neat. If you've ever played one of the "Leader" solo board games by Dan Verssen, that's what I mean. I want there to be times when it is better to pull out of a fight in order to keep my pilots alive. Get the HotAC guy on the payroll. - And for the love of God, put enough dice in the core set.
  3. Right now, it looks like FFG is trying to force you to buy another core. Hopefully, they will recognize that returning players have no need for another core, and come up with another way we can get just the cardboard we need for 2.0.
  4. And yet they continue to sell a separate dice pack instead of just giving you enough dice to actually play the game.
  5. Put the cardboard returning players need in the conversion kits, or put it in a bubble mailer and let us send it in our proofs of purchase for it. Returning players DO NOT NEED another core.
  6. This is the big issue with me. Returning players should not be forced to buy yet another core set. We have dice, we have X's and TIEs - either include the cardboard we need in the conversion kits, or ship it to us in a bubble mailer in exchange for our many proofs of purchase.
  7. THIS Existing players should not be forced to buy another core set.
  8. Then let us mail in our proofs of purchase and get them. Or hand them out at OP events. The point is that existing players should not have to have to purchase another core; the core set is for new players.
  9. Then put the rules in the conversion kits. Or give out 2.0 rules, damage decks, and new templates to existing players in then next OP kit.
  10. This existing player does NOT want another core set. I have four - I do not need any more. Put the stuff I need in the conversion kits.
  11. The conversion kits won't be a scam IF they include everything an existing player needs to get into 2.0. No core set purchase should be necessary.
  12. Plenty of room in there for a few more TIES. I'd be a lot less likely to look at this as a money grab if FFG weren't trying to force us into buying another core. The conversion kits should contain EVERYTHING an existing player needs to get into 2.0.
  13. This is my main problem with the conversion kits - they should include everything I need to play the game. I can assure you I don't need any more X-Wing or TIE models.
  14. Most miniatures games don't have their rules broken up into hundreds of little pieces of cardboard. They seem to work just fine.
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