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  1. Since the hull value was not increased for TIE Interceptors in 2.0 the biggest thing they need is some kind of mod/talent that helps them not explode when looked at. Really hoping such a thing comes in their standalone expansion. As it stands if they are attacked from any range they have a good chance to take damage. Surviving on arc dodging is great, I love playing that way, but good luck dodging EVERY arc. Caveat to this would be to drastically reduce the cost of the Interceptor. Soontir costing a quarter of your list is a steep price to pay for an offensively anemic ship that can evaporate in a turn.
  2. What do we think of these guys for 2.0? Good, bad, or ugly? What kind of builds are you working on? Wingmates? Initially, coming from a 1.0 mindset, my reaction was to try to put defensive modification upgrades on them. However, seeing as how defense has been nerfed quite a bit in 2.0 (namely the evade action), there is little you can do to efficiently improve the ship defensively. Every modification upgrade I would put on them is exorbitantly priced (hull/shield upgrade, stealth device). It seems to me the best way to handle it is to keep them cheap. Throw on a Talent (Predator? Juke? Elusiveness?) and call it a day. It will be interesting to see whether their 3 HP without Autothrusters or token stacking can survive in the initial 2.0 meta even with the toned down offense of the game.
  3. The key words are "deal" and "suffer". "deal" does not trigger Jostero while "suffer" does.
  4. Oof, that was subtle I've been flying targeting computer Fel more over the last few weeks and he's been doing good work. Triple Interceptors is still my favorite list because INTERCEPTORS!
  5. I would echo what others have said and say that the Tactical Discipline EPT needs to be lowered to 2 points. Predator lets you re-roll any attack die with no restrictions and is 3 points. Lone Wolf is much more similar to Tactical Discipline in that it works on blanks only, works on both offense and defense, and has one restriction and is costed at 2.
  6. It needs to be "remove" instead of "spend" because "spend" means you have to use the token during an attack/defense/ability. "Remove" means whenever you remove the token, like spending it during an attack/defense/ability, but the important part is that you "remove" the token during the end phase if it was not "spent" earlier. The reason this is important is it enables her ability to but much more versatile. In the current wording if she never gets attacked her ability will never trigger.
  7. Honestly, I would give her a PS bump to 6 at least, give an EPT, and make the ability "After removing an [evade] token...]. That way, she ends up stress free at the end of every round with PTL as long as she takes an evade.
  8. It amuses me that before the Raider was released (TIE/X1) the Empire hardly used target locks for anything but a couple of corner cases. Now the Empire uses target locks far more than the other two factions.
  9. Competitively speaking... 1. Soontir Fel 1. Carnor Jax 2. Turr Phennir 3. Tetran Cowall 4. Kir Kanos 5. Lt. Lorrir 6. Fel's Wrath No, that's not a typo. Fel and Jax are very meta dependent. Not a whole lot of weaponized stress flying around or not much PS war going on? Fel is your pilot. Lots of defensive tokens stacking up or PS wars raging? Jax is your man. Both pilots routinely swap 1st place depending on what else is flying out there. Interceptors have always been my favorite Star Wars ship and I still fly them from time to time even in tournaments.
  10. Omega Leader has been one of my favorite ships since she was released. Flying with the TIE/FO dial is nothing short of pure joy. Messing with target priority is one of my favorite aspects of the game and few do it as well as Omega Leader. Omega Leader does perform poorly against bombs and/or autoblaster turrets but remember that Nym is not the only enemy ship flying around. Slap Dengar with Omega Leader's target lock and watch him writhe. Sure, the opponent may prioritize Omega Leader and take her off the board relatively quickly but she's a mere 26 points and the rest of your squadron is having a field day. How effective Omega Leader is in the current meta rises and falls just like any other ship/pilot. However, her low cost goes a long way to making that not matter so much.
  11. The big problem I see is I don't know how best to release such an upgrade so that it benefits earlier ships (wave 1-3 for example). Their current MO is to release "fixes" in new ship packs, but, the "fix" has to be able to be used on the ship it's released in as well. In my mind, the best way to introduce squadron upgrades is to provide several different squadron upgrades to all the factions at the same time rather than the more likely situation where they release a T-65 expansion with a T-65 squadron upgrade (as an example). Now T-65s get a squadron upgrade but what about Black squadron, Saber squadron, Blue squadron, Gold squadron, etc...? The best thing I can think of to solve this problem is by first releasing one or two squadron upgrades that are globally useful and can be used in any faction. Something that targets using generics of the same squadron, for instance, using 4 black squadron TIEs. "Squadron Title" "If you have 3 or more non-unique pilots in the same squadron each non-unique ship in that squadron can perform one additional action per turn" This is just something off the top of my head and has by no means been tested or even thought about hard enough but is just an idea on how to introduce squadron upgrades to the game in a big way rather than taking years to release more expansions for earlier ships.
  12. Squadron upgrades have been discussed before. I have long thought that squadron upgrades are the key to bringing thematic squadrons into the game. Having thematic squads would do wonders for getting new players into the game instead of/in addition to the mix and mash EU stuff we have now.
  13. Pretty sure it's going to be a scum ship since the Silencer and Resistance Bomber are wave 13 and there are no scum ships currently in the wave.
  14. I have had limited success with the following list. Rexler Brath — TIE Defender 37 Expertise 4 Tractor Beam 1 Cruise Missiles 3 Shield Upgrade 4 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 49 Maarek Stele (TIE Defender) — TIE Defender 35 Expertise 4 Ion Cannon 3 Cruise Missiles 3 Shield Upgrade 4 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 49 Expertise helps the TIE/D on a couple of levels. 1) It lets them half modify all of their shots. 2) They can save their focus for defense. The missiles are there to discourage your opponent from hitting the TIE/Ds head on because if they do they will be faced with 2 fully modified missiles (expertise+TL). Shield upgrade gives them that much more survivability and there is a 2 point bid for fighting Dash and/or Miranda.
  15. His ability in Armada seems pretty darn good and thematic. Command dials in Armada are what actions are to X-Wing. To make an X-Wing equivalent effect it would go something like this: "during setup place 3 focus tokens on this card. Once per round, at the beginning of the combat phase, you may assign one of these focus tokens to a friendly ship. Then, each other friendly ship may be assigned a focus token." A bit too close to Mindlink for me but that's pretty close to how it is working in Armada. I like the idea of him giving you limited resources but your choice as to when to spend them. Thrawn should be there to affect the most critical turns of the game and do it in a big way. However, it's up to you to decide which turns are the critical ones to spend your precious resources on.
  16. I believe this is the most likely outcome.
  17. It's too cheap for a core set, core sets are $39.95 USD.
  18. If "Linked Batteries" allows you to re-roll 1 attack die the cost will be 3. The precedent is already set with Predator and since this works with primaries as well as cannons it's not very different. If it lets you re-roll 2 attack dice I would expect the cost to be 4 or 5. Just my two cents though I really hope this is not the case.
  19. In a world full of turrets of all kinds, mobile arcs, and white sloops I'm not so sure.
  20. I agree, though I'm still holding my breath on the dial. It really needs some kind of 180 degree maneuver be that k-turn, sloop, or talon roll doesn't matter.
  21. Not hard to do if you move at PS 10 and have a barrel roll or Engine Upgrade. It would be worth spending your only action to catch them in the bullseye arc rather than having modifications to your attack/defense.
  22. Pretty sure the text for Linked Batteries reads as such or at least close to it "When you perform a primary or [cannon] secondary attack you may reload."
  23. The bullseye arc is not a token stripper, Jam is. Bullseye does nothing to spending tokens on offense so Expertise and Predator are no more encouraged than they already were.
  24. Very true, however... The Kimo has a PS 8 pilot with an EPT (could be PS 10), has a 4 k-turn and a salvaged astromech slot (so all 3 speed maneuvers could be green), and has a native barrel roll.
  25. Here's my Take on Linked Battery. Linked Battery: Small ship only: When you attack with a primary or [cannon] secondary weapon you may perform a reload.
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