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  1. As for this example, I would change that to this (don't mind my wording, just for the concept): "Rebel Squadron (3 pts): Choose one ship type with a minimum of 2 ships in your squad. For each ship of this type (up to a maximum of 3) you may equip one astromech for free." The effect is, that it benefits lists with the same ship type but not a single Corran Horn or lists with just the R2 Astromech. And it does not break epic games ;-) For the maximum of free astromechs I think 4 would be ok also.
  2. I just added pull requests for the german translation. I don't know if you want to check it first, so I did a pull request instead of directly merge it in the master branch.
  3. I also never done this before. We need a github expert here ;-)
  4. Github project is now available here: https://github.com/Hinny/strange-eons-xwing-plug-in/ Contributions to make this tool better is most welcome! I just made a github account to contribute my german translation there instead of our email conversation. As far as I got it I would have to - fork the project - add a branch with my changes - make a pull request to your master branch ?
  5. This error just appears in the german translation, therefore it seems like my fault as I did / helped with the translation. I just emailed Hinnyboy about it.
  6. What about something like this: 0 points, X-Wing only, title. Maybe better as a modification? "If you have an astromech equipped, you may perform a free target lock action at the beginning of the combat phase." This should enable even the generic pilots to shoot torpedos or attack with both modifications. Possible squadrons may be 4 Rookies with plasma torpedoes and R2 astromechs and the title.
  7. Just for the fun of it, test your idea. Some time ago I made a custom X-Wing pilot as a combination of http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dorovio_Bold with the pilot ability of Soontir Fel. It was fun and didn't break the game.
  8. Google for Strange Eons, there is a X-Wing plugin available that lets you create pilot cards for all three factions and any type of upgrade card.
  9. Mattes

    Custom Ship Cards

    http://cardcreator.atelierdufaucon.com/ or an application called "Strange Eons" with the X-Wing plugin/addon.
  10. Nice Ship, I like it! The dial and the upgrade slots, hm... I don't think a "double B-Wing" should have a bette dial than a B-Wing. I'd make all the hard turns red, the 3 forward green, then give it a secondary firing arc out the back and switch barrel roll to boost ;-)
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