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  1. Cwc66

    Broken Gamorean Weapon in JR

    One of mine was broken. I plan to fix myself with superglue.
  2. Cwc66


    Awesome! Where do I get one?
  3. Cwc66

    The GHOST Lives

    Chirrut's not a Force user. He is ONE with the force.... And the Force is with him.
  4. Cwc66

    New stuff shipping now

    Woot! Merry Christmas, Star Wars nerds!
  5. Cwc66

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    She'll probably be a pro at using the Darksaber in no time. What I'm most excited about is from this week's Rebels Recon. THIS IS A THEORY. I haven't seen Rogue One or read any spoilers. This is just my Theory. CHOPPER IS GOING TO BE IN ROGUE ONE. They shipped Chopper to the UK last summer. I was at Celebration London. I was bummed that I never saw Chopper there. He's my favorite. He wasn't at the Rebels panel, wasn't on the show floor. As far as I know, no one at Celebration saw Chopper anywhere. Why would they ship him to the UK if he wasn't going to be at Celebration? That's when they were doing RO reshoots I think. Toss him in the background at Yavin base? Hell yeah! At the end of this week's Rebels Recon, Andi, finally yells at Chopper about being a British pest, and asks him what happened in England. He says something and she acts surprised and then it cuts. The next time we'll have an RR episode will be after we've all seen Rogue One. I'm so convinced we'll see him in RO. I'm going to be sad if I'm wrong lol. I love Chopper. I so hope you are right!
  6. Throwing my useless two cents out...I'm betting Jabba today, nothing next week due to Thanksgiving/Black Friday, then shipping announcement Dec 1 with it in stores Dec 15, along with the U-Wing and TIE Striker right when Rogue One comes out.
  7. Cwc66

    New map out

    Woot!! I hope they are available pretty much immediately.
  8. Cwc66

    Star Wars Rebels and Imperial Assault

    I would love to see as much Rebels IA content as we can get.
  9. Cwc66

    Austin Regionals Report.

    Great write-up. Thanks!
  10. Cwc66

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    Is this Scarif?
  11. Cwc66

    Worlds Builds

    Congrats, Daniel. I watched your last two games with great interest in your play as I'm also an Imperial player. Well done!
  12. Just discovered these and gave a listen. I'm really enjoying them. thanks!
  13. Cwc66

    A step above scum!

    All three look interesting! Very excited about this expansion!