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  1. I wonder if it was intentional that they omitted "trooper" from the suppression section covering the same rule or an oversight? It would be nice if it just said vehicles cannot receive suppression tokens but who knows what happens in the future or if this is all just some inconsistencies in the rulebook.
  2. This is all specific to Troopers though...
  3. I’ve read through the Rules Reference a couple times. (Can’t you tell I’m excited to start playing?) I can’t find anything that’s ays vehicles can’t receive suppression tokens. I know they don’t have courage values so they can’t panic and don’t gain cover from suppression but do they still receive the tokens for who knows what purpose? It specifically says in the RRG that a “unit” that defends an attack that rolled at least one hit or crit receives a suppression token. It doesn’t specify that this only affects trooper units. What do you think?
  4. 1. Yep, you get nothing. 2. Anti-squadron follows all of the same restrictions as normal fire. I'm sure someone will quote the exact rules to support this. EDIT: Ninja'd
  5. Without Gunner you will never hit a ship with high agility and tokens. Hopefully Predator helps you strip a token and then Gunner gives you a second chance to actually do damage.
  6. You definitely can because any thing that references TIE Fighters also includes TIE/FO Fighters and TIE/SF Fighters since they contain TIE Fighter in their name. This rule is in the RRG.
  7. I like to think of it as the person who rolled the dice themselves gets the last say. So the attacker modifies attack dice last and the defender modifies defense dice last.
  8. Yes, you don't skip your perform action step when passing over debris, if you have an effect that still allows you to take actions while stressed you can still use it.
  9. You're right about 1 attachment but the OP is actually asking if he can attach Combat Coat to Elite Echo Base who already have an ability called Combat Coat printed on their card. I see nothing wrong with this.
  10. When Chiraneau was actually a serious presence in the meta he was almost entirely partnered with Predator which in my experience is just gravy on a Deci and with Engine Upgrade which I think is nearly required unless you want a scrap heap in a few rounds it's even more useful.
  11. I don't see any reason why not unless I'm missing a rule somewhere. I think you can trigger the same effect if it comes from different places. Anyone?
  12. You can't take Refit and Missiles.
  13. Screed says once per activation. EDIT: I see that you realize this... I feel like the Interdictor can get so expensive. Does anyone feel like this is viable?
  14. I'm not quite sure about this honestly... although you definitely wouldn't be able to run 4 just by buying one Sabine TIE since the ship tokens do absolutely need to be correct and they're double sided so you'll only be able to run 2 individual Sabine TIEs with one pack.
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