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  1. Did this piece a few months ago, just never got photos posted:
  2. Fair enough - I misunderstood your intent with street date. I always assumed the RRG update had everything to do with releasing the significant updates in it as soon as possible and never connected it with the Clone Wars core set. I think we're saying mostly the same thing now. Let's see when we get it. I'm still buried with a fresh load of Shoretroopers and Tauntauns to paint, so I've got more than enough unpainted miniatures to keep me busy.
  3. If Gencon releases aren't eligible for use in official events until around 10-14 days after Gencon early release, wouldn't that put it right on September 12th? I don't need the thread to tell me that. I know FFG typically releases on a specific day of the week. Actually, I'm usually able to get new releases at my FLGS on Thursdays, but they're generally consistent with releasing on the same day of the week, regardless. That changes nothing as to how far off they were. It's a matter of perspective, and you are choosing to assume they're seven days off, when the calendar tells you it is four, which - based on the weekly release schedule - could ultimately be the result of missing full distribution by one day. I'm failing to follow your logic on this point.
  4. I'm guessing the Clone Wars Core sets FFG sold at Gencon had something to do with the RRG update you're citing as evidence that they intended to release it earlier. Every year there are early releases at Gencon, and those products that have an early release at Gencon seem to achieve general distribution sometime near the end of September / early October. There have been some releases in the past few years that were badly delayed, and it felt like communication around those delivery dates was a bit light, I agree with that. However, a Q3 delivery being delayed four days into Q4 is not one of those times. If a delivery is running behind schedule by a small margin, do you expect them to update us every time their projected delivery is nudged forward or backward by a week? That would be maddening for all of us. I'm guessing FFG has vague delivery dates for exactly this reason: There are a lot of things that can change in the product's journey from fabrication to delivery, and it's better to be vague and allow some space for boat speed, customs, etc. If we claim FFG meant to deliver it early in September, not only are we making a huge assumption with no evidence to back it up, but we are also setting ourselves up for frustration. If you planned to have your Core Set in early September, you probably should have been at Gencon. While you wait, I'd suggest you pop some popcorn and re-watch some Clone Wars episodes. Build some terrain. Get other things done now so you can binge paint and play all weekend when the package arrives. It'll be here soon.
  5. Does anyone else find it funny that this incredibly creative and resourceful game community capable of modifying miniatures and creating incredibly detailed custom terrain would consider outdated point values on the physical cards to be an insurmountable obstacle to army building and their general game satisfaction?
  6. You don't need a chart when the list builders get updated. 😉
  7. Do you actually build your list by counting up the points manually with your cards? Online list builders are so much easier. FFG might have just done you a favor. Now you know a new, easier way to put your lists together!
  8. Received by release date, at the latest.
  9. 1980 Kenner Empire Strikes Back AT-AT (From what I can tell. Purchased on eBay)
  10. I can provide photos of the following: -One of the AT-ATs (will need to look up which one) -Revel X-Wing model from the 80s -TIE Interceptor model from the 90s I have model numbers for the last two.
  11. There are rarely updates to the shipping page. Watch your pre-order status. I got a shipping soon alert on one of my Legion pre-orders. Based upon the past, that usually means within the next two weeks.
  12. I knew about the Hover variant from early development that was still released in toy form, but I wasn't aware of a Hover Occupier appearing in Rebels.
  13. Really? Where are those mentioned?
  14. The Occupier wasn't a hover tank, but I'd love to see if someone succeeds at this.
  15. I'm not going to lie: the thought had crossed my mind earlier in the thread.
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