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  1. Received by release date, at the latest.
  2. 1980 Kenner Empire Strikes Back AT-AT (From what I can tell. Purchased on eBay)
  3. I can provide photos of the following: -One of the AT-ATs (will need to look up which one) -Revel X-Wing model from the 80s -TIE Interceptor model from the 90s I have model numbers for the last two.
  4. There are rarely updates to the shipping page. Watch your pre-order status. I got a shipping soon alert on one of my Legion pre-orders. Based upon the past, that usually means within the next two weeks.
  5. I knew about the Hover variant from early development that was still released in toy form, but I wasn't aware of a Hover Occupier appearing in Rebels.
  6. Really? Where are those mentioned?
  7. The Occupier wasn't a hover tank, but I'd love to see if someone succeeds at this.
  8. I'm not going to lie: the thought had crossed my mind earlier in the thread.
  9. Yes, I believe that's correct.
  10. We understand. You would like Navy Troopers as a corps unit. We got it...about three reveals back. We all have our favorite unit that we look forward to and hope will be released. I think there's a wishlist thread someone started specifically for that purpose. Please don't hijack every announcement thread saying how you would have rather had "x". These threads are for discussing what the unit is and what it can do, not what other unit we think it should have been. In direct response to your preference that these be Special Forces units: I really like that FFG made these corps units. It will allow me to have a decent primary weapon with my Corps. I see a lot of opportunity here, and given the existing options available in Legion, this seems like the perfect step up from Stormtroopers, both thematically and in-game. Edit: Speaking of "artistic cans of worms": Shoretroopers will allow me and my fellow Imperial players to expand our painting beyond white and black!
  11. I've heard it's best to smoke tauntaun sausage to mask the foul odor.
  12. Yes, it is. 6x3 Grassy Plains 2.
  13. Here's an image of my table in action. I need to get more photos of some of the other in-process items that can be swapped in for different terrain options:
  14. Finally got a game in with my terrain.
  15. Basing material is just plasticard. It is thinner and gives a nice smooth transition to the play mat. I got the stick out of a field, but it was during the most dry part of the summer. No sterilization - just set it aside for awhile in the garage to make sure no bugs were in it.
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