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    Speed round

    In X-Wing v1, I found that playing with 50 or 75 point squads didn't necessarily make the game shorter. With more points, there are more ships, but the extra attack dice that you can throw will help ships come down quicker. Fewer points just leads to the endgame where one ship is arc dodging and the other is trying to catch it, and that can take forever. I'd suggest trying out squads that aren't high-mobility, high-agility ships. It's fun to do damage, so that'll let everybody get some easier hits in (and more fun!) rather than a few TIEs facing off where 1 hit happens every once in a while. Then with the low mobility, your best option isn't to arc dodge, but to K-Turn and face the enemy. Leads to shorter games in my experience.
  2. I take the PNG files, and make my own sheet by fitting together what I want to print off. Thank you, Sir Willibald. These are such a space saver!
  3. I agree. People come into the match with their lists picked, and in a sense, they have to pick unknowing what they're up against. That's very different from how the rest of the game is played. What if: Each player must bring a 200 point list. Players share the lists with each other. A bidding war commences. A player with equal or more points to their opponent may remove one or more cards (ship/upgrade/etc) from their list, reducing their points cost by that much, and gaining initiative. The other player may choose to remove one or more cards to reduce their list points to below the opponent Not reduce their squad anymore These last several steps repeat until someone chooses not to limit their squad anymore, and the opposing player receives initiative. Then you can see what you're up against and you won't have a failed bid, unless the other player is willing at that point to outbid you. Thoughts?
  4. X-Wing: The "How Many YT-1300s Can We Sell" Game
  5. This missile is late game ordnance. While many of the torpedoes and missiles have focused on dealing damage early, I think they made this one to be useful in the endgame. That guy's token stacked behind 3AGI and you can't do the last damage? This gives you the chance to do that. At least 4 dice is better than the 2 dice you would be throwing with many missile ships.
  6. How about all pilot skills get changed to 1? Flip a coin at the start of the match, and you get to move/shoot first. Or alternating initiative.
  7. What will this help? I'm not against it; but what I see happening is that people will just have more options to get to max PS, and instead of pushing someone up to PS11, they'll just take a different EPT that makes their ship more useful. Just wondering what the results of this would be.
  8. Nym/Miranda are in a different tier than the previous ships you mention. The 'medium' (or as some have corrected me "large") blister. Offhand, I can't think of any small blisters with bombs in them, so I think Omega Leader is a top choice. If they can survive an alpha strike by the Gunboat.
  9. If you want to take this outside of "blister" range, go for it! I just wanted to have the same size packages compete, because they generally have the same number of upgrade cards. For the smallest box sizes, I'd imagine that up until the nerf Jumpmaster 5000 would have won no prob, but now I'd put my money on TIE Silencer. Or, you could get a PS10 Imperial Boba for the movement advantage....
  10. I was just wondering "What if X-Wing had a similar format to CCGs where people buy several booster packs and use them to play a tournament." And, what is the most powerful ship with the cards included is intriguing to me. Sounds like Miranda with her built in Regen is pretty powerful.
  11. If you had to enter a 1v1 tournament and you could only bring one ship and only use the upgrade cards available in its blister, what would you choose? (for each blister size) No point limit! Example Small Ello Asty (41) T-70 X-Wing (30), Targeting Astromech (2), Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6), Weapons Guidance (2), Cool Hand (1), Integrated Astromech (0) Medium Guri (43) StarViper (30), Calculation (1), Ion Torpedoes (5), Virago (1), Autothrusters (2), Accuracy Corrector (3), Inertial Dampeners (1) What are your picks?
  12. My vote is to make them keep using their actions on Kylo rather than keep using the free Palp.
  13. Maybe they could have given it a "Team" slot?
  14. JohnWE

    Saturation Salvo

    I like this. In the current meta, you're not going to miss with a torpedo or missile. This could be an interesting EPT that actually might see play time for ordnance heavy builds.
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