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  1. This looks like a mixture of old AH and fallout, that's not bad, but this will be a typical AH, EH, type game, by the 3rd expansion it will get out of hand, especially the map. oh yeah, I'm all in.
  2. I think so, just don't try anything slick like "This card says I win" it might be suspicious.
  3. Dude I respect you, arguing on this form against Star Wars fans about this game, May force be with you!
  4. If that's the case this game is pretty much the Sherlock Holmes 1 and done type game.
  5. I bought everything just bought 1 core and all the expansions I think I should be ok.
  6. If I'm playing solo, do I need 2 core sets ? Thank you in advance
  7. I'll say this, I will have to read the rules in full before I purchase this, if I like the rules I can see I will be house ruling a ton of characters into the game ( I will most certainly NOT! Play this competively heck no)
  8. Right but who the heck knew who Kayn Somos was they pulled him out of their rear ends, nothing wrong with a low point "Stormtrooper Officer" to save points instead of a "Kayn Somos" costing 100 points.
  9. Noooooooooooooo Leave the Star Wars New episodes characters like Kylo Ren till later, preferably when the game is dying.
  10. Can FFG please do Characters for the New episodes of Stars Wars way later....can we get all the iconic characters AND non iconic old trilogy firsts I don't want Kylo Ren anywhere near Vader until the game is dying, Disney will corrupt you to do it don't please...
  11. I am trying this in my games and I love it, I'll never use the cards again, thank you!
  12. I have to agree, I love Imperial assault, but if feels sometimes like they ignore the obvious heart of the empire a clawdite shapeshifter, who the **** told them to do that instead of 2 famous bounty hunters.... I am also surprise that they would introduce The emperor surrounded with a cast of nobodies.
  13. You're correct I'm not saying you're wrong just stating Disney wants to promote their movies above what WE want via FFG.
  14. Why would Disney want FFG to make clone Era ships when they want them to promote ether Rogue Era ships or Force awakened ships, if you think FFG has free reign people are wrong, Disney Exec: " You want to continue with our license then promote our new movies and products" it's that simple. I stopped buying x-wing when they decided to go with the force awaken ships Big companies corrupting companies.
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