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  1. Do the opponents have ranks in Parry?
  2. This is the sort of thing I was talking about when I was saying there has to be a more streamlined and elegant solution that is more in-line with the spirit of the FFG Star Wars RPG rules. Haven't done too much theory-testing with it, but it looks good at first inspection. Good job!
  3. Ah! Thank you! I forgot about Starfighter Defense. I had thought there was something like that in place but was having trouble finding it. Starfighter Defense "When firing auto-blasters, blaster cannons, laser cannons, and quad laser cannons, capital ships (and only capital ships!) count their silhouette as one less." The Blanket Barrage action could also help a ton against starfighters.
  4. The minion group of 5 Imperial Gunners firing 5 ventral mounted quad light laser cannons would be attacking with YYGGB (2 agi characteristic, 5 gunners with 1 gunnery skill for every gunner after the first because it's a minion group. Plus 1 boost for Accurate item quality.) Generally speaking, most silhouette 3 starfighters have defense 1, so on average they'd be rolling against PPPPPS. YYGGB vs PPPPPS should hit just shy of 50% of the time. That doesn't seem too unreasonable to me.
  5. I was using the difference in speed because I was assuming the attacker was still actively pursuing towards the target while drawing them in with the tractor beam, not necessarily sitting still and trying to reel them in like a fish. I guess some of this depends on how you assume the science of the tractor beam would work.
  6. In a vacuum, yes. ( Insert vacuum of space joke here.) I do think it should be difficult though. Tractor beams aren't used all that often in the films/shows but have we ever seen a ship outright escape a tractor beam without that tractor beam being deactivated by something? My initial ruling might be too harsh though. You could make it less punishing by increasing or decreasing difficulty by 1 for every 2 silhouette's difference between the attacker and target (rounded down). And you could still grant boost/setback dice to reflect the difference in speed of the ships in question.
  7. Yes, I misspoke. The verbiage should be increase difficulty or decrease difficulty.
  8. Personally, this seems unnecessarily complex, especially for this system. While I appreciate what your house rule attempts to do, and I do think the system regarding tractor beams, as it stands, is a little lacking, I think there must be a much simpler and more elegant solution to the problem. I haven't given this a tremendous amount of thought, but from pondering it for a few minutes I have an initial idea. RAW: To escape a tractor beam, the target of the tractor beam must succeed at a piloting check with a difficulty set equal to the rating of the tractor beam that is affecting them ( 2, 4, or 6 ). ( Difficulty = PP, PPPP, or RPPPP ) We may be able to do something as simple as increase/decrease the difficulty of the escape by the +/- difference in silhouette of the two ships in question. ( Heavy tractor beam has a rating of 6, leading me to believe you'd begin to upgrade difficulty dice past formidable task difficulty, otherwise you would stop the rating at 5. ) ( And you can, as always, add or remove boost/setback dice to the piloting check to escape depending on circumstances, such as giving boost dice to a faster ship trying to escape a slower one or setback dice to a slower ship trying to escape a faster one. ) For example, if a Victory-class Star Destroyer ( Sil: 8; Tractor beam rating: 6 ) was using a tractor beam on a CR90 Corvette ( Sil: 5 ), we would upgrade the escape difficulty by 3 because the Star Destroyer has a Silhouette of 3 higher, thusly, the Corvette could only escape by succeeding at a piloting check against a difficulty of RRRRP. That would be extremely challenging for even the best of pilots. Lets hypothetically say the roles were reversed and the CR90 Corvette ( Sil: 5; and in this hypothetical example we'll say it has a heavy tractor beam with difficulty 6 ) was using a tractor beam on a Victory-class Star Destroyer ( Sil: 8 ). We would decrease the escape difficulty by 3 because the Star Destroyer has a Silhouette of 3 higher, thusly, the Star Destroyer could escape by succeeding at a piloting check against a difficulty of PPP. That would be much more manageable. Even someone with the skills of a lowly Tie Pilot would succeed about 1/3 of the time, so it wouldn't take long to shake the tractor beam off. Someone with the skills of a Tie Ace would succeed over 2/3 of the time, shaking the tractor beam off almost, if not, immediately. Combine the above with logic/common sense and the narrative nature of this game system. I feel a simpler system like this one would be more in-line with the design goals of the FFG Star Wars Roleplaying system.
  9. Haven't been able to go too in depth again yet, but a few things I noticed: In the "full archive of individual cards" you have a card 'DeathWatchSoldier.jpg' and 'DeathWatchSoldiers.jpg'. DeathWatchSoldiers.jpg (plural) card is erroneous and has the old Vigilance typo in it, it should be removed from the archive. This one is somewhat of a nit-pick, but many (not all) of your custom minion cards refer to the minion in plural fashion. The game is pretty consistent with stat blocks remaining singular, including minions and rivals. (ie: 'B1 Battle Droid', not 'B1 Battle Droids'. That wasn't a mistake you made, just using that as an example.) Some cards that I noticed using plural for the name on the card: DeathWatchSoldier (filename is correct, on card it's plural), BuzzDroids (name on card is correct, filename is plural), WeequayPirates (incorrectly plural on card and in filename), YinchorriSoldier (filename is correct, on card it's plural) Your custom IG Lancer Droid has a Willpower of 2 and Presence of 2. This seems quite irregular to me because almost all other droids (Aqua Battle Droid, B1 Battle Droid, Pilot Battle Droid, B2 Super Battle Droid, Buzz Droid, BX Commando Droid, LM-432 Crab Droid, DRK-1 Probe Droid, Droid Brain (minion and rival), Droideka, Dwarf Spider Droid, and IG-100 Magnaguard) all have a Willpower and Presence of 1. The only droids with higher Willpower or Presence are the 2 types of Tactical Droid. I think it makes more sense for the IG Lancer Droid to fall in line with the majority of other droids and have a Willpower and Presence of 1. This would of course effect their skills as follows: Coercion would drop to YG, Cool would drop to YG, and Vigilance would drop to YGG.
  10. Ah, GM Handwavium... My favorite element on the periodic table. 😁
  11. In my head I had imagined something maybe towards one of the bottom corners or bottom middle of the card. Perhaps "Official" and "Custom" (rather than Unofficial)?
  12. Oh yes, I was not suggesting giving Hondo an Electrostaff, that was simply the example of him deserving a Melee skill that I had on hand. I do like the idea of having both 'official' and 'editorialized official' versions of cards and I agree any such tweaks should be pretty conservative. There are just certain oddities and outright errors that could benefit from tweaks/fixes. That way people can have all the cards and 'build their own deck' of the cards they want to use for their game. Example: The Jedi Temple Guard we were looking at yesterday who needs 3 Ag to properly wield his unwieldy 3 Saberpike. Or Maul, it appears they somehow forgot to give him the Move force power. He blatantly uses it at least twice in Episode 1 (to use a droid body or debris to open a door and towards the end of the Obi-wan duel when he pushes him into the pit).
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