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  1. They don't. Because the 'Force Unleashed' is stupid. Just my opinion.
  2. Demigonis

    Harm Force Power Disparity

    I think changing Harm to not ignore soak would go a long way to making it feel more balanced.
  3. Demigonis

    Heal is light side only

    In game terms he's a Nemesis-level NPC with a character-specific ability that only he has. Perhaps it is something along the lines of "Deathless Dark Side Rage." This character can use the "Against All Odds" talent without any session limitation. Or it's simply fluff and he can't be defeated through suffering wounds until/unless another particular story condition is met.
  4. Demigonis

    The Saberstaff and the Unwieldy Quality

    I think it definitely needs at LEAST Unwieldy 3. 2 seems super strange, being that it's the baseline for almost all species. "You need to be agile to wield a double bladed lightsaber! As agile as... well... the average person I guess..." o.O
  5. Demigonis

    Heal is light side only

    Ehh... I don't know if I'd really consider what Darth Sion did to be healing. He didn't really heal his body so much as just stopped it from being destroyed completely.
  6. Yes, but I don't want the beginner boxes. I just want the books and a good number of dice. I'd have to buy 4 sets to get 4 Challenge and Force dice. That's ~$60 worth of dice and I'd end up with too many of a lot of the other dice types, so they'd essentially go to waste.
  7. Demigonis

    Can F&D careers be Jedi?

    Yes, they could have. Maybe they were too scared of the 1 conflict.
  8. Demigonis

    Force Rating as a requisite for Powers

    That and since The Force Is My Ally is a once per Encounter Talent... it would feel too cheaty for the Adversary to be "breaking the rules" in a showy way like this. It's once per session.
  9. I don't have the F&D beta. Are the startup Force rules (of EotE/AoR) not compatible with what you are seeing in F&D? A Force Sensitive can't later expand into the powers of F&D without some re-creation of the character under F&D? I had assumed a Force Sensitive from EotE or AoR could seemlessly grow into a full-on Force-User/Jedi using F&D. They can. The rules are consistent.
  10. I just want a way to get more Challenge dice and Force dice without having to buy a billion dice sets.
  11. By the RAW it seems to read like that should work.
  12. Demigonis

    Unleash Mastery

    In this scenario you end up with a critical injury with +80 to the roll. 3 mastery to bring crit rating to 1, 3 strength activations giving you 3 advantage each for a total of 9 advantages. Activating 9 crits spends 1 for the critical injury roll, the other 8 go to +10s, adding up to +80. In this first scenario, if you roll a 51 or better on the critical injury roll and add the 80, your target is bleeding out and will probably die without immediate successful serious medical attention. If you roll a 61 or better on the critical injury roll and add the 80, your target dies at the end of the following round. If you roll a 71 or better on the critical injury roll and add the 80, your target dies immediately. In that same scenario if you had cut out the mastery and spent the 6 pips on strength: Crit rating of 4. 6 strength activations giving you 3 advantage each for a total of 18 advantage. Costing 4 advantage per crit that allows you to activate 4 crits, giving you 1 critical injury with +30 to the roll. In this second scenario, even if you roll a 100 on the critical injury roll and add the 30, you end up with a gruesome injury on the chart. You cannot kill your target via critical injury in this scenario.
  13. Demigonis

    Conflict for destroying Droids

    The police droids would also have a much more sophisticated artificial intelligence than the battle droids. Or at least I would certainly hope so.
  14. Demigonis

    Unleash Mastery

    I really can't believe you wrote this. I can't believe you wrote this. The mastery scales in a superior fashion as your FR increases. You can also activate crit as many times as you have advantage to do so. Each additional activation adds +10 to the critical injury roll. The change to a crit rating of 1 makes a significant difference as you add Force dice. Each pip spent reduces the critical rating by 1. The critical rating is the number of advantages required to trigger a critical injury. You can only generate one critical injury roll per hit on a target. However, if the roll generates enough advantage to trigger the critical rating of the weapon multiple times, the character can choose to add +10 to the critical injury roll for each subsequent trigger. (F&D page 119)
  15. Demigonis

    Conflict for destroying Droids

    I would say it depends entirely on the droid. If it's a "stupid" battle droid with no real intelligence and no purpose other than combat, then I'd say no conflict. If you're destroying a helpless protocol droid who has advanced artificial intelligence, I'd give conflict.