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  1. Coming back to the game after not playing since Wave 2, so a lot of this is guesswork. My primary concern here is being too specialized at squadron hunting. Demolisher is the only pure gunship in the fleet, with some backup from the battle carrier VSD (getting a boost to getting close and in-arc from Jerjerrod's ability). The 2 Raiders can play hunter for smaller ships and flotillas, but they're primarily flak ships. I worry that a fleet that bucks the squadron-heavy meta and runs straight battleships will run right over this because of a lack of heavy ship-killing power, but I'm not exactly sure what to change up. Thoughts? ++ Standard (Imperial Navy) [392pts] ++ + Gladiator Star Destroyer [83pts] + Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer [83pts]: Assault Proton Torpedoes [5pts], Engine Techs [8pts], Ordnance Experts [4pts], •Demolisher [10pts] + Gozanti-class Flotilla [25pts] + Gozanti-class Cruisers [25pts]: Comms Net [2pts] + Raider Corvette [102pts] + Raider I-class Corvette [51pts]: Flechette Torpedoes [3pts], Ordnance Experts [4pts] Raider I-class Corvette [51pts]: Flechette Torpedoes [3pts], Ordnance Experts [4pts] + Victory Star Destroyer [107pts] + Victory I-class Star Destroyer [107pts]: Expanded Hangar Bay [5pts], Flight Controllers [6pts], •Moff Jerjerrod [23pts] + Squadrons [75pts] + TIE Fighter [45pts]: 2x TIE Fighter Squadron [16pts], •"Howlrunner" [16pts], •Valen Rudor [13pts] TIE Interceptor [30pts]: •Saber Squadron [12pts], •Soontir Fel [18pts] + Objectives + Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault Navigation Objective: Solar Corona ++ Total: [392pts] ++
  2. I'm not the most experienced, but I feel like your initial concern about maneuverable enemies is on point. The ISD is actually the most maneuverable threat in your list. You don't have anything like a Gladiator or bombers to herd targets under your guns. You have enough ships to spread them around and try to use their larger arcs to cover a lot of territory, at least. I don't know about Contested Outpost as an objective for this group. I'm guessing you're hoping to bait them to come at you or lose objective points, but that concentrates and slows your ships, which will likely have Ackbar grinning. I would consider Fleet Ambush to pull their fleet apart a bit and get some targets closer to those VSDs.
  3. If you have two MC30s... *grumble grumble* That's two Rebel ship classes now that I need for upgrades but will never play. Grumbling aside, all of my Wave 2 list plans include at least one Raider, and I've pre-ordered two. Fast, maneuverable, and can pack a wallop for cheap. Bit squishy, but you can't make an Empire without breaking a few eggs... Expanded Launchers and Ordnance Experts gives a Raider-I an average forward damage roll of 7 and an 87% chance for two hits on an anti-squadron roll. Yes, please.
  4. It seems like the were poofed either way. I'd take the shot at getting closer and delivering some firepower rather than playing precisely to the strengths of the opposing list.
  5. I'm curious as to why they went with minefields instead of Ambush. With 3-4 VSDs, it would have gotten two much closer and had enough deployment space leeway to force either some splitting of firepower or leaving one alone for a turn or two. Speed 2 rolling from the standard deployment zone with maneuver constrained by obstacles and mines placed by the second player seems like the absolute worst way to face this list.
  6. 'Tis a fair point. It'll definitely factor into one of the variations I'm going to playtest.So far, the impression that I'm getting is the core concept is good, but there are a few potential tweaks to try out and see what fits best.
  7. No rerolls or Screed to make those ACMs fire? Four black on the side have a 68% chance to have at least one crit rolled straight, which is not horrible, but the two front only have a 43% chance. Ordnance Experts boost both of those by 9%. Pulling off the turbolasers also means no anti token measures besides accuracies, and you know ECM is going to be everywhere. I get distributing points and the maneuvering boosts are nice. I'm nervous about reducing damage output in a relatively squishy list, though.
  8. Interceptors are more expensive unless I'm using less. I can do all ACM (replacing the Expanded Launchers) and swap to Screed and have just enough for Demolisher. Puts me precisely at 400.
  9. The flip was to try and balance out Assault Frigates It also restored the paradigm to fit with their general rule (if something says you can't, you can't, no matter what else says you can). The original ruling was the sole exception to that and thus very unintuitive.
  10. Are non-Demolisher Gladiators really that horrible? Everybody seems to want to start clutching pearls at the thought of one without the title. I don't really know what I would strip for the points. Downgrading the Advanced to a standard TIE gets me close but not quite there.
  11. +++ Torpedo Boats (396pts) +++ ++ Imperial Navy (Standard) (396pts) ++ + Gladiator Star Destroyer (75pts) + Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer (75pts) [Assault Concussion Missiles (7pts), Engine Techs (8pts), Ordnance Experts (4pts)] + Imperial Star Destroyer (163pts) + Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer (163pts) [Electronic Countermeasures (7pts), Gunnery Team (7pts), Heavy Turbolaser Turrets (6pts), •Admiral Ozzel (20pts), •Relentless (3pts)] + Raider Corvette (122pts) + Raider I-Class Corvette (61pts) [Expanded Launchers (13pts), Ordnance Experts (4pts)] Raider I-Class Corvette (61pts) [Expanded Launchers (13pts), Ordnance Experts (4pts)] + Squadrons (36pts) + TIE Advanced Squadron (12pts) TIE Fighter Squadron (8pts) TIE Fighter Squadron (8pts) TIE Fighter Squadron (8pts) + Objectives + Assault Objective [Precision Strike] Defense Objective [Fleet Ambush] Navigation Objective [Dangerous Territory] Created with BattleScribe Ozzel is there for cheap and the maneuverability boost. Both Star Destroyers can set any speed on their dials with a single nav command or token, and the Raiders can set any speed if they're at 2 or 3. My big question mark is on the Expanded Launchers and whether it might not be better to go full ACM and swap Ozzel for Screed. Not being able to prevent ACM damage is great, but I feel like I'm wasting the Ordnance Experts with only two black dice to reroll. At least the Gladiator rolls 4 broadside.
  12. The X-Wing has a similar problem in that it lacks a specialized role. The platform the xwing provides is a solid all around'er with no blazingly obvious vulnerabilities. The specialization of the ship comes from pilot choice, mech choice, and loadout. If you ask me, the xwing has more than enough specialization along with three immortally awesome pilots that will never lose their relevance in the game: Luke, Wedge, and Biggs. The xwing doesn't need a title, not any time soon anyhow. They have a pilot for every situation so their jockeys are pretty much their title. Pilots as specialization are certainly a thing, but that means the pilots have a role, not the ship. Having pointless generics means you still have a problem, even if the high-end pilots are useful. The "solid all around'er" part is precisely their problem. There's nothing that they are the best at for their price range. Z-95s are better fillers and B-Wings are better killers. Astromechs are nice, but don't provide a stand-out capability on their own and are much better at enhancing what a pilot is already good at (e.g. R2-D2 w/Biggs). It's something that even FFG has acknowledged.
  13. The X-Wing issues have nothing to do with 2 attack (X-Wings have 3 attack). Neither did the TIE Advanced's problems. The problem has to do with role. The TIE\ad was built as a tankier TIE Fighter when nobody has any use for a tankier TIE Fighter. The new upgrades change that not by "just adding to the attack of the ship." They give the ship a unique consistency of attack that can make them particularly deadly to low agility opponents and/or unshielded targets. The X-Wing has a similar problem in that it lacks a specialized role. Generalists are simply not competitive in a game full of specialists, particularly when there is a very effective specialist (the B-Wing) that can be had for almost the same price. In fact, boosting the attack of the X-Wing just shoves it into the heavy assault fighter role that the B-Wing already fills. It needs it's own unique role, not just to deal more damage.
  14. That stinks of not fairness. It's given me loads of info, and yes I now want to start this game. The developer of that app has posted on these forums before. He said he has a version that runs on iOS and wants to put it on the iOS app store, but Apple won't allow him. I can't remember why. Some bureaucratic BS. Apple won't allow it unless FFG formally authorizes him to use their IP, which they are unwilling (or unable) to do. They're not going to actually issue a takedown for the app, but they won't officially sanction it either, so Apple won't allow it.
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