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  1. Straight, 2 banks, 2 hards ... Range 1 S-loops maybe? Looks like we might be getting reverse maneuvers. There is a new rule card in the Quad Jumper picture wich says something about that.
  2. Sorry, but just had to nitpick a little here. Boost and Barrel Roll are not maneuvers, they are just actions that happens to need a template to execute. They do not follow the rules for maneuvers regarding overlap / touching or stress. A good comparison here is Daredevil, while an action, it specifically tells you to execute a maneuver, so normal rules for maneuvers apply, and you can use it to trigger other effects like Oicunns pilot ability. I do agree with you that care should be taken, and making it a red maneuver, or, like Daredevil, apply a stress after executing it should be considered. Edit: Thinking about it, since you are not revealing a dial, making it a red maneuver is a bad decision, if scum gets a Chopper or Tycho like ability that allows actions while stressed, you break the game.
  3. No, not quite. You get a short boost of the latest and greatest, and then sales flatlines as the next shiny comes along. Especially If your player base is growing, you want new players to buy the entire product line, not just the latest 1-2 releases. Having as many as possible of your 30+ products that continue to sell well for years after their design costs are recouped are far better then 3-4 that sells really well for a few months, and then disappears. Eventually a growing number of SKUs will cause problems and/or the game will collapse under general bloat so I`m sure we will see a reboot of some sort of X Wing eventually, but I think that is years down the line. I`m just hoping it will be a sensible one with upgrade packs at a reasonable price for old players, and not your scenario.
  4. Those models look amazing! Sounds like it should be a lot of fun Like you, I usually I don`t get to play X Wing very often (about 10-15ish games every 2 months, with a good mix of 100pts, epic and whatever), so when the Vassal League was announced a while back, I decided to bite the bullet and check it out. After messing around a bit with different squads I stumbled upon Echo+Vessery and have been in love with the Defender/Phantom combo since. That I played most of that first game before remembering that Phantoms do not have native Target Lock.....eh...not exactly my proudest X Wing moment . Luckily not a league match, and the other player was a good sport about it. A few quick thoughts on your list: Running similar and/or simple upgrades has a lot going for it, especially with banter, food and alcohol in the mix. On the flip side, running Echo while under the influence....? Heh, I`m not a good player, and keeping Echo properly sorted even sober has been a learning experience. Amazing when you get it right, dead when you don`t. Enhanced scopes on Whisper or Echo? Naah, don`t really feel that one. Maybe on a Sigma and use as a blocker, but FCS or Adv.Sensors are in my opinion much better, Maybe even Sensor Jammer for increased defence. FCS also has the advantage of setting up TLs for Vessery. Gunner: Depends on what your opponent are running, but I would definetly not run Gunner without FCS though. Usually a big fan of Kallus, but with 200 pts and so many ships on the board he is of limited use. And Rebel Captive suffer from a similar issue. Ruthlesness: Personally not sold on this one, can be brutal against swarm like builds or if you catch your opponents unaware, but often does nothing, and can in worst case backfire badly. Predator on Vessery: Not terrible if he has no targets that is not TLd by someone else, but I`d much rather run FCS on the Phantoms, and something else on Vessery, though I must admit I struggle to find a EPT that truly clicks with him. In this case, with his relatively low PS I would consider Opportunist and Twin Ion Engine Mk2. One issue that both the defender and phantom shares, are the reliance on green dice, maybe especially the defender since it does not have access to the evade (unless you are ok with proxying and use the new title) And this means me almost desperately wanting to hang on to the focus token for defence. Took the liberty of setting up 2 quick variants of what I might consider in a similar setting: List 1: Relatively straightforward, + TIE/Fo for blocker/helping Vessery with TLs Whisper 44pts -VI, FCS, ACD, Gunner Echo 43 pts -PTL, Adv. Sensors, ACD, RecSpec Rexler Brath 51 pts -Pred, HLC, Shield Col. Vessery 41 pts -VI, HLC, Twin Ion Eng. MK2 Epsilon Sqd. 18pts -Comm Relay 200 pts List 2: More tricksy. If you can keep Vessery alive he will murder anything. On the plus side, if they go after him, it means Whisper can pootle around and do her thing instead. Keep Epsilon Ace close to Echo and swap PS to have Echo shoot at PS 12 and setting up TLs for Vessery, then split. With multiple TLs floating around your opponent will not know who Vessery will go after, it also frees up Echo on subsequent turns. Swap with Whisper or Rexler if the situation allows it. EA can also help Vessery with TLs Whisper 41 -VI, Tactician, ACD, FCS Echo 41 -Decoy, Weap.Engineer, ACD, FCS Rexler Brath 48 pts. -Pred, HLC, TIE mk2 Col. Vessery 50 pts. -Opportunist, HLC, Prockets, TIE Mk2 Epsilon Ace 20 pts. -Comm Relay 200 pts
  5. If you can`t buy X-Wing at all in Japan, I guess it could be some licensing issue. Like Bandai can only sell their (awsome) Star Wars model kits in Asia, and Revell (I think) has the license for Europe and NA. Do not think FFG wants to leave money on the table if they have anything to say about it. As for regionals and so on, the support from FFG is after all relatively limited, it is really mostly up to local stores/communities/distributors to get stuff like that up and going.
  6. Hi. No, without docking clamps, you can not have TIEs attached to the Gozanti. I`m guessing it`s the "After you execute a maneuver, you may deploy up to 2 attached ships" on the pilot card that trips you up a little? And, according to the rules, you can not mix different types.
  7. Unfortuantely, you can`t do this. Mangler Cannon and Merc Copilot happens at the modify attack dice step, while Bossk happens at the compare results step, and only if the attack hit. Note how on the cards they refer to dice results by using symbols (not the terms "hit" or "crit"), while when the cards use the actual word "hit" (as on Bossks pilot card) it has a specific meaning. An attack "hit" when you have more hit/crit results than your opponent has evade results after all normal dice modifications have been done(with the exception of Lt. Blount who always "hit" even if you only roll blanks.) So if you rolled two hits, you could use mangler and merc to flip both to crits, and then if your opponent got 1 or 0 evade, the attack would be a "hit", and you could use Bossk to change 1 crit to 2 hits
  8. ? Don`t see the problem. In my (limited) vocabulary there is nothing wrong with Meticously Enhanced Hoons.
  9. Slingpaint. New guys, but lots of content already. Interesting to see how they go from completely new to the game and now improving with every game. List reviews Full games (but only between the two guys running the show and lot of rookie mistakes in the early games) Strategy tips News and Unboxings Active https://www.youtube.com/user/SlingPaintTV Athena Games Full games with commentary Active https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAOMH3T_VzssrOGoPSnqcJA Trinity Squad Games Full games condensed and with commentary Active https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCprKWlwH0IZ7kKhEaZjTSZg
  10. Putting down an actual die when you add a result is a clean up of the rules. There are several ways to add dice results to the game, and not all have tokens (like the Advanced Targeting Computer for example), and this is to have all of them behave in the same way. Of course, in the case of an evade token I don`t think I have ever seen anyone actually do that, they just use the token. We are starting to see effects like Crack Shot that happen in the compare results step, and who knows, down the line we might see abilities or upgrade cards that could make you reroll or modify your dice outside the standard modify dice steps.
  11. Well said. At the end of the day, how nice you want to be is of course up to you. In most cases, I would usually try to put the ship on an asteroid or pointing the wrong way and take it out of the fight for a round or two. Admittely, if I were behind in points I would probably try to fly it of the board if I could. But that is what I would do, you have to make up your own mind about how lenient you want to be. And I would not hold it against another player if they took the opportunity to send one of my ships off the board if I revealed an illigal maneuver.
  12. No, evade tokens add an evade result to your roll, and this counts as a modification. "MODIFYING DICE Players can modify dice by spending focus, evade, and target lock tokens and by resolving card abilities. Dice can be modified in the following ways: • Add: To add a die result, place an unused die displaying the result next to the rolled dice. A die added in this way is treated as a normal die for all purposes and can be modified and canceled. • Change: To change a die result, rotate the die so that its faceup side displays the new result. • Reroll: To reroll a die result, pick up the die and roll it again. • Dice can be modified by multiple effects, but a die cannot be rerolled more than once." Rules Reference Guide pg.13
  13. Yes, a maneuver is still executed, even if you end up not moving. At the top off my head, the only thing that fails is k-turns/sloops/trolls, where you do not get to rotate your ship if you overlap. (and you skip your action step of course) So greens clear stress, reds gains stress, and abilities like Kanan triggers and so on. As for Lightning Reflexes, I`d say that, yes, you can turn. Not 100% sure on the latter part, but since you do not move as such, just flips 180 degrees I`d say you are still touching, but others might disagree Edit: This is partially covered in the FAQ: "Lightning Reflexes A ship equipped with Lightning Reflexes can use it even if the ship overlapped another ship when executing its maneuver. A ship that executes a maneuver that is not on its dial (such as an ionized ship, a ship using Inertial Dampeners, or Juno Eclipse using her pilot ability to execute a maneuver that is not on her dial) cannot use Lightning Reflexes."
  14. Hi. Obstacles are covered in more detail in the Rules Reference Guide under "Obstacles" pg.14 As for placement: "Each player places their three unique asteroids and/or debris cloud tokens next to the play area to form a pool of six obstacles. The player with initiative chooses one of these obstacles and places it into the play area. Then, the other player chooses one of the remaining obstacles and places it into the play area. The players continue to alternate until all six obstacles have been placed. An obstacle cannot be placed at Range 1–2 of any edge of the play area or at Range 1 of another obstacle." (tournament rules pg.4) This is also covered on page 20 of the old Core Rulebook, not sure where it might be in the new Force Awakens LTP. It is on page 13 and 16 in the new LTP.
  15. Welcome to game:) Core set, and suddenly several expansions? Yeah, that seems to be how it goes with most people Yes, Sales of X-Wing has exploded,it is FFGs biggest seller, and they recently renewed their license with Disney/Lucasfilm so it will probably be around for a long time. Imperial Veterans are coming soon, and we know that Wave 9 is finished and will probably be announced in the near future (guessing release late summer), and that they are working on wave 10.
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