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  1. FF seems to do an exceptionally poor job of describing their products, i was looking at the two player netrunner mat and it doesnt even state the dimensions! 4 paragraphs of puffing up how immersive it will make me feel, and not a single sentence describing particulars of the product. Concerning the card distribution in this set, though, it seems that the answer is obtuse but available. We know that the set with have " With its four new identities and a complete playset of each new player card " We also know that the set will have, "163 new cards (86 Corp and 77 Runner) " And we agree that a playset of identities is 1 copy of the card, and a playset of other cards is 3 copies. So we will have 2 cards from each pool as the new identities, leaving 84 for corp and 75 for runner, both of which are divisible by the 3 for the playsets. This would equate to 28 new cards + 2 identities for corp, and 25 new cards + 2 identities for the runners. This result would jive with their suggested sleeve numbers as well.
  2. Hello All, and welcome to the show! This thread is designed to chronicle the experience of a 30ish year old couple who decided to get the starter box of Netrunner on a whim while at the FLGS. Will this utterly revolutionize the meta, like what The Terminator did to rom-coms in the 80s? It's too soon to tell. But we CAN promise an honest review from the point of view of a typical suburban nerd who has played a ton of card games over the years, and his enthusiastic but completely inexperienced partner. Me: Love all card games. All playing card games, dabbled in: mtg, pokemon, lotr, 7 seas, lo5r, vampire, munchkin, etc, and most recently conquest, which is what led me to first becoming aware of netrunner. Her: None. Prologue: We visit two friends out of town for a housewarming, and introduce the lady friend to marvel munchkin, which she loves and we play deep into the night. On the drive home she says, "Are all card games that fun, and I've just never known?"Montage of us driving to store, rummaging through the games racks, me saying, "i thought this seemed interesting, but i dont know anything about it.", us getting netrunner and going home. Step 1: Read the rules! We make the two suggested starter decks (shaper vs jinteki), both briefly scan the rules and try to play a game. Instantly bogged down with confusion. Step 2: Watch the videos! We find the learn to play videos and watch about 20 mins worth, things make sense and we are able to awkwardly hobble through our first game. She likes the corporation, so i play runner. We run a few games, and then switch through the factions following the 'starter' rules, meaning all the faction's cards and all the neutrals. Once we have played all matchups a few times (and she has won a few), we decide we have leveled up and take a break. Our consensus was that the Shaper and Anarch factions are fairly even, with both being clearly a tier above Criminal and that Weyland seemed below the other corporations. Our rankings at this stage would be: (1)Shaper, (1)Anarch, (3)Criminal; and (1)Haas, (2)Jinteki, (2)NBN, (4)Weyland. She wants to try the runner next time, so we will try a little role reversal!
  3. also interested in purchasing a complete set, depending on price (~50%)
  4. Warlords have traditionally been numbered first in the expansion packs, and Sathariel the Invokator is #08 of the expansion... Is it fair to assume that there isnt a warlord in the first pack? How will that affect the placement of other warlords throughout the remaining packs? assuming every faction gets a warlord, that leaves 9 warlords included in 5 packs. Based on the numbering of Vezuel (#21) and Maksim (#43), and the fact that single warlord packs span 22 card designations, it doesnt appear that there are double warlords in the Unforgiven pack... which would leave 8 warlords for the remaining 4 packs... nice and balanced. (other than the necrons, which will still be a warlord down, barring something unforseen)
  5. ktom, thanks for your re-occurring interest, but you clearly are the wrong person to discuss this with. Its not your opposition to the idea, which is fine, but a speculative question of this nature requires the discussion to wander outside of the constraints you have self-imposed. Just for the record of restating what you reconfigured from what i said, "Yes, i think it would have been cool to remove 3 cards from the set (for a total of 9 card slots) to include a necron warlord, even if the necron expansion was released after the last pack in the planetfall set."
  6. Hehe, because alliterative gaming companies short circuit my brains. O_o oops.
  7. good points all around. i guess the reason i feel they were developed in parallel is because fantasy flight doesnt seem to be the type of company that would be sitting on either of these products if they had them finished in sequential order, and since they are both in development currently, i assume that in the companies whatever-year plan for this products releases their duration overlapped as well. i agree that planetfall was probably ahead, perhaps by months, of the necrons, and that would have made it hard to plug in a warlord at that time. my question was more along the lines of someone taking a step back prior to development and saying, "hey guys, one of these things is not gonna be like the others." And maybe they did and didnt care, or have a plan for a double release later, or whatever. i was also going under a few precedents of action, like the tyranids only having 2, and the necrons being analogous to that in the long run. When i think about the barriers to releasing the warlord first, meaning with this cycle, the biggest one to me seems to be the lack of the unique 'alignment/warlord movement' wheel the necrons will have for the few months prior to the expansion release. However, this cycle seems to open a lot of expanded allying options through its warlords, so having a warlord whose hale trait was something like "you may play common units from any faction", and bloodied was "You may only deploy non-necron units from a single faction per turn" or something to that effect could eliminate that. It might look a tad awkward later, but i think we can all agree that hasnt stopped the sorting/verbage before, and it wouldnt give any rules conflicts. idk if that would have been reasonable; but i would think it would be a sweet 'spoiler' to drum up interest for the upcoming expansion, and once the expansion came out it would encourage people to purchase that booster, especially if the other warlord in the pack was subject-omega of the tyranids in the last pack released. like i said, i dont have all the answers, but if someone thought about it with enough time to plan and incorporate it... my 1/#rd of the vote thinks it would have been cool prior to the expansions release, and given a sense of parity between the factions after the expansion's release.
  8. By the end of the Cycle we will have 3 warlords for each faction, including Tyranids, but only two for the Necrons? Im somewhat surprised that they arnt doing a double warlord in the final gambit pack with the third necron
  9. PsiLAN, To echo Feesh's comment: The Swarmlord is a unique creature that is purer extension of the hive mind than almost any other biomorph, The common comparison is that the swarmlord is to a hive tyrant what a hive tyrant is to a termagaunt. Thus it is able to be mutated by all hivefleets, regardless of proximity, interaction, or absorbed material components when the hive mind deems a situation worthy of its presence. It technically led the hive fleet behemoth assault on the ultramarines home system, where old one eye was also present, hence them both having the behemoth trait. That being said, i totally agree with you that for rules sake he should have been given the leviathan keyword, for the reasons yall both mentioned.
  10. Old one eye looks cool, i wish he had a bigger butt when Hale... but maybe there are some upgrades that will buff him.
  11. Woot! Thanks guys, you're the best! The new warlord does seem pretty sweet, lots of trickeration possibilities!
  12. If i can make the time to come put a snarky comment on this tread every 2 weeks, your web guru could find the time to put the last update out... <3
  13. its been a month. now you're jsut trying to hurt me.
  14. Why's it take >50% more time to spoil the second half of a pack? :\ i know i shouldnt be ungrateful (or use double negatives), but you have conditioned me to expect spoilers the first week of the month!
  15. I would be surprised if there isnt some sort of "classic" style (a la M:tG) that is introduced once the rotation begins where older cards are kept legal...but as people noted, this will only really apply to tournaments (although i wonder if they will go permanently OOP at that point...)
  16. Any new about worlds last weekend? figured there would be at least a couple of summaries on here.
  17. its would be cool to get some more planets!
  18. I really dig this guy, interesting mechanic of cycling through your units to make him a beatstick, with the bird and a sac'd unit he is at 4 attack... which is pretty beefy for a warlord... his black ship is really tasty too... i wish it wasnt part of his commander set!
  19. at the end of the day there is nothing magical about the dials... they are simply an abstract representation of simultaneous assignment of warlords to planets... writing it on paper (or setting a d6 like we do) would be just as good in practice.
  20. Guard have a disproportionately high number of 4+ cost units... Mono-guard, especially using all cards in two starters, has a very hard time because of that... They can be very powerful on a you cut the fat, and add some adequate support
  21. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/120497-homebrew-multiplayer/ This is what our circle uses... would love to have some outsiders playtest and give feedback.
  22. I tend to agree that the various stages of loyalty - warlord, loyal, faction - tend to keep the abusive combinations at a minimum, especially with the varying styles of play/deck... If i had to pick one it would be either bloodletters because they can really crush the MSU decks that are en vogue, or Commander Shadowsun: recursion and free attachment can really become a pain ><, and perhaps helldrake+free depoly from that one planets battle ability. overall i think everything has its place, and there arnt any cards where im like "well ****, there is no answer to that"
  23. that's brilliant. i didnt know that's what the little date meant
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