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  1. Kelbar

    Mecha Combat

    just finished typing up ruth version that covers all area of mech creation, could people have a look and let me know what people think area what i need looking over for balance. are weapons as a hull, im not sure if got the weapons as over or under powered. any input would be welcome. build v2.docx
  2. Kelbar

    Mecha Combat

    here what came up so far on mech building rules. Just so you know not i've yet started on weapons table. any feedback/ or help would be welcome. build table.docx
  3. Kelbar


    Dice machines question ? This question to fellow GM, as kinda new to system. My question is when you have an NPC attacking a PC, is how do you decide when to add Challenge dice (red dice ) to the check, outside of using story point/destiny point . This is same thing I having issue decided when to add red dice to the dice pool. Any tips or advice would be welcome on this.
  4. Kelbar

    Mecha Combat

    Been working on this very topic, I have very early version that working on getting type up. i be will more then willing to shire with peaple, once finish typing it up.
  5. Kelbar

    Lightsaber forms review

    I will admit I not biggist Star Wars nut. Reading thought talent tree for careers and noted that no tree favour PC that favour sabrastaff or 2 ligthsabra combat?
  6. Kelbar

    What need testing?

    I new to ffg forums, this be 1st time I've manage to get into beta book while beta is taking place. Dose ffg post anywhere what connect in the book need testing or just let people use the book and people e-mail what they feel need changing.