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  1. Legions of Hydra is real tough for sure. imo, it's the toughest module in the core. i once had a game where i drew the second copy of the scheme the very next turn after i had drawn the first ;_____; it... did not go well
  2. imo, going through all three stages is actually easier than simply stage II and III because you're allowed to set up against the weaker side. Klaw and Rhino for example both start in expert with +1 atk and an extra side scheme from the very beginning compared to normal a better variant might be to give stages II and III the health of +1 (or even +2 or double) player count or something
  3. For MODOK, you basically have to take him down in one big hit or not at all, otherwise he's going to ping you for 4 dmg every turn instead of just 2 sometimes the safest option is to just ignore him. i've had my most success just completely ignoring his side scheme and the minion itself, and only really bothering to take him out if i have, say, a Swinging Web Kick that can get rid of him right away
  4. my guesses are Shadowcat, Dr. Strange, Mr Fantastic or Beast, and The Age of Apocalypse i've seen the guesses that it's Age of Ultron, which is also possible, but i'm betting it's Apocalypse i can definitely see Shang-chi for the last one as others have said, but when i first saw it, i thought it was someone examining something closely with a microscope or something
  5. no, you're not taking it far enough. play 2-, 3-, hell even 4-handed and go Oprah on your decks and include Quickbeam for everyone! hell, make a mono tactics with 3 Quickbeam heroes--make FOUR mono tactics with 12 Quickbeams! once you've done that, then you can start considering playing 12-handed Annuminas with 36 start making those proxies
  6. i've always wished that the Leadership Gimli ally was a hero instead that amount of action advantage and safety net from turn one would be pretty awesome
  7. i don't know why exactly you were able to get it early, but i can tell you that they print the whole cycle at once and then slowly ship them out. that's why, when there are delays, they're usually between cycles, but once a cycle starts shipping, there often aren't any delays between each pack
  8. Ultra Spectacular Ruse Nonbo of the Day: ready Quickbeam by dealing 2 damage, then exhaust the magic ring to heal one damage and take one threat... just ignore the fact that the ring can ready him for 1 threat anyway. we're going for SYNERGY
  9. i think it works best with two decks, one that's mostly gondor and one that's mostly rohan include the following cards: Mutual Accord (in both decks if possible) Visionary Leadership for Gondor, Astonishing Speed for Rohan Eomund x3 (along with cards to trigger/recycle his ability, such as Sneak Attack, Stand and Fight, Born Aloft, Ride to Ruin, Helm! Helm!, Dwarven Tomb, etc.) have fun! Gondor deck is best as Tactics/Leadership imo with Boromir (either version), Denethor (Leadership), and Mablung Rohan deck with Theodred OR Elfhelm (be sure to include lots of mounts though), Eowyn (Spirit), and Theoden (Spirit). it will be really tempting to use Tactics Eowyn, but i promise that Spirit is the way to go the Gondor deck kind of makes itself. lots of Tactics and Leadership Gondor allies, especially Faramir, but also include some Westfold Outriders (works great with the theme and also with Mablung). lots of good-stuff Leadership/Tactics events like Feint and Sneak Attack. also make sure to include some Tireless Hunters for Mablung's ability the Rohan deck kind of makes itself too. there are lots of great Spirit and Leadership Rohan allies for questing. i usually just include 1x of each of the unique allies, but make sure Eomund is 3x since he's pretty vital to creating momentum-swinging turns where everyone gets multiple actions. also include Valiant Sacrifice and Campfire Tales for card draw; also Ancient Mathom for the Rohan deck. since you have Sneak Attack, some Gandalfs wouldn't be too bad. both decks generate a lot of resources, so having all the extra card draw you can muster is good. you can make lots of edits to taste, but the basic premise is using Mutual Accord along with some combination of Astonishing Speed, Eomund, Visionary Leadership, Faramir, etc. to quest for a lot and/or be able to use everyone in multiple phases that turn to surge ahead and build enough momentum that the quest/encounter deck can't keep up. the decks are pretty aggressive early with lots of extra resources right off the bat (essentially 5-6 resources per deck on the first turn). extra card draw is essential, and options are somewhat limited, so include as much as you can.
  10. for newer players, i'd try some of the earlier quests, which tend to be a bit easier with larger player counts if you feel you're good with the strategy of the game, aside from some of the options already mentioned, A Storm on Cobas Haven is really fun with higher player counts (but all of the sailing quests tbh, but this one is probably the most dynamic with more players)
  11. i think changing Steward of Gondor from Action to Refresh Action is a good change if it were reduced to 1 resource per turn, it would need some other change probably. Warden of Healing, just take away the ability to ready him altogether. exhaust for 2 healing (spread around) per round at 2 cost is already good, especially since Elrond can double it, and if you find other ways to ready him, you can do that. the built-in readying wasn't really necessary since it had no upper limit i think once per phase on Boromir is effectively once per round anyway, so i can't say for sure which one i'd prefer, but either one of those probably should have been in place from the beginning. i think they overvalued how much having threat was, especially now that we have valour cards and Blessing of the Valar (and other threat reducers of course) that make you want to get to 40+ threat as quickly as possible and have the means to stay there for a while
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