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    BionTimeWorks got a reaction from Tilaso in Soft spot   
    I have a soft spot for the Hwk too. I was surprised at how powerful it was when I got it.
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    BionTimeWorks got a reaction from Flurpy in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    I don't want Gamergate to be ignored either. I agree with what they are trying to do and have found the press to lack the ability to express both views of the issue.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to nekomatafuyu in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    The problem is that the full sentence basically says that if you dismiss any explaination that doesn't fit with your preconceptions, then you're not really being serious about fixing the problem. You've then fragmented the quote in such a way that it just looks like a personal attack to anyone who isn't more carefully reading the full textwall.
    Using such a trick to make it look like I'm just a troll flinging personal attacks is a particularly nasty personal attack against me IMHO, so I hope it should be obvious why I took offence there.
    I'm all for talking about these issues as long as personal attacks are kept out of it.
    I'm happy to accept that you weren't intending such an attack though, so back to business eh?
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Rithrin in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    I can't believe I'm posting in this thread, but here goes:
    Why does X-Wing Miniatures (or even tabletops in general) need more women? I can think of only two real motivations here;
    A) The person that desires more female participation is a single male.
    I can completely understand that. I've been there. In high school and college, I watched as women simply passed by my life's passion and hobbies with zero interest. The last thing I wanted was to go out to bars or meetings for activities that I didn't find interesting just for the chance of finding compatible women. It's a treasure for not just X-Wing, but any hobby or passion, to have a significant other who shares your zeal. But, as this is a personal and rather complex issue, it is best solved through means other than "being more gender inclusive in X-Wing". That's not the purpose of the hobby - narrative and strategically interesting space battles are.
    B) There must be more women in X-Wing for "social justice". After all, how could it possibly be that there isn't a proper ratio of women:men in this fascinatingly fun and captivating game we've created here?
    Well, I can understand the appeal of championing the solution for something you perceive as a problem, but, like an impetuous white knight, one must be wary of charging off without any foresight or planning. How does one determine the "proper" ratio of women:men? From the posts here, I see such phrasing as "I see more than ample reasons to suspect [that the ratio isn't correct]", "I believe that the current imbalance is evidence [that the ratio isn't correct]", "the imbalance that we have is just overwhelming", etc. Not only have these observations come from a source which is undocumented, unstudied, and vague, but the conclusion is based purely on personal feeling. Unfortunately, even if the point invariably holds true, the necessary preparation of data collection has not been completed, causing people to (rightly) resist these theories. The scientific method does have a purpose. For these reasons, this motivation must also be discarded.
    The question of "How can we get more women to play X-Wing?" is entirely missing the point. I see much talk about how FFG is "missing half the potential customer demographic" and how appealing to women will increase FFG's revenue and bolster the X-Wing product line's longevity. Great, and this is probably correct, but, I must ask again, why women? The question should be "How can we get more people to play X-Wing?" (Either men, women, Trandoshans, 'entities', or androgynous asexual elephant-creatures from Alpha Centauri!). Because getting more people interested in X-Wing, surely, is the key to it's longevity.
    (This is where most people can stop reading, the above paragraph is my main point.)
    Or is there something special about women in particular? Luckily, that has been answered many times over in this thread: "I do think that the presence of women players has the potential to enrich the game." Alright, I agree with that, but I see no reason that the viewpoints, character, or personality of 1 additional woman is fundamentally more enriching than that of 1 man. We are back to the women vs people question. Ah, but there's more: "Empowerment of women is the magic that unleashes economic potential." Now we begin to see the bias, and this argument starts to fall apart. Are women the magical spice that will unleash the full potential of our metaphorical X-Wing casserole, or are women and men actually equal? Remember that sexism, like racism, is harmful whether negative OR positive!
    When evaluating an argument or review that someone is putting forth, one important question is "Can you guess the author's conclusion based on their overt viewpoint?". If so, then it increases the likelihood of confirmation bias and is going to require much more work to justify the conclusion. Unfortunately, when the main proponent of this cause admitted to "being the feminist here[, whereas their sister isn't]" (brackets are to show context), it became all too clear what the conclusions were going to be before they were even stated.
    Conclusions like "I don't think women feel included in our game", that there is barrier of entry to the game (any tabletop even) that is significantly higher for women, and that women are being actively excluded from participating. And these conclusions come with solutions proposing that we specifically mention to potential new women that we don't stereotype them, we must ensure them that stereotype threat is absent here, introduce girls night, market towards them, etc. The theme here, common to arguments like this, is that the barriers are exclusively internal and that the people inside the activity must resolve it - in others words, us X-Wing players are actively excluding women and therefore we must solve the problem.
    What's ironic is that these solutions specifically target and single out women at best, and are actively sexist and exclusionary at worst. If a woman is truly feeling uncomfortable for simply being a woman in a game of X-Wing, the last thing they want is further attention brought to the fact that they are a woman. Things like a girls night only encourage the further segregation of men and women (and also imply that women need a sort of 'gaming training wheels' before they can game with the men). Worse even is the suggestion that we need more female pilots as, again, it paints women as simple creatures who are interested more in the artwork on the cards or the sculpting of the models than the actual gameplay. What we really need are less pleas for those of us on the inside (who must be mostly men in this male-dominated activity) to come rescue the women and open their eyes to this whole new wonderful world of X-Wing. Instead, we should look at external factors.
    I have a very close friend whom I've known since high school. She used to play Magic and a few other board and console game things. She's since moved out of state so we rarely meet anymore but, when we do, one of the first things she always says to me is "Do you still play those silly games? It's time for you to grow up!" Now, hmm, that sounds a bit familiar to me. We all here know that gaming isn't silly or childish by nature, though it's a common theme in popular culture that board games and similar "nerdy" activities are the realm of the socially challenged and men who never matured. Just look at Big Bang Theory, or The 40-Year-Old Virgin (Heck, they both feature Star Wars prominently and Steve Carell has GW miniatures on his painting desk!). These are the problems that must be addressed. People like my friend will never join a gaming group so long as most of the world and society are telling her that it's just not something normal adults do.
    There are other external factors, too but, most people don't want to read multiple pages of social commentary, so I'll keep with the above example.
    To summarize, women (and a wider variety of men) will enter X-Wing and other tabletops when society as a whole opens their minds and changes their preconceived notions about them. And this is something that will only be changed by raising future generations differently than previous ones, not implementing policy that singles out women for, well, being women.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Dagger Squadron in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    I think 0 have been won by women. Can anyone attest to how many attended big events?
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to TargetLocked in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    I've yet to come across a single valid example of how this game is gender biased. Furthermore, how would you even measure something like that? By ratio of male to female pilot cards? By ratio of men who play the game to women who play the game? By whether or not someone asks the question? Sexism is a broad issue so of course it will draw attention when brought up in any public forum but as far as relating it with X-Wing there isn't a leg to stand on.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Dagger Squadron in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    In response to the OP;
    My group is 100% male. My wife refuses to play miniatures games and that is that. The other guys who play all have girlfriends that are just not interested in the game.
    That being said, my wife and the other girls usually get together and play board games and make fun of their men who play with toy models.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to mats99 in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    I would be amazed if the general topic would NOT get any support ... I was just irritated how you can sustain three threads on that. Everyone go out, tell your wifes/girlfriends/other girls about the game, get them to play a couple of rounds, dont be a douchebag, tell other douchebags to shut up and everything's okay. Dont push girls to play the game because you like it and they don't. What else can you do? Its the same with every of these gamergate-style discussions ...
    There's no need to overanalyse this topic.
    If you really need the X-Wing messageboard to tell you this or to get to this realization, thats pretty sad.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Dieter122 in How can we be more gender inclusive in X-Wing?   
    Things shouldn't be diluted and gender neutral.
    Boys like the color blue and trucks and cars
    Girls like the color pink and dolls
    I'm a radical!!!!! Watch out!!!
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to eagletsi111 in Filter on Ships types. Save inventory   
    If you build an inventory tool, you could link the mission browser to your ship types and thus you would only get missions that you had ships for.
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    BionTimeWorks got a reaction from Herowannabe in Forget Rebel Aces, Wave 5, Scumm(TM) and Villainy- THIS is the announcement you've been waiting for!   
    Before I even read anything I clicked the url. That gave me a good laugh.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Marinealver in What Is Your Favorite Ship?   
    Y-wings. I can R3-A2 and ionized a ship. Through in a couple of flechete torpedoes for more agree.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Millennium Falsehood in What Is Your Favorite Ship?   
    I still gotta go with the old, reliable X-wing. This ship is still a mainstay of nearly all the squads I play on a regular basis because it's a reasonably fast hard-hitting tiger of a ship. It's not as maneuverable as the TIE Interceptor or as heavily armed as the Phantom, but it's reasonably costed and still performs well in modern squads.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to jkokura in Tips on Making X wing Quicker To Play   
    I think maybe being more decisive in making your movements with your other ships will help. 4 minutes to plan and then 6 minutes to move is quite long in the 3rd round. It could be 1/4 - 1/2 that and seem more normal for what I play.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Bohrdumb in One Good Reason: Why You Love X-Wing.   
    I enjoy arranging and organizing all the little cardboard tokens into trays. 
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    BionTimeWorks got a reaction from Joe Boss Red Seven in One Good Reason: Why You Love X-Wing.   
    Same here. Mechanics for the core set were brilliantly made for simplicity. It allows for easy learning of the game, but takes effort and time to master. I love those types of games. Batman Arkham Games are a great example of what I mean
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Gadge in Tips on Making X wing Quicker To Play   
    I agree with using a non vinyl matt.  I use a felt starfield matt and nothing slides on that.
    If you want to keep your stuff organised.. top tip here...
    Keep all the little bags that you get with a standard expansion.
    The large bag the cards come in are good for keeping all your pilot cards together, the smaller ones for the base etc are good for keeping all your shields etc together.
    After a while you'll find that you need a larger bag for things like target locks, shields etc.   Also i dont know if this craze has hit the states but kids in the UK are all mad about 'loom bands', its like woven bracelts made of small elastc bands.
    a packet of these bands is about UK £1 for hundreds in any colour and they are perfect for keeping target locks sorted and bound together so you're not trying to find the corresponding letter all the time.
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    BionTimeWorks got a reaction from Punning Pundit in Tips on Making X wing Quicker To Play   
    But what happens if I want to listen to star wars music?
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    BionTimeWorks got a reaction from Baron Soontir Fel in Tips on Making X wing Quicker To Play   
    Me and my brother have been playing X wing for about 3 months now(can't remember at the moment), and we are enjoying it. The mechanics are great, but it seems like most of our game sessions take at least 1 hour and at most 2 in a half hours. We have played around 60 points our last game and it took us 2 in a half hours to finish. I'm not even counting the time that it takes for squad assembly (we managed to make that process faster thanks to the way we store our stuff).
    Is there something we are doing wrong. I'm pretty sure that I understand the rules. What's the average time that it takes you guys to play? What's the average time it takes for a round for you guys? And the last question is this... Do you have any tips to help us play the game quicker without changing the rules?

    Possible reasons that we may be taking longer:
    1. Finding the right movement template(we have a black table)
    2. Finding the right action token (can sometimes blend in with the table and target locks are especially true with this)
    3. The time it takes for us to decide on a maneuver during the planning phase.
    4. Moving the miniatures to the designated maneuver point (our table is annoyingly slippery)
    5. Miscellaneous things that I'm not realizing

    I'm also strapped for cash so please no expensive solutions.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Bohrdumb in Tips on Making X wing Quicker To Play   
    1) Token arrangement and template arrangement is crucial as noted. You need be able to grab the stuff you need, when you need it, without having to fumble around.
    2) Play fewer ships as you get better with the system. Instead of say an 8 TIE swarm, choose 2-3 Firesprays, or something along those lines. The fewer ships you have to plan for, and move, the faster the game goes.
    3) Know what you're flying. The more familiar you are with your ships, the faster you can plan and move. While your opponent is moving ships, start planning for some of your next moves. The farther in advance you're thinking, the less time it takes when you start turning dials. 
    4) Minimize distractions - what else is going on in the room can have a significant and unnoticed impact on game time. Are you listening to music, snacking, conversing with other people, checking texts, etc? All of those things add seconds, which add up into minutes. When I DM for RPGs, no personal electronics at the table during the game to avoid this slow distraction.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Crabbok in Tips on Making X wing Quicker To Play   
    for tokens, put all the actions a ship can take, right next to it's card, so yo'll always be able to grab them.  
    Or just time your games.   Honestly an hour or 2 is not "long" for X-Wing.  It's about how long many games take.   If you want it to be faster then set a timer, and when time is up, count up ships destroyed vs ships still on the board.  
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to Buhallin in Tips on Making X wing Quicker To Play   
    Standard tournament games run 75 minutes for 100 points.  My last tournament had every game finish within that allotment.
    Some specific tips on how I do it:
    1.  Lay out your maneuver templates consistently, and be obsessive about getting them back in the right place.  I end up with them scattered through a turn, but once combat starts or I finish planning I'll rearrange them.
    2.  Organize your tokens.  I know a lot of people that do like Crabbok and put tokens for a ship near the cards, but I prefer to just keep them in consistent little piles to the side.
    3.  Mark ships with the blue target lock tokens.  I slot the blue lock tokens into the front of the ship base.  That means you only have to worry about the reds.  If someone passes a lock (Jendon) I just swap the red to the appropriate letter.  Weapons Engineer is a little annoying, but that's the only real problem child with the method.
    4.  Organize your cards.  I like to go left-to-right in descending pilot skill.  Some may prefer to group uniques and generics.  However you do it, lay them out so you can find them.
    5.  Practice  You'll get faster as you play more, trust me.  And the only thing you have to do for that is play more X-wing!
    Edit: 6.  Black out one side of your target locks.  The double-sided letters make it much harder to find the pairs in a game, and makes it easy for tokens to get flipped and cause problems.  Black out a side so each only has a single letter - Sharpies do fine, but I actually stick mine on masking tape or contact paper and spray the backs with primer.  It also makes sure you know which tokens are yours, because not many people do this
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    BionTimeWorks got a reaction from GroggyGolem in Best Star Wars video game?   
    The force Unleashed for the wii. Felt like a jedi for once. I don't care if there are wiggling movement in the controls. It was cool. Also replayed and finished it today. Now to play Force Unleashed 2 again for the wii and watch once again how I think they scewed with what I liked about the original.
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    BionTimeWorks reacted to AdmiralThrawn in It's time to ban C3P0   
    OMG everything is so OP, we should just ban all ships and upgrades and to make it fair we can all just play as asteroids.
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