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  1. @ ObiWonka: The reason why it's annoying to play against is because you can position yourself behind the enemy ship, then mindlessly ion them off the table (eventually) while they can do very little in return once in that position. Sure, if facing swarms, you can't really rely on that. But if you are against say a 4-ship Rebel list... Well, you sure can do that. We have a local who does that all the time. It doesn't always work, but when it does, it's just not fun for one person.
  2. When it comes to that I think an experienced Dash player will always say "Not using ability for action" when declaring an action. It prevents landing on a rock and you could end up declaring the action using the ability after you attempted to complete the action without the ability.If I was playing Dash I think at the start or the game I would declare for all actions I Will NOT be using Dash's pilot ability unless I state it otherwise when declaring actions, just to be on the clear side. When taking actions that have risks it is always better to choose the mistake that can always be undone. This is how I generallylay any game. Declare intent so both sides understand what you are trying to do so there is no fuzziness happens. But ideally, this ruling is explicitly stated somewhere officially so such declarations don't have to be made. I'm on the side that it will probably be ruled as a "may" be triggered, so you can opt to declare afterward, but I wouldn't be surprised either way.
  3. I just want this ship to come out already! I see some friends using it, and I want to try it out. Still a long while away it seems. Long being relative, I guess...
  4. Lists to troll your friends? Three shuttles, all with HLCs and random crew (let's say Vader and Rebel Captive). Deploy in the corner of the map, and make sure you put as many asteroids to make getting to your ships slightly annoying. Crash into each other with 1banks all game so you don't move and cover all the arcs. "come at me. I'm not moving until you kill me." Play for a few hours until either you eventually lose, or you win due to great position and 4 dice per ship.
  5. theaY

    Money going to IA

    First, thanks for this post. I had no idea what Imperial Assault was until I read this then looked it up. I would live to play that game, and I'd buy all the sets to be released. But I do t think I can, because there just isn't enough gaming time. I don't play nearly enough x-wing compared to how much I think about it, and I try to balance that with my "main" game of Warmachine... Adding another game that requires me to go out and meet up with even more people is likely a ticket to bankruptcy... In both time and money. I'll still probably buy the game...
  6. These are all the most common reasons. OP, are you looking for a specific answer or something? If anything, there aren't enough collections on eBay for this game. When I look for almost any game, I can generally find pages and pages of listings. This game, I can't even find 5 listings sometimes. THAT is very strange.
  7. Mostly due to it being not exclusively for X-Wing, and still a lack of events being run. The intention of this group is just to add a bit of Focus and give people more freedom to discuss events, strategy, trades, meetups, etc.
  8. It's amazing. No matter where you go, something is sold out. And it's not necessarily the same things (like Falcons). Some places, it's TIE Interceptors, other places it's Slave 1. I haven't heard of Y-Wings being sold out until just now. Too bad I can't just teleport over to get some stuff at other people's stores. To answer your question, Rebel Aces is a good buy if you don't have one already (since you are focusing on Rebels). But of your two choices (Z-95's or Imp Aces), neither is a bad choice. So go for Z's since they are Rebels.
  9. Hello all, Not sure if this is not allowed. If not, I suppose the thread will be locked anyway. There is a Facebook group for X-Wing miniatures players from Toronto and surrounding areas to communicate, exclusively about X-Wing. http://facebook.com/groups/xwingtoronto The group does not emphasize any one store, rather, many different people from different stores are welcome so we can spread X-Wing-related news, events and discussion around the city. The goal is to create a unified community in our large city with it's many, many game stores. Toronto is a very large city with many different game stores, so what often happens with many games, people stay in little pockets without realizing other stores and players exist. I have found out it is no different with X-Wing. While we are at it, there is info on the page for a tournament coming up this weekend! The group is still newish, so there are currently only 20+ members on it, but you gotta start somewhere! Thanks for your time!
  10. Wow, that looks really sharp! I'll have to do that too! And I'm getting my Rebel Aces today!
  11. I also agree with the logic of buying somehing you don't have. The Phantom will give you a ship with a whole new play experience. Try it out! If you are dead set on a Fighter or INT, it's really up to you. Neither choice is wrong. Once you get 7-8 Fighters, then you don't really need to ever get more. Unless you play larger games, of course.
  12. Do you actually want prequel ships in this game? I don't. They are all brand new and shiny (and less characterful, I feel), and don't look like the "used universe" look of the current ships we currently enjoy. Also, I think there is a finite lifespan for new ship releases in this game, one way or another. Releasing too many obscure ships is asking for trouble I feel. Flood the market with stuff people won't buy. But who knows? We will see!
  13. Not this fast, but considering how the dice work in this game, it's very believable.
  14. Amazing, OP. simply amazing!
  15. No, the Z-95. It looks sweet like a mix between an x-wing and a fighter jet, but it loses two of its wings for better aerodynamics and less surface area to shoot. It loses two of the guns too than an x-Wing would have, but it's ok. It only needs one to get headshots. Thus, its name "headhunter." "Z" may be the 26th letter in the alphabet, but it's #1 in our hearts!
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