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    Jyico reacted to Hiemfire in Flying Solo (FFG X-Wing Solo Play article up)   
    I'm surprised this hasn't been linked to here. Must just be that new. ūüėĄ Official XWTMG "AI" system is in Open Alpha.
    A basic rundown of the Solo Play rules by Hairy Nick and Justin:
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    Jyico reacted to ForceSensitive in If you had to choose, which of the following changes to hyperspace would you prefer?   
    I didn't vote. Respectfully, I think the poll is a list of leading questions without equitable ways to answer. As a solution I'd suggest do a poll that had a list of questions that has...
    (7 questions). For each faction what ship would you remove. Pick 1 to 2.
    (7 questions) For each faction what ship would you add. Pick 1 to 2.
    (1 question) what upgrades would you remove, pick 1 to 3.
    (1 question) what upgrades would you add, pick 1 to 3.
    That will get you more equitable answers, and better sort the data at the same time. There's even further you could go to get better questions and more sorting.
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    Jyico got a reaction from ForceSensitive in X-Wing Paint Sets?   
    Up until this, I was going to suggest they already have a "set" for Star Wars:  Nuln Oil.  That stuff is magic, grits up your ships, and makes them look ever dirtier!  
    I honestly can't believe the product above.  How does Spain get that!?
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    Jyico reacted to Transmogrifier in X-Wing Paint Sets?   
    Vallejo has a DEFINITELY NOT X-WING themed set that covers Rebel/Imperial starfighter colors - these are formulated for air brush but you could still brush paint with them too:
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    Jyico reacted to Gupa-nupa in yet another forum dumpsterfire, move along   
    So I've done my best to stay away from this thread, but I can't help keeping up to date with the conversation. I would just like to say that I love how much we all care (note this is not sarcasm). I think that it is fantastic that we all care about the direction that (sorry to the rest of the world, but I'm seeing that the majority of this is about the U.S.) this country is going. To look at this from a purely glass-half-full view (and perhaps this is just me being naive), I think that this "discussion" is good. The fact that we all are up in arms, protecting what we relive to be the right course for this country. It makes me happy to see that everyone is involved, and cares.
    I think that we have seen both ends of this spectrum, and I think that we can all agree that the truth here (truth being the right course of action), is somewhere in the middle. I disagree with the people who think that this thread should be locked up and deleted. I see what you are saying with the disrespect, but I would make the argument that this how things should be. It is a bummer that we all feel the need to be rude to each other (I'm not faulting anyone in particular here- I think that we all have moments where we take our anger out on someone else, or retaliate to what we feel was a personal attack), but if that is the way that it's going to be, then I say let it be that way. Life isn't clean and "respectful" and the solution to the virus, (and I would make the argument more importantly) the economy. 
    So those are my two cents, and to all of you who are willing to put yourself out there and hash out your feelings, kudos to you! Thank you for your concern for our country, and for ultimately each other. Because isn't that really what this is all about? Were arguing here about the best way to keep our neighbors and fellow citizens safe and prosperous. So laugh at me if you will, but from an outside perspective this is good!
    In retrospect this post reads a little too sing-songy for my liking (this was not my intention), but......¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į
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    Jyico reacted to Darth Meanie in yet another forum dumpsterfire, move along   
    We also need people to take reasonable precautions.
    NO Shirt
    NO Shoes
    NO Service
    has been in store windows for decades.
    Adding NO Mask to that doesn't violate people's Constitutional rights nor amount to tyrrany.
    Sadly, society at large has been as much of a dumpster fire lately as this thread has been.
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    Jyico reacted to Stay OT Leader in yet another forum dumpsterfire, move along   
    @KCDodger You can’t judge like that because you don’t know other people’s circumstances.
    We are going to have to take risks during the next 18-24 months, sitting inside until it’s all safe won’t work.  So while right now we have oversteered to minimise risks and avoid a peak of cases that will have to change.  Everyone will need measure the risks they take as they pertain to their own circumstances, and if you’re unlucky enough to catch it you isolate and do what you’re told so you don’t spread it on.
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    Jyico reacted to Echoseven in Blast From The Past (Oversized Promo Card Value?)   
    I would agree with the above, they are really not on anybody's hot item list being that anyone interested who was playing back then has one(or more) at this point, and everyone else playing now has no knowledge of/interest in 1.0 promo cards as they are not playable in 2.0.
    As an aside for your "collector" knowledge,  there were actually 2 print runs of the more rare Luke/Vader large cards: the very 1st and orginal promo print run with the square corners(which you appear to have a copy of. Yay for you!:-) ), and the 2nd run with the rounded corners which matched all other x-wing cards (including the large Han/Boba card) and other card product going forward to this day.
    If you ever make it to FFG headquarters,¬† or X-wing¬† worlds, I would recommend you bring the card and have the Devs sign it. It would be even cooler framed then and may up its value a little for the x-wing conesure¬†ūüėČ
    In any case, congratulations on the great find and happy flying!
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    Jyico reacted to JBFancourt in The most demoralizing thing I‚Äôve yet seen (extended)   
    I remember the day I vowed to ALWAYS fly an I6..... SNR Kylo with a huge bid and primed thrusters..... ūüė°ūüėú
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    Jyico reacted to makotosato in How to judge a joust?   
    There is a famous saying:
    " When two people joust, one is wrong."
    There are numerous factors when judging a joust:
    1) Action Economy: Do your ships have ways to maximise or improve on the number of actions to improve your odds?
    2) Number of guns: Quite straightforward. More guns, higher chance of inflicting more damage.
    3) Rule of 11: Will you be able to have all or some of your ships involved in the initial engagement? 
    4) Who moves first: A player who has lower initiative ships has the flexibility of creating blocks and determining whether a K-turn is possible after the first engagement. 
    5) Rock placement: Whether your forces would have the space to move in the initial engagement and after.
    Usually, if I feel my action economy is higher, and the number of ships do not differ greatly, then I will commit most of my forces to a joust, with a flanker providing support.
    If an opponent outright has a greater number of ships,  I would place my ace opposite their main force, and my main body diagonally across my opponent. On the first turn, I would have my ace turn away, and my main body execute fast moves and boosts. The idea for me to have all my forces engage the opponent in the middle of board at the same time, ideally, with several of guns trained on a single target.
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    Jyico reacted to theBitterFig in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    As soon as I get back to in-person X-Wing, I'm going to have to get some lab work done.

    Not that kind of lab work: this kind of 'lab work.

    General Grievous (Crack Shot, Soulless One) 51 Skakoan Ace (Crack Shot) 39 Skakoan Ace (Crack Shot) 39 Feethan Ottraw Ottopilot (-) 35 Feethan Ottraw Ottopilot (-) 35 Moves fast.  Hits hard.  Blocks and Cracks.  Grievous nasty; dude certainly has some kinda virus.
    (paint done by local player @Transmogrifier ... I did my own shinies, but no gif...)
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    Jyico reacted to GuacCousteau in Will we need kits for these?   
    Have you actually played a game yet?
    You're asking all these questions in multiple threads all over the boards, and buying what at this stage looks to be a metric ****ton of content but do you actually know yet if you even like the game?
    Honestly, just slow down a bit. My first recommendation to people looking to get into X-Wing is to just get the core set and play with that until you've exhausted all the options (play as both sides, use generic and named pilots, try with upgrades and without) and learned the rules a little better. Have you even done that?
    Then you get just enough ships to get your head around list building and play until you've learned how your lists work on the board. 
    You'll find you'll start answering a lot more of these questions for yourself if you actually sit down, play the game a bit and do your own research through the Rules Reference and FAQ when issues come up. You'll also find you start to get an idea of play styles you like, what elements of a list you like and what sort of ship you like - that will help you make your own decisions about where to go when you want something new. 
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    Jyico reacted to pakirby in Will we need kits for these?   
    Get all three.  You’ll save lots of money over time.  1.0 ships are widely available (except the Imperial Alpha class Star Wing) so you can get them for half the price as a 2.0 reprint.  best decision I made in the game was to buy the conversion kits.
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    Jyico reacted to FTS Gecko in Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator   
    As nice as it would be to have Fly Casual available for multiplayer given current circumstances, I'm pretty sure @Sandrem and everyone else working on Fly Casual have a lot more important things to worry about right now.
    Now, if they woke up this morning to find the equivalent of a month or two's wages sat in their Patreon, that might be a different matter.  But pretty sure it would still be way down the priority ladder.
    At the very least, we still have a way to get our pew pew fix, so many thanks for that!
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    Jyico got a reaction from Ccwebb in Is there any scope for changed to the current Organised Play model?   
    Tabletop.to helps IMMENSELY with this!  
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    Jyico got a reaction from Odanan in Any Good Soontir Alt Art Cards?   
    I’ve had a go at printing these cards. The below process is one that worked well for me, and is very straightforward. Please note that I do not take responsibility for misprints, but if you do run into problems with the print process, please let me know!
    Download all relevant source material, card fronts and back you intend to use. Register a free account here. Start a card project: Custom Game Cards, (blank both sides), which you can find here. Makeplayingcards.com offers two sizes: game cards (63mm x 88mm) and Traditional game cards (63.5mm x 89mm). Pilot cards in X-wing for example are 63.5 x 88mm, so it’s sort of in between.(You can also ask for a custom die, which would be right on, but honestly, a 0.5mm discrepancy in the width of the die is basically unnoticeable in my experience). I use the Traditional game card setting, it looks good. Full colour print Paper quality: 330gsm or plastic Print bleeding: The files have the requisite bleed. You do not have to resize the files for this, just upload into the editor. There is an outline of card removed from each dimension, cut off each side of your images that you upload. The final image of what the cards will look like is what you see on the screen. This allows printing to the edge without inconsistent white gaps. Safe Area: highlighted with a red dotted line. Roughly everything you need (except the ship icon) will be inside this line. If it is not, please screenshot the image and send it to me so I can troubleshoot. Make sure you select different background images for card fronts and same image for card backs, you don’t need any text.
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    Jyico got a reaction from 5050Saint in Is there any scope for changed to the current Organised Play model?   
    Tabletop.to helps IMMENSELY with this!  
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    Jyico got a reaction from Cloaker in Is there any scope for changed to the current Organised Play model?   
    Tabletop.to helps IMMENSELY with this!  
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    Jyico got a reaction from Herowannabe in Is there any scope for changed to the current Organised Play model?   
    Tabletop.to helps IMMENSELY with this!  
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    Jyico got a reaction from gadwag in Is there any scope for changed to the current Organised Play model?   
    Tabletop.to helps IMMENSELY with this!  
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    Jyico got a reaction from Stoneface in Damage Decks Shipping Soon!   
    I received the same email, WOOTWOOT!  Now to find suitable sleeves!
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    Jyico reacted to AceDogbert in Is there any scope for changed to the current Organised Play model?   
    Outside of @ScummyRebel's suggestions, I'm not certain what more can be done to reduce the length of the 'day' at an event. Some would argue that more games are running to time in 2.0, which poses problems with round turnover, but any 'fixes' for this would radically shift the game balance and might lead to other, larger, problems.
    One thing I observed from the UK SoS; everyone was having to lug an awful lot of stuff about with them. Coats, carry cases, their lists, backpacks with supplies etc. Having a plentiful supply of secure lockers (with CCTV coverage which is constantly monitored) could allow players to stow the stuff they don't need with them, which would make the round transition easier. Likewise, my ideal world would have every player bringing a carrying solution (even something as simple as an upturned box lid) where they load their list and all related components into.
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    Jyico reacted to sirjorj in Any Good Soontir Alt Art Cards?   
    I'd post a pic of my alt-art from OCX but it might get me banned
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    Jyico reacted to ScummyRebel in Damage Decks Shipping Soon!   
    Here’s some good news to counter all the negativity in life this week.
    I got an email from FFG that my preorder for decks is being processed and will ship soon.
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