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  1. Up until this, I was going to suggest they already have a "set" for Star Wars: Nuln Oil. That stuff is magic, grits up your ships, and makes them look ever dirtier! I honestly can't believe the product above. How does Spain get that!?
  2. Star Trek Attack Wing would prove this the case. Picard was basically PilotVader's ability for any ship you put him on. I like the idea of limited upgrades for alternative formats, but I don't think its better than what we have now. I'd probably limit it as Configuration + 1/2 of available slots for upgrades. There are a few occasions in Star Wars where you see a fully kitted out ship with crew and upgrades (Ghost/Falcon), but overall I think its pretty rare.
  3. I ended up making my own template tray and small dice box for this reason. Game's over, time to sweep it all off the table into the dice box and go setup somewhere else! You gotta assemble everything in your car and walk it in, and not trip, but otherwise I wish more people would get stuff like this.
  4. I received the same email, WOOTWOOT! Now to find suitable sleeves!
  5. https://www.makeplayingcards.com/
  6. I’ve had a go at printing these cards. The below process is one that worked well for me, and is very straightforward. Please note that I do not take responsibility for misprints, but if you do run into problems with the print process, please let me know! Download all relevant source material, card fronts and back you intend to use. Register a free account here. Start a card project: Custom Game Cards, (blank both sides), which you can find here. Makeplayingcards.com offers two sizes: game cards (63mm x 88mm) and Traditional game cards (63.5mm x 89mm). Pilot cards in X-wing for example are 63.5 x 88mm, so it’s sort of in between.(You can also ask for a custom die, which would be right on, but honestly, a 0.5mm discrepancy in the width of the die is basically unnoticeable in my experience). I use the Traditional game card setting, it looks good. Full colour print Paper quality: 330gsm or plastic Print bleeding: The files have the requisite bleed. You do not have to resize the files for this, just upload into the editor. There is an outline of card removed from each dimension, cut off each side of your images that you upload. The final image of what the cards will look like is what you see on the screen. This allows printing to the edge without inconsistent white gaps. Safe Area: highlighted with a red dotted line. Roughly everything you need (except the ship icon) will be inside this line. If it is not, please screenshot the image and send it to me so I can troubleshoot. Make sure you select different background images for card fronts and same image for card backs, you don’t need any text.
  7. At the bottom of the downloads page there are full instructions on getting them printed at makeplayingcards.com https://citrus7workshop.wordpress.com/downloads/
  8. I used to demo this yearly at a Con. Original Trilogy ships work the absolute best. TIE fighters and X-Wings namely. I had one of the senators shuttles 3d printed and we would run that mission with however many people (since on a 30" wide folding table with a few rocks, it can easily be run in 30 or so minutes). I just scaled the scenario to the number of players. Most of the time it was small groups coming up to play, not just one person. So you could easily split them between rebels and imperials. One ship each. Lay out the scenario, fly the shuttle yourself or let the rebels collectively decide the maneuver. I didn't use the damage deck, just the damage tokens from the core set. I also scaled up with 2 TIEs per rebel ship. So if 6 people came up, 4 had TIES, one had an x-wing, and another had a Y-Wing. In your case, I'd go with a standard 3x3 table mat and one of the scenarios (or maybe 3 different ones?). I'd mix up the scenarios by adding many more rocks. Maybe use the Lambda shuttle and flip it so the TIES have to protect that shuttle in a similar manner to the regular scenario. The great thing is the game looks amazing and will draw in people on looks alone. I'd say after a demo mission game you could always offer to have folks play an Aces High for a little more flavor. I found that a mission, with some recognizeable quotes thrown in while you set dials... "NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!" when rolling dice, etc, worked wonders for the Demo table! Lastly, if you have anything to give participants... like an Alt art Luke, or anything movie recognizable, you will be in a much better spot. I used to spraypaint Chance cubes (super easy - blank dice and blue/red spraypaint. They look better the more they wear down) and give those away.... naturally quoting Watto.
  9. I love hyperspace since Dash doesn't one shot my whisper through a rock at range 3 with naked dice. I mean. EFF YOU EXTENDED.
  10. Fears are a lot more powerful than actual abilities! Midnight, for example... I've flown her a few times and she still generates a crap ton of attention the first time you're like "Nope, you can't modify your dice". I can also guarantee that the turn after that happens my opponent is going all in on her! Joke is on them, without all the passive mods for her, and with Juke non functional, she's nowhere near as powerful.
  11. Exactly that. Flavor reasons make it interesting. If you never shoot him, he never gets force charges. If you do shoot him, and you want to modify dice... he either gets a soft mod on defense (and never uses his other ability) or saves up for his other ability. Or, just don't modify attack dice and roll natties all the time. I think it makes him crazy interesting to fly with a lot more decision points, making only a slight modification to current in game mechanics (no recharging force). This way, he could be really good hunting aces (they shoot before him), or he holds his force between turns to setup a good attack with an equipped Targeting computer/Predator, or is a I5 squint slaughtering swarms.
  12. Its interesting. I named the three ties "Geoff, Jeff, and Ze German Jeff", the list was called "training day". Hilarity ensued. Ruthless works so well you won't need 5th Brother anymore. Or you can just keep evading with Duchess I guess and keep 5th brother. Ties are quick enough that they can get where they need to in one turn (5 straight, just line it up). I think my opponent was expecting me to kill my own ties. But you can get them close, bring a striker in behind, and use the ties to cause bump havoc. I almost wish the ties also had intimidation. I can't wait to try again, I think I'm going to bump the ties to PS3 and give them Ruthless as well. Maybe Just get another striker lol. Or two more. The protons didn't wreck much because it was a 3 ship high hull high shield list I went against... but I can see them being terrifying against a swarm!
  13. I tried a modification of the swarm since I only own 3 striker dials right now, but definitely see the need for the hull upgrades. My list: "Duchess" (42) Ruthless (1) Fifth Brother (11) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 2 Black Squadron Scout (34) Ruthless (1) Proton Bombs (5) Ship total: 40 Half Points: 20 Threshold: 2 Black Squadron Scout (34) Ruthless (1) Proton Bombs (5) Ship total: 40 Half Points: 20 Threshold: 2 Academy Pilot (22) Ship total: 22 Half Points: 11 Threshold: 2 Academy Pilot (22) Ship total: 22 Half Points: 11 Threshold: 2 Academy Pilot (22) Ship total: 22 Half Points: 11 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 I was thinking Duchess/5th would be better, but honestly found out you don't really need 5th brother anyway. I may pick up a 4th striker and try something else in the last 40 point slot. The Protons were AMAZING though. I only played one game, against some jank, and won 200-149 I think. You really lose TIES fast! I was thinking that blocking would be better than more shots, I was wrong. More shots = more better.
  14. How about another route on this since 0-1 bubbles are bad (I agree with that) I5 Carnor Jax: 2 Force, no recharge. Force charges start the game on the red side. Enemy ships declaring Carnor Jax as a defender may not modify dice unless upon declaration they recharge one of Carnor's force charges. Carnor Jax may spend 2 force tokens when declaring an attack to cause the defender to not modify dice.
  15. I4 or 5, 2 force, additional purple jam action on an interceptor frame. Spend 2 force at the beginning of the round: no dice mods from green tokens at Range 1. (also shuts down reinforce) It would still allow for exceptions like Dauntless title (range 0) and Zizi. Target locks still work, Force mods still work, I think it would be an interesting piece! Priced right of course.
  16. The Feldherr mini is an amazing case for tournaments. Foam for ships, holds a few lists worth of ships+stuff, and lots of the places linked cut template and token trays to fit it. I had to sew on a shoulder strap to mine and its perfect. You don't have to go that far, any dice tray will do a lot for you at tournaments. Great article I ended up making my own that combines a dice tray, template tray, and something like the old "flight deck" that holds my list in a super easy to see/hand off to opponent format. More efficiency between tables is more xwing to be played!
  17. It should be worth noting that this is super easy and very accurate if you've got bumpers/rubber feet/home depot cabinet bumpers/foam/whatever under your ship base where it is both heavier than normal and also ever so slightly raises the ship base.
  18. Carnor should just be an I4 with "Enemies at Range 1 may not spend tokens to modify dice". Good god he'd generate some hatred.
  19. I played a few swarms at LVO and only had a problem with a 5 ship swarm player playing slow. The way you mitigate without Judge interference is put them on the defensive immediately. Proton Torps from afar, Prockets, DBS-404 with APT's, etc. Fast/maneuverable ship with one time High offense can drop or 1/2 point a ship.
  20. 40: What I always imagine Quickdraw is like in combat, and actually never is: I totally fail at linking
  21. I'm really looking forward to how this format plays out. I'm very much a fan of changing things up, and learning to fly all kinds of stuff!
  22. This. I think if you have "hard targeting priority" then it should affect the way YOU fly the list, not how your opponent flies against you. If your stuff appears more like targets of opportunity, likely you are spreading out damage and not losing ships as fast as they are.
  23. +1 for rotating first player. Have them all just pick ships they love and want to fly and don't worry too much about points balance the first few games. I guess with exception to TIE fighters, maybe give anyone that picks one of those a shield. Furball or Aces high ruleset with regen is definitely the way to go early on to build interest!
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