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  1. Jyico

    What you been flying in FO and Imperial?

    Its all in the setup. With Dormitz and all three with hyperspace tracking data, I had TL+F shots round 1 from the front 2. Since they all move at initiate 2, easy to force your own blocks and the like. My opponent lost his falcon turn 2 and gave up (Jake was already at 1/2 as well). Jake and Wedge were left and he hadn't done 1/2 damage on one of mine yet. I think Chico Brown took them to a store this weekend and did well too! I saw a picture with 6 of them on the board and that looked like an interesting puzzle to figure out. Jury is out for me right now with all 3, but it seems like the old solid Dormitz+2 list that tore up unsuspecting opponents. If you can always go down the side of the board it seems like it might be good since you can adjust your turn in. I dunno, I like my Blackout list better. Seems to have the tools to deal with aces a lot easier. Though I doubt one ace is going to take down an Upsilon by itself if his buddies are gone. Who knows.
  2. Jyico

    What you been flying in FO and Imperial?

    FO: Blackout/Trickshot/Proton Torps, Null/Squad Leader, Petty Officer Thannison/Kylo/Phasma/Adv Sensors You could add Hyperhexitbiocritsomethingorother to make it extended legal if you want. Fairly easy to land a crit with Blackout to get a double stress on an ace, then "ace" it the turn after with the shuttle at R1. And Blackout does his business. That and the Tripsilons, those things are a riot! 2-rounded a falcon the other day. It wasn't even all of them! As for Extended imps, I've been flying Seyn and Maarek with marksmanship (Maarek with FCS), Howl, Iden, and Gideon with crackshot. Not near as fun as Blackout.
  3. Jyico

    What previously spoiled ship are you most looking forward to?

    Carnor Jax in anything! Preferably his TIE Interceptor self. Cause "NO".
  4. Jyico

    Complete List of Quickbuild Promo Cards?

    I believe there's only been 4: The double sided one from Gencon (gray squadron y-wing and black squadron TIE), and the 3 from the Wave 1 kit that local stores got: Skull fang fighter, Thane Kyrell x-wing, and Iden TIE fighter.
  5. Jyico

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    Looking more at this list... I think I really like Recoil+predator in place of one of the Advanced/Fanatic PS4's... which also saves 3 points. Going the Advanced Sensors route on QD you can now fit in Juke. I think this is the next list I try: TIE/vn Silencer - •“Recoil” - 65 •“Recoil” - Quantity Over Quality (63) Predator (2) TIE/vn Silencer - First Order Test Pilot - 68 First Order Test Pilot - (62) Fanatical (2) Advanced Optics (4) TIE/sf Fighter - •“Quickdraw” - 67 •“Quickdraw” - Defiant Duelist (45) Juke (4) Advanced Sensors (8) Special Forces Gunner (10) Total: 200/200
  6. Jyico

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    I took a couple fanatical advanced optic PS4's for a test run today, I'm thinking they're great, but just don't know what to use as a 3rd ship. Where I lack both experience and joy in the game is quickdraw. I don't really like the ship unfortunately. Before she was this huge beatstick that couldn't be ignored. I ran quickdraw today with: Quickdraw/Elusive/FCS/Homing Missle/SF Gunner - 64 points I rounded out at 200. All 3 games I was up against "aces". First game was Poe/Lulu/Nien Nunb X, and I was able to force blocks with one of the silencers and use the other and QD to hammer on the target. They're SO FAST and can still do the 5 straight, boost, barrel roll to get somewhere wildly outside where something thinks you can go with them. I was able to use the speed, as well as the upgrades (just focus!) to make sure if they were fanatical, an "average roll" would be 3 or 4 hits assuming blank/focus/hit (or two hits). Second game was vs Boba/Guri and I got both at time. He didn't really want to shoot quickdraw and I wasted a homing missle charge on Boba. It wasn't a great shot, but I thought that one guaranteed damage was better than 3 dice through a rock of regular shot (NOBODY wanted to take a 4 dice shot from Quickdraw). 3rd game I was up against Whisper/Fel/Punisher and I forced bumps on Whisper to erase her, got the punisher to within 2 health of dying, and Fel was running free. It really could have gone either way with dice. I probably could have flown a little better as well. One turn I forced a block on Fel and could have done the double shot from QD at Range 1 had I fully commited on Fel, might have changed the game. I went after Redline instead. Good to know going forward. So what else could sub in for that last 64 points? Phasma on an Upsilon? The silencers don't really need coordinated anything but I guess it could be pretty tricky. Quickdraw is a great choice for those that have more experience, but how would you build her out? I'm also wildly curious as to if anyone has tried this list vs a swarm of any kind...
  7. Jyico

    Deluxe Wave Kit/Enhanced Quick Builds

    I don't see in any official quick build tournament why you couldn't use either build of Iden. There's 5 quick builds promo cards released thus far and I don't have the rest in front of me... are the rest good to go? I think it was a skull fighter for scum, black squadron/gray squadron flip card, and Thane for rebels.
  8. Jyico

    Happy Friday - Just played First Order !

    I tend to setup at non-standard 0 or 45 degree angles, so getting asteroids between myself and enemy ships hasn't been too difficult. Think more about how you can almost graze a rock and keep a wide arc instead of pointing directly at it. Plus, use the 3 biggest ones! Coordinate at either Initiative 0,1,or 7 seems like it will help: TIE/vn Silencer - •“Blackout” - 88 •“Blackout” - Ill-Fated Test Pilot (70) Trick Shot (1) Proton Torpedoes (9) Primed Thrusters (8) Upsilon-class Shuttle - •Petty Officer Thanisson - 76 •Petty Officer Thanisson - Alert Flight Controller (60) •Captain Phasma (5) •Kylo Ren (11) TIE/fo Fighter - •“Null” - 35 •“Null” - Epsilon Ace (31) •Squad Leader (4) Total: 199/200 Its Hyperspace legal, but I could always add the Biohexathingamajiggers to round out 200 in extended.
  9. Jyico

    Happy Friday - Just played First Order !

    Happy Friday CB! I'm all in on Blackout, I tried to get him to work in 1.0 and didn't have much luck since Kylo was infinitely better. However now.... looks like I get to go Poe hunting! I've been proxying it the last couple weeks and think I may have something, but I'm still trying to figure out which F/O pilot to use (Upsilon is the 3rd ship). And extra awesome is my squad is already painted and modded
  10. Plastic card for the winner of the wave championship has a gold embossed 1st on it just like last year's store champs. Its neat!
  11. Jyico

    Putting a Face to the Name: Pilots

    Definitely need a pin on this thread. Awesome work! Should you ever put together a cardface with picture and description... lets just say sign me up!
  12. Jyico

    What is your favorite 2018 X-Wing moment?

    Organizing the most exciting Loopin' Chewie commentary ever But aside from that... the 2018 Regionals in Nebraska at Sparta Games was the best time for me and x-wing. I think the peak was a store full of star wars aficionados singing 80's songs!
  13. Jyico

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    This is what happens when my caffeine system hasn't been properly regulated. Sorry, carry on!
  14. Jyico

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Soontir? Is he forgotten already?! Edit: going for caffeine, now.
  15. Jyico

    Phones Taken from players during Stream games.

    Its a reasonable request given how awesome Tech is. Seems you could very easily have someone feeding info through text to speech or even a phone call when someone thinks you're listening to music. Even an image of a right turn arrow flashing across your notification screen might turn a game if you weren't otherwise thinking of that.