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  1. 11? I usually run events, so I think any TO would have a lot more... Folding board I made (4x3), just got a death star surface tile set and a 36x36" acrylic cover for it, 3 different system opens, Stele Open, Farmer's SKB, Mynock Open mat, FFG Endor, FFG standard starmat, Ice planet surface from InkedGaming. I got rid of any vinyl mats a while ago, but I do have access to a plotter at work so I can create just about anything in paper Actually, I'm the 2nd guy in this city to have enough to warrant a rocket launcher tube set. A friend 3d printed some tube ends and now I can carry 6 at a time in individual tubes!
  2. I'm good for probably 1-2 mistakes per match, however looking back on anything considered an "upper tier tournament" or in cut rounds and I can point out the mistake I made in each tournament that definitely cost me the tournament. I really try hard to not make irrecoverable mistakes, however history has always proven me unable to overcome this. These are things like: had I gone with my plan and remembered to barrel roll I wouldn't have jammed up my entire swarm or... had I decloaked whisper like I planned, I wouldn't have landed her so perfectly on a rock that she couldn't even decloak the turn after Or more recently... had I stuck to my plan for Duchess I might have a worlds invite. I guess I should go with the ol' Leeroy Jenkins bit and write "STICK TO THE PLAN, CHUMS" on the back of my hand. Maybe on a template. Hmm...
  3. Sunken tables aren't bad, but if you want a gaming table just get a gaming table. Or build one. Pool tables aren't great for it due to the awkward rails that you want to lean on (ruins them), pockets you lose stuff in, no space to sit under, etc. However, Pool is a great game too. I'd get a 4x7 or 4x8 sheet of plywood depending on the table size to cover it. 3/4" will be best. You should probably make a spacer for the middle of the table, but that might also put a bump in the middle of the pool table... lots of xwing games have people leaning on the tables and I could see the plywood sinking down in the middle, especially while leaning. I think my dream gaming table would be an airhockey table with a plywood or ping pong topper. I'd bet the large bases would fly across that table!
  4. Hyperspace Imperial 5s is untouched, pretty pleased about that!
  5. I agree, I'm going to try this version next: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v7!s=200!199:123,,82,166:;214:124,,50,26,63,79,69,164,147:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= I wasn't able to effectively use VTG, so this looks to almost fly exactly like I was using it before. Awesome!
  6. I absolute agree! I've found in our meta that busting up formation flying or Cassian (maybe twice) and hitting with 4 dice the turn after is a bit better than a single 5 die once shot. Or even threatening to do it will force people to fly differently, where they wouldn't necessarily if Vader only had a one time one die bonus.
  7. I'd go Ion missles for the occasional big ship you wanna tear in half the turn after. Or just to mess with formations.
  8. Jyico

    I tested my dice...

    Did you adjust the "randomness" of your dice in any way? Then you have created a bias! We have a guy locally that we joke with him about how his dice always roll 4 crits on 3 red dice. Many have shared his dice hoping for some of that specialness, turns out its just a visual event that everyone remembers when he rolled 3 crits on Range One 1.0 Vader and added another crit. I honestly don't think he's done that since. Perception is a powerful thing and we won't let him live that down!
  9. WTB Red die #9 and Green die #12 for shared dice pool, no questions.
  10. Jyico

    I tested my dice...

    I never chopped any open, but someone here ages ago put them through some sort of MRI type machine and found the holes on the inside. Our group had one player that was pretty notorious for finding and punishing "bad" dice. I gave away my "perfectly balanced set" to a friend who had dice problems (all of this is anecdotal so it doesn't matter in the grand scheme) but he did win some regional dice with them. I have no idea what happened to the set after that. I gave up and now have one of those eclectic sets of "one of each regional style". At the last hyperspace tournament I attended, during the cut, my opponent asked to share dice. That was the first time anyone has asked me specifically. Before this article I used to think that was more of a mind trick, but the conclusions of the OP's article are great!
  11. Jyico

    I tested my dice...

    I did and was highly impressed by it Did the casino dice tear up your clear panel at all during testing? Or the wood?
  12. Jyico

    I tested my dice...

    Not only more expensive, but if you look at what casino dice are meant to do... its meant that they don't roll. I saw an article that I can't find now (Maybe this was it? https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/642255/casino-dice-are-not-boardgaming ) about how you shouldn't use casino dice in place of D6's for board gaming because you don't have the thing that makes them most random: A large table with randomized pyramids on the other end to fully randomize rolls. Or I guess a randomizing machine as the OP built. Machined dice would also tear up play surfaces and we all love our collector mats. But all of this IS fascinating! Guess the dice app will come in handy.
  13. I had a great experience with this list VS most rebel beef. The scariest thing you can see across from you for rebel beef is swarm tactics wedge and cassian with selflessness. I went to a hyperspace trial with it, with similar tactics, and ended up getting 2nd out of 16. Same person beat me round 1 and in the finals (with beef), but the finals were within grasp had I not been so aggressive with Duchess.
  14. Interestingly enough... the last Hyperspace trials I weekend is June 22nd, and the Hyperspace Trials II starts July 13th. Lemme get my tinfoil hat... but that's an awfully large co-inkidink.
  15. I already own way too many mats but I'd own another just like that Hungarian national.
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