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  1. Only the most well read people in the galaxy even know the imperial Creed is a thing. Far fewer practice the Imperial Creed as being superior to the Imperial Cult. Your GM is completely messing with the lore because of personal biases. Which may or may not be cool with your group depending on how obnoxious you feel he's being.
  2. You present many good points Bladehate. There's a new book coming out for 2E, perhaps this sector can find it's voice there and in future supplements.
  3. If the bundles are falling out of the cover like everyone else then just take a picture, email FFG showing them that your book is literally falling apart. And they'll send you a new copy. Repeat process as needed until FFG reprint with a semblance of quality control for 2E. If worst comes to worst they'll probably email you a digital copy.
  4. Yeah my friend picked up a copy and the pages are already falling out. The build quality from what it seems is pretty awful. Hopefully DH 2E fixes this with future prints.
  5. I completely agree. FFG had little reason to depart from the Calixis Sector, DH 2E could've been set in 1 particularrly interesting and crucial solar system that added much to the sector. Nope. It's set in ANOTHER system that's falling apart, it really doesn't have a shtick. The Calixis sector has CULTURE. The Calixis sector is supposed to be an Imperial success story. But even then since it's been conquered it has old families and old feuds and vendettas. There are many cracks and venues for the heretical to exploit. The Koronus Expanse is MYSTERIOUS. It's hard to get to, and it's the wild west. It's almost completely unexploited, there are countless riches to be made and lost, countless cultures to discover and conquer. The Jericho Reach is very high powered. There are multiple threats who threaten to tear the system apart and it's on the verge of slipping out of the Imperium's hands. Each of these settings is evocative. It feels real, like there's so much else out there to fit in the paradigm but in it's own unque way, What does Askellon have going for it? Not much.
  6. I do believe a full grown Void Whale should be 20km long.
  7. Orks, my brother who was already into the 40k lore told me about how orks worked. That you could chop their heads off and sow them on backwards and they'd just wake up. And that they could just take a crate full of dynamite, shove it into their gun, and shoot what's effectively a fully automatic bolter because of their power of belief. He said that this was only the tip of the iceberg of how crazy this universe could get. And I was hooked.
  8. "- cybernetics have no real downside (insanity points would be a good idea)" In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, having your perfectly good arm lopped off to make room for an autoquill arm is not big deal when it serves the emprah. There are some procedures that give insanity points because even jaded 40k denizens find them abhorrent. For example the Transgenic Grafting (Dark Heresy - Radical's Handbook pg. 203) is a procedure that gives you the quality of a captured creature and it gives you 1d10 insanity and 1d10 corruption points. But chainsaw arms are totally chill.
  9. My Rogue Trader book is still holding up fine after years of heavy use by heavyhanded players and GMs alike. So the fact that this new product is already experienced issues is troubling. They'll fix it eventually (hopefully) so I'm just going to wait until they have it sorted out in future printings.
  10. -An encounter with Rak'Gols is considered a promising business opportunity.
  11. I understand why many wouldn't want Dark Eldar in their group. They ARE chaotic evil. And as such Dark Eldar PCs more often then not become overbearing and obnoxious to the rest of the group unless they're played up for laughs.
  12. I wouldn't think it to be TOO unreasonable for a Dark Eldar to be on a Rogue Trader's ship. The Rogue Trader could have a few dozen captured enemies for the Dark Eldar to feed off of. Also, even though Dark Eldars are arrogant and xenophobic they may be on the run from other Dark Eldar hungting them and they just want some thrills.
  13. If I were GMing I'd want you to have some more organs to begin the process. Because chaos SM are more often poorly equiped, it would be pretty grimdark for them to not have all their organs or evne poorly grown organs. I know in Black Crusade CSM power armor doesn't have all the features loyal astartes have to show that it's in a state of disrepair, they can get the features but they start off missing them.
  14. A houserule i like to use is that shooting once adds a +10 to hit. Which is I believe official rules from Only War. This applying to any attack made once.
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