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  1. I like it. It lets them push out updates/changes a bit easier than printed materials. It has been working very well with SW: Legion
  2. Slight Spoiler for this question I am playing solo (1 character) and am trying to fight the specail monster "Kill Team". I do not understand its health value. 2x (survivor symbol).....what do i have to do to kill this thing? is the healt 2x the number os survivors playing? so, if i am playing just me with one character it is 2 health? and then if 3 were playing it would be 6 health?
  3. Hi all....starting playing my first game with my dad today and we have 3 things that came up that we didnt know what to do. please help: 1.) 2 Rebel leaders performed sabotage in the Mandalore system. Next mission the Imps played "Research & Development". Can my two Rebels that were already there oppose it even though the did a mission previously? 2.) Can a leader in a system that conducted a mission "oppose" a follow on capture mission from the imp. I.E. if my rebel leader performed a mission in Mandalore...then the next move by the Imps was "Capture Rebel Operative"....can that same Rebel leader oppose the check? Can i additionally bring in another leader from my pool to oppose? 3.) Interrogation droid: "Count all skill icons..." So does this mean all the icons on that specif leader will represent 1 die in the pool regardless of what skill it is? Can the Rebel leader who already conducted a mission oppose it? Can i bring in another leader from the pool to help oppose? side note: sadly my dad had a total of 4 probe droid cards in his hand when he played the interrogation droid. i lost the check and gave him the 3 systems....can you believe that the two false systems i gave him he had in his hand? unreal....he had 4 total cards in his hand and i pick 2 that he had...so needless to say it was easy to figure out where my base is.
  4. Perfect! Thank you! In Fly Casual (p. 60) it talks about that exact thing of using an SFS G7-X Gravity Well Projector to pull ships from Hyperspace by creating a gravity well bubble...and/or using it to prevent ships (out to extreme range!) of jumping into Hyperspace.
  5. Is there any Cannon (or legend) references of the ability to pull a spacecraft out of hyperspace? ISB chasing the PCs and pull them from Hyperspace? Rebels has shown a few new "tricks" for hyperspace. Being able to detach the Ghost and drop into real space. Clone Wars had multiple star fighters together traveling in Hyperspace. I dont recall anything that has shown the ability of an entity to pull someone out of hyperspace. Lets say there is an Imperial blockade of some system...can the Imps pull any starships out of hyperspace that pass through that area and then tracker beam them into their landing bay?
  6. I play only online on Roll20. I have made some specific maps for my games by scanning my IA tiles then building a map. In roll20 i add dynamic lighting and it works great. I only do this periodically when i have a very specific idea/concept i want to get across.
  7. I would assume the lull in news has to do with 1.) being less than a month from May 4th and 2.) being 2-ish months out from GENCON.
  8. So, the rules on the jet pack in Edge are kinda vague....by design i assume. I know you treat it as a vehicle per say...but it seems for the first few usages the PC should be wonky at best with it while learning to feel the controls and what not. I would plan on adding 2-3 setback for a few checks while they "learn" how to use it. then gradually reduce the setback once they have used it for a bit. Does anyone require an athletics/coordination check when their PCs use the Jet Pack? I would assume if the PC wanted to "jet pack" up to a ledge/tree branch....i would add in some setback dice to reflect the PCs ability to land and balance himself on the "object" they are choosing to land on. In other words...the Piloting check to move theme selves successful to the place they want to go....then a coordination/athletics check to land on a small area. I can see a successful pilot check gets them to the tree branch they wanted...but if they get a threat/Despair on the athletics/coordination check...they slightly miss the branch and have to grab it and hold on... My PCs haven't bought them yet...but after the current arc we are on they will have some spare cash and i am sure they will get them. I can also assume they will try and do a "fade/fly away shooting at enemies"...how do people handle that? I assume some sorta check to make sure they are controlling the jet pack properly and then their normal combat check with added setback for "being in motion"? What about time of flight? they cant just buzz around forever....
  9. After all...according to "The Chunker"...The (nK) have won every war they have been in.
  10. Does anyone have anything that i can use with Skype? my games are all online (Skype and Roll20). I dont like the roll20 audio since i cant choose whatever i want. Even though i own the Star Wars albums..i cant upload the MP3 yo use in my games. I have heard of people using some Skype-add on to be able to use whatever sound they want (and not take space on my roll20 account). Can anyone vouch for one of these add-ons?
  11. Looking for another EotE PC for our weekly group on Roll20. (once i figure out how to get teh dice roller on Hangout...i will probably shift to that). We play Sundays at 1900 BERLIN TIME. So that comes out to be: 1pm East coast, noon Central, 11am Mountain, 10 pacific. Theme: continuing campaign in line with EotE. Current group has 3 PCs. Droid/Colonist/Scholar, Human/Technician/Outlaw Tech, Human/Bounty Hunter/Gadgeteer. Constraints/Restraints: Any Species is ok, Career/specialization tree must be EotE. Baseline character (i.e beginning XP level). Rules lawyers will be asked to leave the group. Combative (with other PC/GM) people will be asked to leave. Pretty much if you don't assimilate into our group dynamics you will be asked to leave. We all started this system 5 months ago and build weekly upon the depth of the galaxy and rules mechanics weekly. Message me if interested.
  12. I just played Conflict at the Carrock....and got slaughtered. I am using Aragorn, Eowyn and Beravor for my adventurers. I did some searching online on some tips/techniques to help beat this adventure. I am seeing a bunch of data of needing to use a specific character to beat this level. I really don't want to change up my characters from adventure to adventure. (modifying my deck for the character is obviously what I want to do). Bottom line is I want my same three characters to go through the entire game and just adjust their abilities as I go. Can this be done?
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