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  1. Thanks! That's sort of what I figured as well. I'll have to practice a bit and see how well I can get Outmaneuver to work for me. I'm still a bit iffy about flying a list with just three small ships, but maybe Luke and Ibtisam will be sturdy enough to make it work out alright.
  2. Seems pretty sweet. Though it looks like it'd play a bit differently than what I've been trying to put together. Out of curiosity, how well does Luke work as a flanker, anyway? And without an Engine Upgrade. I've wondered how he'd work in that role in other lists I've tinkered with but haven't given it a try. Also, there have been so many times when I've wished that I had a Rebel Transport and a YT-2400, because both seem to have so many cards that would add a lot of interesting elements to a squadron. Lone Wolf in particular is something I'd like to try out. No problem! What are your thoughts on Outmaneuver vs. PtL on Jake, by the way? Particularly in this list. On the one hand, it'd be nice for him to have some extra mobility/actions when necessary, but on the other, his attacks might be a bit more effective if he can drop his target's agility a bit. Also, if he does need to take the first shot at a Rebel Captive, I wouldn't want him to be stuck with two stress...
  3. Thanks. I was thinking about bringing this list to a Store Championship but have no idea what I'm likely to go up against. Actually, I wonder if it'll end up being a lot of turreted two-ship builds. I'm leaning toward putting Jake or Tycho in, but I'll probably end up practicing with the Prototypes a bit beforehand as well, just to see how that would work. Ah, I was wondering whether a Shield Upgrade might be a good idea for Luke. Unfortunately, PtL Tycho is one point too many, so it'd probably have to be something like VI + Outmaneuver Jake in that case.
  4. Thanks a lot for all of your input so far! I suspect you're right. It probably wouldn't work quite the way I'd like it to. You make a good point. I was leaning toward the Refit A-Wings but hadn't also considered how much variety they would add that Z-95s couldn't. Why in particular would you say that a tricked out Tycho or Jake would not be as viable for a competitive setting as two Prototypes? Is it that there aren't as many targets for your opponent, or is it the lack of firepower? Or both? Just trying to get a better feel for what to watch out for in my lists. Awesome. I do love me some A-Wings. Do you think the advantages of a tricked out Tycho or Jake outweigh those of having two low PS, less capable A-Wings? Edited for wording.
  5. One combination I’ve been meaning to try out is a disruptive Ibtisam with Luke drawing fire: Ibtisam (B-Wing) (28) -Elusiveness (2) -Sensor Jammer (4) -B-Wing/E2 (1) -Jan Ors (2) (37) Luke Skywalker (X-Wing) (28) -Draw Their Fire (1) -R2-D2 (4) (33) Ideally, Ibtisam will be a pain to hit, and since Luke has a mini-focus for defense at all times, I figure he can focus each round to get Jan’s evade for extra protection. So, the idea is that whichever one of them is targeted, they’ll be more difficult to hit, and Luke can regenerate a bit if he takes a hit or draws the other ship’s critical. Like I said, I’d like to give these two a try soon, but in the meantime I’d be interested to hear some feedback at first blush. Is it likely to work out very well, or will these expensive fighters burn pretty quickly? One obvious problem I see is that there aren’t many points left over for ships to supplement this duo. Am I likely to be better off with two Refit Prototype Pilots or two Bandits with Proton Rockets, maybe to draw some attention away from the two heavier hitters early on? Or perhaps two Talas instead, one of which has some sort of missile? One tricked out flanker also sounds fun, but I’d feel pretty uneasy with only three small ships. What do you think?
  6. Thanks for your input; I was afraid that would be problem. :/ It might be back to the drawing board for me. And unfortunately I do not yet have an Experimental Interface, though I am aware that it would make Tycho even crazier.
  7. I’m hoping to participate in a few more tournaments this year, and with the first store championship in my area coming up soon, I’m still trying to settle on a squad to fly. Below, I’ve come up with a couple variations on an ABZZZ list that I have not yet had a chance to try out. Would anyone like to offer their advice on whether one looks more viable than the other, or whether I should just start from scratch on a different kind of list? 1. Tycho Celchu (A-Wing) (26) -Push the Limit (3) -Chardaan Refit (-2) -A-Wing Test Pilot (0) -Daredevil (3) (30) Ibtisam (B-Wing) (28) -Elusiveness (2) -Sensor Jammer (4) (34) Bandit Squadron Pilot (Z-95) x3 (36) 100 pts Tycho with Push and Daredevil is crazy fun to fly around, so I’d hope to flank with him and harass the enemy fighters, ideally while staying out of their firing arcs. I figure Ibtisam would support the Zs and be a bit of a pain to fire at. I would have liked to fit Jan onboard, but there just isn’t room, unless I replace Tycho with VI + Outmaneuver Jake, for example. 2. Jake Farrell (A-Wing) (24) -Veteran Intincts (1) -Chardaan Refit (-2) -A-Wing Test Pilot (0) -Outmaneuver (3) (26) Keyan Farlander (B-Wing) (29) -Push the Limit (3) -Advanced Sensors (3) -B-Wing/E2 (1) -Jan Ors (2) (38) Bandit Squadron Pilot (Z-95) x3 (36) 100 pts. With this build my flanking A-Wing might have a little more punch, if I can keep him out of arc. Keyan would also provide a bit more offense and flexibility in my B. The idea in giving him Push and Adv. Sensors is to allow him to get stressed even if he needs to take a white maneuver, but I wonder if that’s really necessary most of the time. Would I be better off giving Keyan VI instead of Push, and Jake Predator instead of VI? (Unfortunately, I've only got one VI to go around.) Lastly, it could turn out that I will not actually have access to a third Z by the time I would need to compete. In that case I thought I might replace it with a Refit Prototype A. For #1 I could then replace Tycho with VI + Outman. Jake, and for #2 I could drop Jan. Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated. I still feel rather inexperienced, so it could be that I’m missing something that’s glaringly obvious to others. For example, I’d be throwing at least eleven red dice with either build, but with so many two-attack ships, I wonder if that’s actually likely to be enough.
  8. I'm also under the same handle (Myth Child) and very new to Vassal. Would be willing to play with others who are new or experienced and patient.
  9. And here I thought I was so clever devising my own triple-Shuttle squad with that name. Sure looks like fun, though.
  10. Bomber lovin', happened so fast.
  11. Another great write-up, SableGryphon. After reading your article about proximity mines and then watching you and your list on Twitch on Friday, I decided to go out the next day and get my first Bomber in your honor. I can't wait to experiment with it a bit and eventually amass at least a couple more.
  12. SableGryphon, I want to see more of your "Explored" topics! They're extremely helpful and interesting. This one was great, especially since the B-Wing is my favorite ship, so you can bet I'll be returning. Thank you!
  13. Thanks for the clarification! I noticed that the German ones tend to be a bit cheaper, too, so I might end up getting more than one multiple while I'm here, haha.
  14. Yeah, I thought I might look for an expansion for a ship I already have one of, just so I've got some English cards as well if it's a problem. Thanks for your reply!
  15. I'm in a German-speaking country right now and was considering adding a German expansion to my collection. However, I was wondering if any of you have been able to compare a German product with one obtained in the US. Is everything about the components the same, apart from the language? Are game components generally uniform across different markets? I've noticed in my research that the German products have another company's mark on the packaging along with FFG's (Heidelberger Spielverlag, I believe), and I didn't know if that might also mean any changes to design on the cards or pieces. In addition to that, since FFG hosts a Worlds event, I assume there is no problem with mixed-language game components in tournament play or anything like that, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!
  16. How about "Dark Curse" with Targeting Computer?
  17. Several points to that. 1. The Falcon was specifically ruled out. If that wasn't the case I would DEFINITELY recommend running it along with the X-Wing and B-Wing. 2. It also sounds like the OP was specifically working within collection limitations. Predator is alright (and I even considered putting it in) but there is not Firespray to get the Gunner although crewman Luke can work. C-3PO may be out of the question as acquiring that card will retail for almost the entire value of the rest of the listed collection. IF a Falcon build is desired I might suggest the following: Chewie + Luke + Predator + Falcon Title / Red / Dagger Could save a couple points on the snub fighters to drop from PS 4 to PS 2 but that is a little Predator insurance. Now to be really honest you might be able to do better with Imperial build although it may be harder to learn how to fly. You have the makings for a deadly Whisper or Echo, could use the Defender as a boom-n-zoom fighter and have a pair of TIE Fighters to help with running interference. Something like: Whisper + VI + ACD + FCS Col. Vessery (who ideally gets to take advantage of the TL that Whisper gets if his target isn't finished off) Academy Pilot (x2) 2 points remaining. The Falcon isn't entirely out of the question, and actually, the squad I had considered was pretty much what you have there, except with Rookie and Blue. But the predator insurance with Red and Dagger is a good point. And actually, the Imperial squad I've been practicing with is exactly what you listed, except it had "Echo" with a Recon Specialist. Though now I've been thinking a Weapons Engineer might be a better choice, so Vessery could have two locked targets to choose from, assuming it works that way with FCS. I think the main thing I'm unsure about with this squad is set-up and approach. I was thinking that the Rebel squads I had planned would at least be a little more straightforward in that regard, but clearly this is where more experience on my part would help with this decision-making. This Imperial squad does seem fun and interesting, though... Again, thanks a lot for your input.
  18. Thanks for the suggestion. Flying a Falcon is still under consideration, but the potential squad I had come up with was closer to what StevenO listed. I'm afraid I don't have access to C-3PO or Gunner. Thank you, though!
  19. It might be a better idea. One should remember that Biggs may not live long enough for R2-D2 to do him any good even with the Shield Upgrade. I'll say I'm not really a big fan of R2-F2 either but if Kyle passed Biggs a Focus token there is a change that the extra agility will pay more than just taking Focus in the first place. Normally, I may not be against Kyle outfitted as such but here you're almost certainly passing a Focus to Biggs every turn you can that he'll never see again. Maybe Kyle can get a few tokens saved up before the fighting starts but that blaster turret will eat them up so the Ion Turret may not be a bad replacement. Now looking at your collection it will be hard to put together a rebel squadron that doesn't use the Falcon as the only three ships you have are the three listed. Here is something you might want to consider: Luke (28) + DtF (1) + R2D2 (4) 33 points Jan Ors (25) + Nien Nunb (1) + Ion Cannon Turret (5) 31 points Ten (31) + Marksmanship (3) 34 points While leaves you 2 points. Considered Determination on Jan or replacing Marksmanship for 3 more points. Everyone is PS 8 which is great as it makes moving easier and also lets you shoot before many potential targets. Luke is largely serving the same purpose that Biggs did except he's naturally harder to hit if shot and and doesn't need to be targetting making it easier to pick [crits] which can hit his shield to regenerate with R2Ds. Ten is basically the same Ten you had before but without the FCS. Jan is control and boosting for the two big guns. That's pretty much what I was thinking when considering R2-F2 instead. Just wasn't sure how it'd work in practice. Thanks for the suggested squad, too. I guess I kind of developed tunnel vision thinking about Biggs taking the pressure off the other two, but yours seems like it could be a good, effective alternative. Jan would certainly help make my offense more effective.
  20. Thanks a lot for your input. With R2-F2 I was thinking that if I were to pass a focus to Biggs each turn, then I could use the astromech's action to give him an additional defense die for the entire round, instead of using the action to generate another focus. But I don't know. Maybe it doesn't actually work out as well as I thought it might. Perhaps it'd be better to have that second focus token for certain? Given that dice of any kind generally aren't my friends. But yeah, perusing Vinius' HWK thread caused me to consider the problems with Blaster Turret in this particular set-up, so the Ion Turret seems the better choice. As for Ten and Marksmanship, I was thinking that the upgrade would allow me to simply give Kyle's focus token to Biggs most of the time for defense while giving Ten at least one critical, which cannot be canceled by defense dice, assuming he rolls any focus symbols. But maybe it's not worth the action? Thanks again!
  21. After some consideration, I thought maybe I should replace R2-D2 with R2-F2 (3) and the Blaster Turret with an Ion Cannon Turret (5). Is that probably a better idea, given what I have here?
  22. I am preparing for my first tournament tomorrow, during which I solely aim to learn and have fun. And though I have no expectation of winning, I would still like to seek some advice on a list to run. First of all, I'm not sure I know how to fly my Imperial ships effectively yet, so I thought I might run Rebels this time. I considered having Chewbacca with a B-Wing and an X-Wing, but I kind of want to get more familiar with flying small ships first. And it sounds like there could be a lot of Falcons out there anyway. Instead, here's what I initially put together with my limited resources: Ten Numb (31) -Marksmanship (3) -Fire-Control System (2) Biggs Darklighter (25) -R2-D2 (4) -Shield Upgrade (4) Kyle Katarn (21) -Moldy Crow (3) -Blaster Turret (4) -Recon Specialist (3) 100 pts. I suppose the idea behind choosing Kyle was to supply focus to increase the durability of the squad, but I'm not sure how well that would actually play out. On the other, Imperial hand, I have had some fun practicing with "Echo", and a likely squad would include her, Vessery and two Academy Pilots, but I'm really not sure how to make the best use of the TIEs. Also, trying to plan out the Phantom's possible movements can often take a bit too much time for me. Would anyone care to offer me some friendly advice?
  23. Thanks a lot, everyone! I appreciate the encouragement. Looks like I'll probably join in after all. Should be fun.
  24. I will be heading to Austria pretty soon here, and I was wondering if there might be any groups or individuals who play X-Wing in Upper Austria. Perhaps particularly in the Wels or Linz area?
  25. Hello, everyone! I’m new to the game, but unfortunately there isn’t anyone in my area to play against right now. I’ve recently learned that there will be a sector tournament at the FFG Games Center this Saturday and I was thinking it might be fun to head over there to spectate and learn a few things. I’ve thought about participating, but I’m not sure. Is a sector tournament a more casual affair, or no? Would it be frowned upon for a complete novice like me to participate? I’ve amassed a decent number of ships to start with, but so far I’ve only been able to play some solo games at home to practice movement and gameplay and to get a feel for the game. I’d also be pretty nervous about playing my first actual game in a tournament setting. Does anyone have any advice?
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