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  1. That would be nice. Do you happen to have a link for some of those ability clarifications that are still not FAQ'd? I'd like to make sure I'm prepared if I encounter any.
  2. Would it be wise to evade and then Gonk, or does one really want at least one focus token before needing to rely on those Wired rerolls? I haven't done the math, but being able to re-roll blanks would make me think that Focus gets a lot stronger with Wired. Of course, the fact that you get it for offense is also nice. I've done the math. ​Against a single attacker, when you have 3 agility.... I did the wrong math. You're talking about Boba specifically, right? I guess I was wondering about Firesprays other than his. I should have specified.
  3. Ooh, that sounds pretty sweet. I actually really like that.
  4. Would it be wise to evade and then Gonk, or does one really want at least one focus token before needing to rely on those Wired rerolls?
  5. Sweet! I've been thinking about how I might run a Punisher with Vessery as well, and Redline seems like a natural candidate. I definitely need to try something similar out. Thanks! Thanks. I'm definitely looking forward to the possibilities that the TAP and Imperial Veterans will bring to the table.
  6. I hadn't even really considered Epsilon Leader, but PtL on the Omega's he's supporting would certainly help keep them alive after they go for their target locks. I do like this idea, and I'm definitely looking forward to the Defender titles. Do you think Wired might still be something to consider anyway for the late game or when Vessery flanks? Both look pretty interesting to me. Unfortunately I currently only have one Comm. Relay, so I couldn't run the three Epsilons like that. I suppose replacing them with Crackshot Omegas might not do as well, since they'd be less defensible when they take their target locks, but maybe staggered locking and some careful flying could mitigate that? Nice! I'm kind of fixated on flying Vessery with Omega Leader, but I also wish I had those TIE Advanced upgrades, as they seem like a good fit with him, too.
  7. I’ve had this idea for a Vessery squad for a while, but unfortunately I never really had the chance to try it out. -Colonel Vessery, Adrenaline Rush, TIE Mk. II (37) -Scimitar Squadron Pilot, Proximity Mines x2 (38) -Omicron Group Pilot, Darth Vader (24) 99 pts. But now, after Wave 7.5, I’ve been thinking about how I might update the idea a bit. First off, I want to try replacing Vessery’s Adrenaline Rush with Wired, since, in addition to the TIE Mk. II, it’d keep his dial even more open by letting him modify some of his dice even when he takes a red turn or gets hit with enemy stress. I’ve also considered replacing the Scimitars and Doom Shuttle with Crackshot Omega Squadron Pilots and Juke-Comm. Relay Omega Leader, respectively. However, I’d be concerned about the damage output and survivability of only having three TIE/fos accompanying Vessery. Would I be better off keeping the Scimitars and/or Doom Shuttle, or can three FO fighters do enough work to support our man Vessery? I have not flown for the Empire very much yet, so I’d appreciate any general feedback and more experienced Imperial insight.
  8. That does looks pretty sweet, and it sounds like it does well. I had a similar idea, but with Latts (no Tactician) and Guri (Predator and 'Thrusters) instead. It's encouraging to hear that the Pirates can do some work. After my poor showing with Rebel Z-95s, I've been a bit shy about considering them for my squad-building.
  9. Do you mind sharing your list? I've been trying to devise YV-666 lists lately (primarily with Latts Razzi), but without the opportunity to try any of them out yet, I was wondering how two accompanying Kihraxz Fighters would actually fare.
  10. Do you remember me, on the fleet of dreams? Running through my memory, on the fleet of dreams.
  11. I'm going with OverCLOCKED Aggromech. Ah, good one! My mind immediately jumped to "overcharged" or something, but that sounds viable, too.
  12. I came here for this, and you did not disappoint.
  13. What if there is a new scum ship in the movie? Maybe something from Lupita N'yongo's pirate crew? Then maybe there would be an expansion for each faction, and it would keep ship distribution even(ish) among them.
  14. I was surprised to find that my Scyk actually had the wrong dial information printed on its movement card, but the dial itself was correct. Kind of weird.
  15. My guess is that "Overc... Agr..." is another salvaged astromech - some kind of Agromech.
  16. Thanks! That makes sense. Then you've got a rather sizeable area between them where enemy ships won't want to tread. And yeah, I'll have to figure out how best to approach with Guri. Though, I do wonder how this list would work out with the Prince instead... I suppose the Scyk would have to lose the Hull Upgrade, though.
  17. Haha, clearly I still need to adjust to the philosophy of this faction. But I see. So, the Ys are there primarily for area control to let Guri and the Spacer perform their work more easily. That sounds like it'd make for some interesting flying. Thanks for the tips! I may just have to give this squad a whirl after all. How do you handle the Ys against some of the faster large ships? Do you just cast a wider net?
  18. Thanks! I thought it was pretty clever. And thanks for your input. I was a bit concerned about keeping enemy ships in arc of the Y-Wings while also keeping them within range 1 of Xizor. Unfortunately, I don't have any Feedback Arrays, either. Somehow I was under the impression that we'd get those and a couple Deadman's Switches in Most Wanted, but apparently not. I have to say, I saw you post about your Guri squad with two Autoblaster Ys and a Spacer, and it really intrigued me. It sounds like you've had some good success with it as well. I've been tempted to give it a try myself, but I'd feel a little guilty stealing your list, heh. I do feel like I'd get more utility out of that M3-A than a Pirate, though. Is it very difficult getting the Ys in range 1 of their targets consistently? That does sound like a fun list. That single Pirate in my list feels a little useless, but I'm afraid I only have the two Ys.
  19. I’m getting ready for another store championship this weekend and still can’t decide how I want to deploy my new Scum ships. On the one hand, I’m considering the following: Prince Xizor (StarViper), Predator, Virago, Autothrusters, Advanced Sensors – 40 Syndicate Thug (Y-Wing), Ion Cannon Turret, Unhinged Astromech, BTL-A4, x2 – 48 Binayre Pirate (Z-95) – 12 100 pts. I figure I want Xizor up in the enemy ships’ faces, maximizing damage while my opponent agonizes over what a poor decision it probably is to shoot at him while his escort is still around to soak up uncanceled hits. If the escort falls, I try to fly him a bit more evasively, still being able to modify my attack with Predator (and focus, if able). On the other hand, I’ve also flown Guri with the same load-out in a similar squad. When I did, I gave one of the Thugs Autoblaster Turret, Genius, and a Proton Bomb. I used a tactic I saw in one of Sable’s articles, pulling a 4K and allowing Genius to fling my bomb ahead and into the enemy formation, which was supremely satisfying (but of course that Thug pulled Munitions Failure). Meanwhile, I tried to keep Guri out of arc but within range 1 when possible. Both squads were fun and successful, but for the most part, the lists I played against were not really indicative of the kind I’m likely to face in the tournament. I feel like the Xizor list might be more consistent against a variety of squad types. Would any of you agree? Is having the same load-out on Guri a bit overkill? Genius' bombing shenanigans seem really novel and unexpected to me, but are most people likely to see them coming? I appreciate any feedback. I’m still trying to figure out how the Scum faction operates most effectively, so I’d love to hear any advice and discussion.
  20. I really like that mini-swarm, too! I've put together quite few lists like that, using various elite pilots, and I have not yet had much chance to try them out (apart from Vessery), but I look forward to doing so.
  21. Or how about Veteran Instincts and Flechette Cannon, to sprinkle a little stress on those ions?
  22. No, that sounds right. I would advise caution in delegating the token punching to a 5-year-old, though.
  23. I am trying to prepare for an upcoming store championship and there are two lists I am considering the most right now. Unfortunately, I don’t get a whole lot of opportunity to practice with them against a variety of builds, so I was hoping I could gather some feedback from a few of you folks on the forums. If anyone cares to take a look and give their opinion, I’d be most appreciative. 1. - Nera Dantels (26), Deadeye (1), Flechette Torpedoes (2), Proton Torpedoes (4), Munitions Failsafe (1) – (34) - Roark Garnet (19), Ion Cannon Turret (5) – (24) - Blue Squadron Pilot (22), Fire-Control System (2), Ion Cannon (3) – (27) - Prototype Pilot (17), Chardaan Refit (-2) – (15) 100 pts. The idea here was to have a fun way to let Nera keep Phantoms and other range 2-3 arc-dodgers in check. Whether her flechettes hit or not, most small base ships will at least take the stress and hopefully get ioned by one of the other ships. Shooting at PS 12 would of course be helpful for this. And if a large ship finds itself outside of Nera’s firing arc, she can try for a shot with the proton torpedoes. My main concern is survivability. There aren't a whole lot of agility dice here. 2. - Keyan Farlander (29), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Sensors (3) – (33) - Blue Squadron Pilot (22) - Rookie Pilot (21) - Bandit Squadron Pilot x2 (24) 100 pts. I’m leaning more toward this list, as Adv. Sensors Keyan is pretty fun to fly and I kind of like the idea of a somewhat beefy mixed mini-swarm. I figure I could try to find a flanking position for Keyan or have the other ships block his red maneuvers as necessary to set up some decent shots. Of course, low PS levels and maneuverability are a concern for me here, but having five ships makes me feel a little better. Any thoughts?
  24. At a recent Store Championship I found myself in first place after the Swiss rounds and ended up in sixth in the top eight with Ibtisam with Elusiveness, Sensor Jammer, Jan Ors Luke Skywalker with Draw Their Fire, R2-D2, Shield Upgrade Jake Farrell with Veteran Instincts, Chardaan Refit, A-Wing Test Pilot, Outmaneuver. I was surprised that it turned out so well. Clearly it's very defensive, as I thought it might make a three small rebels build more survivable, but it lacks firepower. On the one hand, I'm not sure how much of my success with it had to do with luck. (On one Whisper's remaining two hull, Jake outmaneuvered her behind an asteroid at range three and landed his single hit through her five defense dice. Then my opponent selected the incorrect direction on his dial and landed Whisper on an asteroid, leaving her uncloaked and open for Jake's kill shot.) On the other hand, I wonder how much better I might have been able to do with more experience and more practice with that list. Because of the low firepower, I don't know if I should keep flying this squad or try something different, but at least this time I had a lot of fun and some unexpected decent success flying something very different.
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