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  1. I appreciate the wordplay in the thread title.
  2. I believe I recall FFG saying that those ships with the aces paintjobs would not necessarily be re-released.
  3. I have brought a small laser pen for X-Wing on flights a few times now and have not yet had a problem. I worry about it a little each time, though. I do store it in its protective packaging, but I don't know if that makes a difference.
  4. You bet! And thank you! That squad with three Greens does look nice, but I'm still in possession of only two A-Wings for now. I have been looking for an excuse to get a third, though. Fitting Jan Ors on the U-Wing is a nice touch as well. She's definitely a crew member I'll keep in mind as I continue to tweak the list.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I do not have the EPT droid, but I do like the idea of Swarm Leader Pava. I really ought to pick up a Rebel Transport one of these days... I was also wondering whether Chopper would be a better fit on Heff, for taking actions after a stop maneuver. Do you think I might get more benefit out of that than out of Zeb? I had considered Enhanced Scopes as well, but eventually arrived at the same reasoning as Arthur_McGuire here. The uniform PS of such a squad appeals to me, and I figure it would be nice for Heff to have the opportunity for modified attacks even when stressed.
  6. I haven't played much at all lately, but the Snap Shot thread inspired me to consider snappy Greens for open play, and I'd appreciate hearing feedback on two squads I've laid out here. I really liked a Braylen Stramm squad idea in the thread and considered replacing Tarn with a U-Wing (because I'm curious about flying one): 2x Green Squadron Pilot (A-Wing, Refit, Title, Snap Shot, Juke) - 42 Heff Tobber (U-Wing, Fire-Control System, Zeb, Pivot Wing) - 27 Braylen Stramm (ARC-170, Weapons Engineer, M9-G8, Alliance Overhaul) - 31 Total: 100 Double droid shenanigans with Braylen and the Engineer seems like novel fun. However, I also really like Jess Pava in general and wonder if she might survive a little longer than Braylen. This would also make room for Operations Specialist on the U: 2x Green Squad - 42 Heff Tobber (U-Wing, FCS, Zeb, Ops Spec, Pivot Wing) - 30 Jess Pava (T-70, M9-G8, Integrated Astromech) - 28 Total: 100 I like to think Ops Spec would be useful for missed Snap Shots, and missed shots in general, but Jess also seems a little bare without a tech upgrade. What say you? Any thoughts on these squads at first blush? Or perhaps other suggestions altogether?
  7. In another thread around here, someone mentioned a VI Cassian with FCS, Hot Shot Copilot, and Gunner for stripping tokens. I'm not sure how effective it would be, and it's a lot of points, but it also sounds like it'd be fun to take out for a spin.
  8. That is awesome. I've only put the droid on Jess in a few games so far, but I need to give this a try as well.
  9. That sounds like quite a lot of fun. I hadn't even considered pairing M9-G8 with Weapons Engineer yet.
  10. What is this supposed to mean or contribute? And why are the chimp's nipples smoldering?
  11. With all that combined wingspan I doubt that those three ships are literally going alongside each other. gotchya covered! It's almost like the two ARCs are high-fiving. "RADICAL!"
  12. I was mostly a Rebel pilot until the release of Most Wanted. Since then, I've stuck with Scum for their tricks and japes and larks of all sorts. However, now that I'm playing a bit more again, I would like to start giving the other two factions a bit more of my time as well.
  13. Okay, that does make sense. I guess I forgot the order of operations re: BB-8. Still, I wonder which I would prefer. If you do push off a white maneuver or T-Roll, then you do become predictable. My inclination is probably to stick with Predator to at least always have some attack mods, even in emergencies. But those three actions do sound enticing. I suppose I'll have to give 'em both a try and see what I think.
  14. I'm confused about that as well. I've been meaning to give Ello Asty a try for a while now, and I'm definitely planning on Predator for the same reasons you've given.
  15. And I'm with her (Sabine)! I'm not sure I understand all the complaints about adding a stolen TIE to the Rebels. The announcement certainly took me by surprise as well, but I'm ready to keep an open mind and see more of what the expansion has in store for us. And what about faction identity? Would anyone really mistake that sick paint-job for one of the Empire's? In any case, I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll get a more detailed preview on this ship somewhere down the line.
  16. The cross-sections book describes parts of the ship as highly modifiable. So, to echo dewbie420 above: Where there's Scum, there's a way.
  17. That's how I see it as well. The position of your turret at the end of combat might telegraph your intentions for the next round, but if your opponent decides to react to that information (at a lower PS), then you can just adjust it again with your action after you move. I think in any case, your mobile arc's position at the end of combat could influence your opponent's maneuvers to your advatage, if used well.
  18. Yes, I agree. We already knew that the sf has heavier armor than the fo and is not supposed to be as nimble as it and other lighter TIEs. I really don't understand all the complaining. Not every ship can have an interceptor dial, nor should it.
  19. Nope. Voiced by Gina Torres, in fact. And I believe Ketsu is "@$$" in Japanese, ha.
  20. Mind if I ask how your Manaroo BumpMaster is outfitted? Would Intimidation, Intelligence Agent, R5-P8, and Anti-Pursuit Lasers still work well on her, or does something else synergize better with her ability on top of her bumping capabilities?
  21. Just a slight correction: I had Intelligence Agent on Palob, instead of Tactician. Congrats, though! It was a pleasure watching you pilot your TIE Swarm.
  22. Can confirm. Wave 1 swarm with no upgrades. It was pretty cool.
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