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  1. I'm a bit worried about the pace of new content though. I mean, people have already completed the campaign and the only thing around the corner is models for bosses those people have already defeated (which still haven't been released). I feel Arkham Horror LCG has a better content pacing as they drop a deluxe pack, followed shortly by 6 add-on packs. With this kind of game content drop every 4-6 months isn't really going to cut it, especially if all that is being dropped is 3 bosses (2 of which have already been defeated). Odd thing to say, but FFG does not seem to be ambitious enough with this product. These are my thoughts of course and I could be way off.
  2. I wanna see Eomer and Eowyn. Gimme some Rohirrim and give them a mount item that gives them 1 extra move during move actions or something. I'm curious if they will ever do magic for heroes. I mean- it be weird seeing Aragon fling magic. I imagine if they add a spellcaster role it would be limited in some way to certain characters, maybe something like "only wizards can pick this role" and I imagine those characters would have a "have to pick a spellcaster role".
  3. It's looking like I will be going with a laptop and steam to solve this issue. Thanks for all the replies. I wish the purchases and saves were account based and not app/device based, but it is what it is.
  4. This ties into what I would very much like to know.. More heroes when? xD I prefer having a wide selection of characters and would gladly pay today, for six more characters tomorrow. Just sayin'.
  5. Alright. Thanks for the answers. So I get the impression that even though if I keep it to steam online, I would still have an issue if I do it on my desktop one day and then the laptop the other day?
  6. I have some questions about the app and hoping I can get an answer to them here. I am mainly curious about having the app on different platforms. If I have it on android and steam for example, can I continue a game started on the steam installation on my android later? This would be useful if I started a game on my computer, but then found myself at a different location and being able to continue it on my phone. When you buy campaigns for the game, will it be linked to the platform I bought it on? If I buy the first campaign and want to play it on steam one day, and android the other, would I have to buy it a second time for the other platform? My hopes is that all the saves and bought content is linked to an account and that the account can be shared across the various platforms. Is this the case or no? Thanks for any help figuring this out.
  7. Just learned of this game. It looks amazing and have already ordered it. It does indeed seem a bit light on content however and I hope they do add more expansions to it. I would firstly like to see more heroes and roles as it would give a bigger expanse of choices. Would like to see some more unknown characters or even FFG made up ones. Game won't ever be lore accurate so why not enjoy that it's a light take on the lore? After more player options, more campaigns, maps, monsters, etc. Look forward to what is coming here.
  8. Eh? I don't get the issue? I assume they won't produce more content in a year with this method then they would otherwise right? Doesn't this just mean they will produce 1 a week for 6 week and then have a longer break until next set? Personally I would prefer if they produced 1 pack per clan all at the same time. That way you could invest only into the clan you want to play as.
  9. Thanks for all the replies everyone. Super useful. Follow up question if you don't mind. How many cores do you need to buy to have a full set?
  10. am I blind or is there no tutorial video for this? I always decide if I'm going to get a FFG game after watching the tutorial they have. Thanks for any reply.
  11. Title says it all. FFG rarely include multiplayer in the baseset. I couldn't find anything on this stating otherwise so I'm just going to ask. Will the new L5R have multiplayer, and if so - how many? Would like to see 3 player, 2vs2 and a PvE co-op would be really cool addition.
  12. Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone. Likes all around to you good people and a heart <3
  13. Is that legal? I'm something of a straight shooter =3
  14. Shoot. His links are down and I would rather download it since we are going to be going on a trip and are bringing the game with us, but putting on youtube might be a challenge since we don't know where we will be all the time. Did anyone actually get the files before the links went down?
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