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  1. Thanks to being more proactive than me on it! I am all for optimistic. I'm very excited to see the product on the boat, but it might have made Gen Con even MORE expensive.
  2. Also, there's a few ticketed events for the Tyrants of Lothal campaign that isn't ran by FFG. So either someone's making an event they shouldn't, or they know something...
  3. On the one hand, I really like that we get a chance to show off the Phoenix as not corrupted and keepers of peace. Also I never liked Tainted Chickens. But golly gee that maho spell plays so nicely with Kyuden Isawa.
  4. I listened to the Chewie and Han episodes right before their updates were leaked. Needless to say, I've been looking forward to these articles! Quality stuff as always.
  5. As long as I get my reskin of Descent Imperial Assault with an intact skirmish option, they can do whatever they want. Didn't get to play enough AGoT board game to love or hate it, so this is a welcome purchase. PS - Still no Mantis.
  6. I've been struggling with wanting to play Scorpion regardless. Luckily, since it's no longer a game of chase rares I'll have no issues dabbling.
  7. Kaede is one of my favorites of all time, so I'm very stoked to see her in card form so early. Goblins are finally sneaking into new Rokugan. Stop making me want to play Scorpion. And magistrate is one of my favorite old keywords and I'm very excited to see Unicorn get it.
  8. After listening regularly, I can't wait to win GenCon*! *Please no last place.
  9. 1) Outside of GenCon we have no solid dates. I expect mid-September at the earliest. 2) This is a Living Card Game. We will see monthly packs at around $15 and every six months or so a deluxe pack for around $40. 3) No, the old cards will not interact with the game.
  10. A local guy is swearing up and down a game shop he regularly goes to says August 26th. I'm expecting that we get an announcement at GenCon (I believe we were told as much in the last #l5rlive) and the excited fanboy part of me wants to say mid to late September as the earliest.
  11. Why stop there? Get real crazy with it and have 4! Province and Stronghold being different!
  12. I don't believe so. Void outside of Phoenix was rare adjacent, though.
  13. Also a very good point of memory. Geez, now I'm all nostalgic.
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