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  1. 4 dices on all distances, and the Arc caster can be fired even with weapons disabled token
  2. what about Heavy Laser Cannon and Arc Caster?
  3. Kimomigla: 1 Phantom II: 1 Assault Gunboat: At least 3
  4. My happiest dreams now is to assemble a list with Marek Steele in the Tie Defender and two GUNBOATS!!!!
  5. Thank you, FFG.
  6. GUNBOAT!!! I am gonna get so drunk this night I am going to forget my name!!!
  8. GUNBOAT!!!!!!
  9. I hope is real. When you have a ship that is the star in all scum lists is obvious there is something wrong. Dial is too good for a 360 ship, and I really don´t know what were thinking FFG boys giving the jumpmaster barrell roll action.
  10. Me too!!!
  11. Assault Gunboat
  12. We should have a space station, I think it would make epic game much funnier
  13. I hope Jar Jar dies in the first minute of the movie
  14. Gunboat will appear in Episode 8