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  1. XJ Series X-Wing X-Wing only. Title 1 Point Your upgrade bar gains System Upgrade and Torpedo slots
  2. A real outsider is one of the many X-Wing upgrades the EU has, like the XJ series. However, I can see that being an extra ".5" wave release at some point.
  3. Imperials: Missile Gunboat Rebels: K-Wing Scum: Skipray Blastboat The emphasis here is on Ordnance and fixing it. Each of these will bring different Ordnance to the party, as well as a unique 'gimmick' for each one Gunboat: SLAM drive K-Wing: Only Non-Epic ship with a Hardpoint Skipray:Double crew slot
  4. House Belisarius Navigator Grey Knight Paladin Sororitas Hospitaller with the Nemesis being a Warpsmith
  5. My guess is that FFG want to announce the next wave for all their SW games during their May 4th event, similar to X-Wing last year.
  6. Australia Seriously, I have friends who pre-ordered it back in September who still don't have it.
  7. So, after a small bit of playing around: Assault Frigate A - Garm Bel Iblis - Paragon - Enhanced Armament - Raymus Antilles Nebulon B Escort - Yavaris - Adar Tallon Luke Skywalker Wedge Antilles Should be able to thump something to death easy enough, right?
  8. Last week in April. Somewhere between the 27th and the 30th
  9. I was in a group that tried something kind of like that as a sidestory to an RPG campaign once. The main campaign was focused on the New Republic Jedi and a few Indies during the Vong War. In the Side Campaign Pallaeon was assassinated on the way ack to Imperial space from Ithor and each player was an Imperial Moff competing with the others to become the next Imperial head of state. We didn't start out the same though. We rolled to determine how many planets and forces we started with and rolled to determine what facilities the planets had (Things like shipyards, mines, academies, repair yards,and such) though each player got one capital, one mine and one shipyard to deploy for free plus we had skill points we could spend to give our character bonuses (My character only had a small fleet of capital ships but tons of shipyards, repair docks and TIE Defenders which it him perfectly IMO since he was a former TIE pilot turned naval officer with high levels of engineering and R&D training before he became a Moff and had always been in favor of equipping he Empire with the most advanced fighters it could find.) It didn't last long though before most of the players got bored so the Empire joined the main war along with most of the characters after a new Head of state had been elected. (My character became one of the heads of the Empire's ship and fighter R&D division in a deal made shortly before the election.) Yeah, something like that is what I had in mind. The whole concept is very much a WIP, and I won't have anything solid until the game comes out, but I'll tinker with some ideas (I like R&D!) to make it as in-depth as possible.
  10. I have a rudimentary, similiar idea I'm calling 'the 12 Grand Admirals'. Basically you get one ISD (Stats TBD), and a few hundred points to outfit your 'fleet'. That fleet will be split for various missions to gather unusual resources, similiar to 12 different tabletop versions of a Thrawn campaign. Along the way, the admirals may gain reputation with other warlords/imperial remnant/mercs, leading to increased resources. tl;dr creating a giant mordheim-style Armada campaign with every player in place of a grand admiral
  11. I think the reason is that each base isn't meant to represent an entire squadron per se. A squadron in the Star Wars Universe is 12 starfighters, according to a few sources, including the X-Wing book series (which FFG has borrowed HEAVILY from). If you have a look at the base, though, there are only 3 or 4 models per base. I think these are meant to be "flights" within a squadron. Rogue Squadron was made up of 3 flights of X-Wings (Wedge, Corran and Tycho/Wes/Hobbie/Gavin Darklighter/Other) during the books. Currently I can see an Armada Rogue Squadron at current (given my own wacky theories about a sort-of meta timeline) being Luke, Wedge, X-Wing. I imagine we'll see another fighter pack later on (wave 2?) with Turr Phennir, Hobbie, Corran and other pilots so you can put your 'dream squadron' together.
  12. Current pattern has been a preview every 3 weeks exactly (checked the dates on the last 3 articles). So I'd expect something on the 6th-7th
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