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  1. Would have to already be at the printer or in the next week, to be close. At least that's what I'd be looking for. Personally I'd be happy with Gencon
  2. I've been that way for a couple weeks now. What with the rumoured July release (looking more and more unlikely by the day).
  3. Any ship with Escort and Counter would be broken. "You must attack me if possible...oh, and I get an auto attack back each time"
  4. Not sure whether it has been said, but: Escort Frigate + XX-9 Turbolasers + Salvation + Dodonna
  5. What about an Aileron Roll action? Its more fitting of the actual movies with the X-wings dodging fire at the battle of Yavin, and may cause some new decisions to be made. AILERON ROLL ACTION 1. Choose the 1 Bank template 2. Set the maneuver template at the front of your ship. This may be place anywhere as long as it does not overhang the base 3. Move the ship to the end of the template 4. Finish by putting the ship with the side of its base touching the template as it does not overhang the base. Kind of a boost/barrel roll 50/50. Use the idea of Echo decloaking with the template at the front (and only speed 1) as a reference.
  6. 13 A-Wings is 143, which is more than the limit. Honestly, 5-6 squadrons will do you. Mix in X-Wings for some extra flavour if you need more squadrons. (I personally don't rate the B's or Y's)
  7. As was clarified earlier, it's 5 squadrons not 6. I'd just go 5 A-Wings to be honest.
  8. Is the assault frigate's squadron value higer than in the previews? In the previews it had asquadron rating of 3 on the b version. So with expanded hangars and a squadron token you're looking at 5 squadrons activating right? Thought the token was half. If so that'd equal 6, if not then it's 5 and the 1 squadron is no great loss.
  9. So what does everyone think about: Mk. II B + Raymus Antilles + Expanded Hangar Bay + Flight Controllers You're activating 6 squadrons every turn with the Squadron command, and if they're attacking as part of the command, they get +1 dice each.
  10. Marksmanship + ATC "Go for 2!"
  11. It was the end of last year. However with FFG's new "6 months from announcement or Bust", and the fact it's April and we haven't heard anything yet, I also am wondering what's happening. Maybe Disney wouldn't allow a pilot? Maybe it's some extra step FFG have to take to get it fully licensed (rather than the already existing ships) Just hope it doesn't go the way of the Tiles.
  12. Redline with 3 new Tie/X1's will be tough to beat based on guaranteed hits alone, imo.
  13. Went to a casual tourney on the weekend that was a blast. Points limit was 120, which really opened things up to different builds, and nerfed a lot of the standard power builds. I got third best over the two days.
  14. If I had to take a guess, I'd say Y-wing dial without K-turn.
  15. I put this in the combo thread literally 5 minutes after you. Also, this Redline = Vessary's best friend.
  16. HaakonX

    Wave 7 combos

    Redline + Cluster Missiles + Extra Munitions + FCS should work, right? Add in Vessary and you have some great stuff. Use 1st Target Lock to fire Clusters Use 2nd Target Lock to modify 1st Cluster attack. Gain 2 Target Locks Use 3rd Target Lock to modify 2nd Cluster Attack. Gain Target Lock back Hey look! Still 2 Target Locks on your target if they haven't already been shellshocked.
  17. HaakonX

    Extra Munitions

    Now I'm throwing dice against the wall and I know why! Because I got bombed Because I got bombed Because I got bombed
  18. Don't see it getting that much use, to be honest. With only one defense dice, and not being able to shoot, I can't see a focus. A target lock for next turn perhaps? You'll be out of range half the time anyway.
  19. It's Talonbane Cobra, he was a Star Wars Galaxies NPC As for everything else.... Hounds Tooth: Looks like only 3 unique upgrades here in Crew Bossk, The Ion Pr(ockets?), and Hounds Tooth. Nashtah Pup is also a cool ability, but it's intriguing we don't get a headhunter with it, despite getting a dial and card Kihraxz: Talonbane Cobra looks insane, and this looks like the Scum equivalent of an X-Wing. Glitterstim and the new Crac(kshot seems like a good bet, and it has something about discarding when you attack) as well as a Light Refit (possibly, but is an EPT). Glitterstim looks like a lot of fun, and is exactly the type of thing I expected Scum to have up their sleeves. K-Wing: As a filthy Rebel, this was what I was looking for, and oh boy does it deliver the goods. 2 x Twin what I can only assume is Laser Turrets, Plasma Torpedoes, Advanced Homing Missiles (can't spend evades or focuses, but reduced range?), Ion Mines, SLAM Drives and what I'll be keeping a close eye on (and feel is criminally overlooked) - The Conner Net (the funny looking template down the bottom). Added to what we think the Ace ability is and this wins the-way-too-early 'Ship of the wave' for me, hands down. Also of Note: The Maxed out Upgrade Bar on even the most rookie of pilots: Turret, Torp, Torp, Missile, Crew, Bomb, Bomb. At the points limit, I have a feeling the Dial may suck. TIE Punisher: Sys Upgrade, 2 Torps, 2 Missiles, 2 Bombs. This looks like a quicker, faster Bomber. What intrigues me most is the Twin Ion Engines Card (what else could it be?) and whether it could be put on other TIEs. Maybe it upgrades Boost to SLAM? Apart from that, we get Cluster Mines, which look like a halfway house between proton bombs and proximity mines to me.
  20. Exactly. Anti-Meta would be going all small ships and still having a good chance (what I've been doing since Fat Han showed up)
  21. HaakonX

    Raider due March 27

    Not on Tycho it isn't!
  22. Chewbacca + Determination (Hint: DISCARD your crits before they flip)
  23. Keyan Farlander I thought would like Oppurtunist more. Wedge Antilles - Predator
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