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  1. Anyone else laughing because Walex Blissex seems better in a Corvette Swarm?
  2. I don't buy all the Ackbar hype. He's very expensive for what he is, and while yes, he allows extra dice, I think I'll stick with Rieekan's 'final stand' ability
  3. Well international commerce does have its complications. Everything from import taxes to black market dealings plague international trade making a world wide all at once release very difficult. I used to be on the other side of this rock too once or twice, I understand the pain mate. Oh of course,but I would have thought that with all the secrecy and everything about this that everyone had their heads on straight. Instead ONE chain in ONE country gets the sets for FF, and the rest of the poor saps in the rest of the world have to just sit there and take it for another two weeks. Also doesn't help that Aftermath was delayed in my country til the 16th as well....so its not just an FFG problem in my eyes
  4. I have exact date of Two weeks for my FLGS's. I'm in AUstralia, which is either dead on or +1 week from American releases.
  5. I think it's a little **** that international players won't be able to do anything for at least another two weeks. Either release it worldwide or don't. simple as that.
  6. So the same date as Aftermath? May as well have made Force Friday the 16th here then
  7. Very much this. The current deck was redundant unless you ran literally one of everything on each ship. The new deck looks like It'll deliberately effect every ship as it happens. It's going to directly inconvenience Turretwing (always a plus), and really make people think about what they want to take, rather than "ha-ha Big Ships that most crits don't work against"
  8. It's not dead until gaming "journalism" stops being a crapshoot. The problem with the "separate sports" analogy is that it's not. It's one team trying to play the game and the other trying to smother it because they don't think they should have to play by the rules. No it really is. Stop the Harassment vs Clean up Journalistic Ethics is two separate arguments on two separate fields. The one where he was going to appologize for a big rules error and then the post turned into "my rules guy ****** up"? That one was revolting Yeah, that one. It was pathetic. But then I have a very old fashioned "You put your name on it, you take responsibility for it" moral.
  9. They also can't order until there's an official announcement. Which is, as we all know, hopefully tomorrow.
  10. A gamergate thread? here? Ugh... Gamergate has become two different teams playing two completely seperate sports, and essentially shouting past each other the entire time. The entire thing, be it anti-, pro- or in-between is dead, and we should just put it to bed. Honestly, though, Wheaton's thrown producers of Tabletop under the bus more recently in an extremely unprofessional manner, which is why a lot of people are currently a little furious at him.
  11. Nothing at Zing Nothing at Toys r Us (BUT the original Core is on their website) Nothing at Target Zing was the most promising. Said they should be able to order them when there's an official announcement.
  12. My ideal build: ImpStar-II Relentless Tarkin Yularen Heavy Turrets Electornic Countermeasures
  13. I'm thinking its an oversight. We always get put in last for the pre-releases anyway.
  14. At the moment I'm worried we may not even see Wave 2
  15. My own personal theory, but the reason given is that The New Republic (for lack of a better term) have been locked in a Cold War where their current policy is appeasement with the First Order. The Resistance are the Rebels, under a Leia who never forgot Alderaan, who are still fighting.
  16. Snowspeeder. It should fit on a 2 x 2 'flying stand' to make it scale.
  17. Honestly, I don't see what the problem is. I've always operated under the assumption that people who play like pricks/act like pricks while playing don't get future games. OP, your example sounds like a right and proper prick. But I've also been in the middle of tournaments and forgotten target locks and asked whether I can put them on. I've had opponents ask the same thing. ...And even in tourneys I've let them, because whats the point if I win on a technicality? Fly Casual should mean what it says at all times. Yeah, I get that you want to win tournaments you paid money for, but that's why you both bring your A-1 lists to the table and try and outmaneuver and outgun the opposition.
  18. Redline with Clusters, Protons, FCS and Extra Munitions is going to be a scary beast. Especially when paired up with some never miss Tie/x1's.
  19. It very well could be, in my opinion. Bring all these disparate rules back into the main rule book, for one. Given you managed to find the product numbers for it, and they are simply in series with everything else we have, I'd say that's one thing we can DEFINITELY cross off the list. what Product numbers?
  20. Inquisitor reads Wait...hang on... Inquisitor always gets 3 dice No extra Greens WOW
  21. HaakonX

    WTF FFG?

    That would honestly be a first for any games company ever. Usually we get our stuff a month or more after the US.
  22. HaakonX

    Countdown to Gencon

    Likewise. Nova has stated it, but there's conflicting reports. Some commenters saying that all they can see of Wave 7 is the minis in a display case.
  23. Yeah, so that July release date? Probably not going to happen..... In fact I think it'd be a miracle if we got anything pre-gencon at this rate
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