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  1. Leaks in a fan from FFG France:


    Mirumoto Hitomi, 4 cost 4/2 Dragon character

    The Fires of Justice - Lion Clan Event
    2 Fate, 2 Influence
    Void role only. Reaction: After you win a ? conflict, your opponent chooses a participating character he or she controls. Select one – remove all fate from that character, or move any amount of fate from your opponent’s fate pool onto that character.

    Aspirant Challenger
    2 cost 2/2/?
    Bushi. Duellist. Mantis Clan.
    Composure - This character gains +2 ?
    Action : During a conflict, initiates a duel (probably military ?) - Resolve the duel. Honor the winner.

    Hida Yakamo 
    4 cost 4/2
    Bushi. Berserker. Duellist.
    If you are less honorable than an opponent, this character does not bow as a result of :mil: conflict resolution and can’t lose duels. (*This character is not the loser of the duel but the character of its opponent stay the winner of the duel*)

  2. Thats so obviously shopped.

    Davy has namedropped Leia as a Commander, Scout Troopers as Special Forces and AT-STs and Snowspeeders as Heavys. I'd say they'll be in Wave 1. Extrapolating further, I'd say One Expansion per 'slot', per faction, per wave is the plan.

    So Wave 1 would then be:

    - Leia (?) and ????? for Commanders

    - Rebel Troopers and Stormtroopers for Troops

    - ?????? and Scout Troopers (?) for Special Forces

    - AT-RT and Speeders for Support

    - AT-ST and SnowSpeeders for Heavy

  3. 42 minutes ago, Taki said:

    I think the clan coop is going to be a story prize event this time around.  They've gone to great effort to show that every great house has good reason to flip out, flip table and flip the emperor off

    Agreed but its still a ways away imo. From memory, the current story events look to be shaping up to be:

    1. Meishodo Y/N? (Ongoing)

    2. Who gets Emerald Championship?

    3. Who wins the impending Civil War of the Lion? (Tsuko vs Toturi)

    4. Coup?


    Also, you could say that Hotaru finding out about Satsume, and the Dragon's war with the Perfect Land sect could also be chosen as Story Decisions.

  4. ATM I'm looking at running;


    Scorpion/Crane - Political BS and Fun deck. Still deciding between Political Rival and Height of Fashion for the splash. or Rival, Duellist Training and Admit Defeat.

    Unicorn/Lion - Sashimono and For Greater Glory are great boons here. And nothing is quite as good as Cavalry Reserves into For Greater Glory.

    Lion/Phoenix - Kimono and Pacifism. Because making your guys all the more glorious and better at being militant is just the way of the Lion. Bonus if you Kimono Eiji to make a nice catch-22 for your opponent.

  5. Personally, the days of Biggs walk the dogs were the best. Generics were able to be up there with aces in those days, which was always nice to see.


    My local meta is either a lot of Palpaces, BountyBus or Flying Dutchman (Dutch/Ghost). Mind you, IV has *just* come onto the scene, and I haven't had a chance to run down and see whats happening with it.




    Nora w/Advanced Torpedoes (5) + Nora's bonus (1) + Opportunist (1) + Shara Bey Target Lock (1)  + Jan Ors (1) = 9


    WOW 9 DICE


    Norra Wexley (29)

    Opportunist (4)

    Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6)

    R7-T1 (3)

    Guidance Chips (0)

    Alliance Overhaul (0)

    Shara Bey (28)

    Adaptability (0)

    Alliance Overhaul (0)

    Jan Ors (25)

    Squad Leader (2)

    Autoblaster Turret (2)

    Nien Nunb (1)

    Total: 100

    View in Yet Another Squad Builder



    Still only 8. AO doesn't work with secondary weapons

  7. The tie interceptor prototype looks really cool. Wouldn't mind seeing that.


    If you're talking about the Rebels one, that was really just tie fighters with the front panels removed. They were loaned out to a mining guild.


    As for my predictions:


    Tie/sf - First Order

    Tie Hunter - Imperial

    Scurrg H-6 Bomber - Rebel

    Skipray Blastboat - Scum


    and I *really* don't know what to do with the Resistance. T-85?


    I'm not sure what you mean by "doing little to advance your own."

    Also, I don't think it's at all unlikely for the rebels to secure 5 sympathy points in 8 rounds when you're leaving lots of barely defended garrisons to destroy. Even if you take it back immediately, it doesn't undo their gain.



    Exactly my point above.


    Further, the Imperials simply can't lock the Rebels out of the shipyards turn 1. You only have 4 leaders to Move, Block the inevitable 'Create Alliance' (and this has to be done with your biggest piece, Palpatine which imo is a waste), and Rule by Fear. It simply doesn't work like that.


    I think a viable tactic for the rebels is to create alliance Ord Mantell straight away (blue circle, orange circle) and then wait and see what the imperial player does. If he moves his coruscant fleet, something like an incite rebellion or hidden fleet well net you 2 points. If not, then keep pumping those valuable airspeeders/corvettes.

  9. Forgot to mention: there are also the starting Action Cards (the two drawn before the first turn) that can influence Rebels building ships. One confirmed is 3P0 -  who allows for an auto-success on a diplo mission just once (Make an Alliance with a blue circle and/or blue square), and another confirmed is having Mon Mothma do a Temp alliance where she can just build using any planets build mechanics as a once off anyway.

  10. How many mission cards do we know for each side? Each deck has 25 cards. How many are hidden fleet or incite rebellion?

    I took the learn to play scenario because the learn to play is only omitting one or two rules, and I would assume it follows the actual set up rules, just predetermining the random systems and unit placements for you. Until we know which systems have Imperial logos and which systems have Rebel logos in the probe deck, we can't simulate the standard set up.


    29 a side, actually. With 10 project cards for the Empire.


    2 Copies of Incite, 1 of Hidden Fleet iirc. 



    Or TL;DR: The game is balanced. No strategy is uncounterable.

    Well no, that remains to be seen. But what is available to us should give you every indication that what rowdyoctopus is describing isn't going to be a balance issue as even with just the rules and the game board available it is plain to see that:

    A. There is no real ability to present a unified front, the layout of the map and the fact that we know there a cards that allow the Rebel player to mobilize units outside of just moving them lead us to that conclusion.

    2. You don't have enough actions to seed Stormtroopers across the galaxy. To move you need a Leader, you just don't have enough Leaders available to be dropping off Stormtroopers everywhere.

    3. Petty battles over nothing with very limited forces involved only benefit the Rebel player. It allows them to score points with very little risk.

    So balanced or not is outside of what we have available to us, but worrying too much about Imperial troops being stationed on every planet seems pretty ill advised.

    Look at what the Rebels start with units wise. They need Toydaria, Mon Calamari, Utapau, Corellia, or Mustafar to produce anything better than a fighter shipwise. So there are only a few spots the Imperial player needs to focus on keep the Rebel Fleet sequestered.

    How do you not present a unified front? Rebels start in a single system. Even if they get stuff in the build queue at the end of Rd 2, all you need is Imperial units present in a system to completely close it off as a deployment point.

    Look at the learn to play scenario. The Empire starts on or adjacent to every major ship producing system except Utapau, which they can get to by the end of round 2, as well as subjugating Naboo (a Rebel system) on the way.

    Let's say round 1 they subjugate Mon Calamari and Naboo. Then round 2 they are able to get to Utapau and Ord Mantell. Sure, the Rebels could have tried to make any of those systems loyal, but just the Imperial presence there immediately cuts them off from Rebel production lines. Round 2 ends.

    The Rebels are adding 3 troopers, an air speeder, and 1 fighter/transport to their queue, all of it coming off immediately, though none of it can deploy to Naboo so some is going to the Rebel Base. Imperials are adding 3 TIE Fighters, 3 Assault Carriers, 1 ISD, 4 Stormtroopers, and 1 AT-ST. About half of which is probably coming off the build queue immediately and can reinforce those solo troopers, or fill out the Wandering fleets. This is of course assuming no one played loyalty missions. Let's say the Rebels went for Utapau. Well too bad, the Imperials showed up. Their subjugation marked overrides your loyalty marker. Same for Mon Calamari. Better not sabotage those, either. The only way to remove those sabotage markers is via Imperial mission, and Rebels are effected by sabotage markers just the same way as Imperials.

    In this scenario, the Imperials "left behind" 4 stormtroopers, which were immediately added back to the build queue. And they only used 4 of their 9 leaders (4 in round 1, 5 in round 2).



    I've been pondering the same thing for the last couple days as well. The answers are all there if you look hard enough, but I'll add them anyway.


    The Rebel Player probably wants to do his diplomacy missions 2 steps ahead of where the Imperials *can* be. So if there's imps at Mustafar, you go to Ryloth.


    Yes, you start the game not being able to do much of anything in regards to fleets, but that's what missions are for. If the Imperials spread themselves out too thin? Incite Rebellion on Coruscant for that recurring 2 point trap (which any Imp player will avoid and keep a reserve fleet in the core worlds "just in case"). Mothma's "Trade Relations" mission allows you to essentially steal cruisers and have outlaw techies come to the base and build them there. Ackbars probably does the same. Hidden Fleet allows you to send missions out from the rebel base to attack barely-garrisoned systems. And then there's the balancing missions: Things like Rogue Squadron Raid allows you to destroy units off of the build queue, The imps don't have that ability and so when the rebels get something, they get it.


    As an Imperial it looks much like a mirror image. Sure if you concentrate everything on a power-grab for the shipyards you help yourself, but then what? You've tightened the net in other places, so when it comes time to grab the base, the rebels have stocked up on snowspeeders or snubfighters, which can do the real damage to the death star and leave you in a protracted war (which the imps will lose more often than not).


    The big Imperial trump card is the Death Star. Hell torpedo the shipyards with the Death Star if you want. But if your only goal at the start is "Go for ships" you'll find it hard when those ships have nowhere to go and noone to fight.

  12. Saw it at midnight last night.


    Great stuff, if a little on the nose with how closely it mirrors the original trilogy sometimes.


    I'd be very, very surprised if we didn't get a Rey pilot for the Falcon, and a Finn gunner card.


    Also there's a sequence that looked to me like Poe should well and truly be a PS9.


    All in all, a solid 8/10 movie. Not a perfect movie sure, but did more than enough for me to leave with a grin on my face knowing Star Wars is back, and in some very capable hands.

  13. All I can say is they really need to have T-65 Tycho now that the precedent for a Pilot in 2 different ships has been set.


    EDIT: Oh also a T-65D-A1 Title would be great that scraps the astromech slot for a systsems slot.

  14. If the PS7 Defender Pilot isn't Maarek Steele I will eat my hat. However if it *is*, I'd put money on Tycho Celchu in an X-Wing in the inevitable Rebel Veterans.


    Tomas Bren (the shown Bomber Pilot) also looks amazing with crack shot.


    That leaves 21 more systems to figure out... I'm assuming that at the very least we'll get the following: Endor, Naboo, Tatooine, Yavin. I'm reasonably sure we'll also get Anoat, Kessel and Kuat.


    Anoat is a sector, not a system though, isn't it? The Anoat sector does include Hoth, and I'd be willing to bet that will make an appearance, along with the other named systems from the movies.



    Nah, there's an Anoat system in the Sector. Anoat Sector also has Bespin, so I think we'll get Anoat.


    We should also get Alderaan, Eriadu, Carida, Chandrilla and Thyferra.

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