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  1. I have all my stuff in a display cabinet. Also I'm trying to collect as many X-Wing pilots and crew as I can in 3.75" figures which you can see on the right. I took these for BGG a while back so they are not the best pics but here they are
  2. Doesn't seem that bad. Even with Rec Spec, Wes ensures that you only have one focus token to spend on offense or defense, because that other one is going bye-bye. Dengar's double-tap only allows him to shoot Biggs if Biggs attacks him first, and he's still going to be limited in his damage by R4-D6. And Corran's own double tap should be able to rock Dengar pretty hard with FCS. Dengar didn't have overclocked R4?
  3. It was one guy and if I'm not mistaken, he recently started working for a small board game company.
  4. I think it's pretty silly to assume that a product won't succeed based on anecdotal evidence when this thread and many other threads plus the success of HotAC pretty much stand as proof that the product would be successful. Would it be as successful as a pack of new ships? Maybe not. But isn't X-wing the top selling miniatures game at the moment? I'm pretty sure they would not lose money in releasing a campaign box and would actually grab a few people who have grown tired of the death match. Also, this forum is largely made up of hard core tournament gamers. However, FFG has said before that actually the casual gamer is a large part of their X-wing sales. So, this kind of product targets those people who don't go out to tournaments but would enjoy some more meaningful games with their siblings, friends, etc
  5. I believe there are over 100+ already signed up around 50 spots still left.
  6. Is it wrong to be more excited for Rogue One then I was for the Force Awakens?
  7. I vouch for the FFG mats. I bought the first Death Star one and also have the Bespin one. If you join them together it looks like the Death Star is about to blow Bespin up. hehehe I used to recommend gripmat but from what I've seen they can't seem to get their production right and it can be hit and miss with them with colour streaks or faded colours, however if you can get one that turned out okay, they are awesome. Very "grippy".
  8. The distributor has already posted a link where people can sign up to get news if/when they get more spots.
  9. ....aaaaand first wave sold out in 2 minutes!
  10. That is exactly what you should do! That's a great idea. I initially put my real time zone at EST but since I can usually only play later I could change it to CST to improve the odds of getting my games. How do I change my answer if I've already signed up?
  11. I'd be interested in seeing a basic form of elevation being added. Something simple that would add the 3D element missing from the game. Not sure how it could be implemented to not be cumbersome but something like a token with 2 elevations and then shooting from one elevation to another would have bonuses and penalties like the ranges (e.g. same elevation no bonus, 1 elevation difference +1 defense). Bumping would only work on same elevation. Probably too complicated but it would be interesting to try something like that.
  12. You can create an account for the sole purpose of being a member of the group . I don't know your reasons for not being on there but it's a great group and there are others. Sometimes we even have a member of the exclusive Canadian distributor interacting on there with news.
  13. If you're in Ontario and on facebook you should join the "Star Wars Gaming Ontario" group. Sorry I can't link it because I'm at work. Even if you're not in Ontario, you can get the scoop on nationals and such there as soon as it's announced.
  14. I actually thought it was a neat idea to have people vote but I despise polls where you can vote an unlimited amount of times... bleh
  15. Seeing as I haven't seen any other thread on the Open Series... I guess this would be the thread with the info?
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